Fake Lashes – Monday Market of the Week

We always caution everyone to never sell fake products, especially on eBay. But this is one fake product that is hitting the sales charts exceptionally! Vanity and the desire to look glamorous are considered norms to most women these day and I bet this is the reason why more and more women just can’t stop using fake lashes! The Market Research Lab confirms fake lashes to be a highly profitable niche!

Quick Snapshot: 

Can’t wait to list your first fakes (fake lashes, of course!)? Well here’s a quick snapshot of all the important stats you need to know before you do so: 

  • Success rate: 59%
  • Average sale price: $7.93
  • Competition rating: Low

Skip to supplier details or read on for the full lowdown. 

Success Rate on eBay: 

Fake lashes eBay success rate - SaleHoo

I’ve been searching since last week for a good niche to share with you guys and have gone through a lot of misses, so upon seeing the success rate of fake lashes at 59% I knew I had found the product I had been searching for!

Another reason my grin is wider than ever is that one of our featured suppliers sells fake lashes at a little over $2, so an average sale price of $7.93 is sure to leave you with a decent profit margin.

Competition Rating on eBay: 

Fake lashes eBay competition rating - SaleHoo

It gets even better! The Market Research Lab gave fake lashes a LOW competition rating, meaning the market is not at all saturated and there is plenty of room for your listings. Check out the number of total bids—8,555, nearly 4 times higher than the number of total listings! Need I say more?

Product Performance: How Much Money Could You Make?

Fake lashes sold on eBay - SaleHoo

Based on this graph, I feel confident in assuming that fake lashes are a rising trend! With sales peaking at 341 pairs, this is definitely a profitable and promising niche—they're selling like hotcakes!

Going Beyond eBay: Should You Sell This on Your Online Store? 

Time to do some quick keyword research to help us determine if selling fake lashes outside eBay is a good idea. Let’s see what Traffic Travis has to say about the possibility of selling them through your own online store.

Fake lashes keyword results - Traffic Travis​ 

I certainly like what I'm seeing! The global (4,400) and local (1,900) search results clearly indicate that you will have buyers come your way whether you are selling on eBay or in your own stores.

Trusted Suppliers Selling This Product

Fake Lashes Supplier #1

SaleHoo fake lashes wholesaler #1

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Fake Lashes Supplier #2

SaleHoo fake lashes wholesaler #2

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Fake Lashes Supplier #3

SaleHoo fake lashes wholesaler #3

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Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above products are only suggestions for items which the author believes may sell well, and this article should be viewed as opinion only. All above products were researched using methods recommended by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers at the time of writing. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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