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We love showing off our wonderful SaleHoo members and their businesses. It makes us feel like high school teachers watching their students graduate! This week, we introduce Emil Henry. Emil has been a member of SaleHoo for two years. Emil now sells his items on his very own website and is working towards turning his hobby business into a full-time income earner! 

Check out Emil's full profile below and find out his advice for building an online business. 

Forum username: GATStore

What items do you sell? Unique handmade wall décor using real flowers and foliage. Our slogan is Nature’s Splendor Beautifully Preserved.

Where do you sell them? Online (mainly on our website) and at local Christmas boutiques. I'm planning to start selling wholesale in July 2012.

How long have you been a member of SaleHoo, and what do you like most about it? 2 Years. SaleHoo has a really good community that responds to questions and gives very good constructive criticism.

What one piece of advice do you have for other sellers? Do your research to find a niche product to sell. Then figure out which demographic will be interested in buying your product, which might take some “trial and error”, and which avenue is the best way to sell the item. One has to be patient and be in it for the long run. But, sometimes one has to be realistic and realize that the products or strategy may not be right. My motto has always been “do what you love and love what you do”.

What was the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in selling online? With our products, it is hard to get across the beauty of a wall decor with pictures. The first word out of most of the people who see it in real life is "wow!". That wow-factor doesn't always come across online. Therefore, we do much better with face-to-face transactions than online.

Getting people to buy what one would consider a “luxury item” during a recession. Getting traffic to our website is also a big challenge.

What’s your favorite thing about making money from selling items online? I'm a fairly a new seller, so we are working on getting to a point that we are able to supplement the income from my regular job.

Check out Emil's website here: http://www.GiftsAndThingsStore.com 

Do you have a question, comment or word of encouragement for Emil? Get in touch with him by leaving a comment below. 


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Jaime Statham on 19:40 20 Feb
Great read!! This is very motivational for me as I have been in a slump since I am staying at home, going to college but taking care of the children & home yet trying to bring in an income. I want to do what I LOVE to do..and love doing it but when zero sales come in it gets frustrating. I have to keep learning, trying and going-I can not give up. Great to read the blog and hear things from someone else :)
GATStore on 9:03 21 Feb
Hi Raine123! I know exactly what you mean. We (my wife and I) were having doubts about the products as there was not many sales online. We tried a few other venues, and it was a loss. But, when we did the Christmas Boutiques, we realized that the products were really good if we can get it in front of the customers. The people who saw it could not believe that flowers could be preserved like this, and be so vibrant. As I cannot visit a lot of Gift Shops (due to my regular job) to market the products, we are planning to switch over to wholesale selling by having a booth at the California Gift Show in July. Regards, Emil
Alexandros on 13:41 22 Feb
I'm a new member.Is it possible to occupied with dropshipping without having a website?Help me please!
Joyce Knake on 16:48 22 Feb
Good Luck Emil. It looks like you have a good product, it's just getting it in front of people. I'm like you, still working to get my website seen. All the learning is overwhelming. My answer to you is Don't give up maybe try something else that would go along with what you do. Do you need vases to go with your arrangements? I've said this before but it bears repeating. Zig Ziglar says " If you help everyone else get what they want, You will get what they want." And I think that's what it's all about, helping each other.
Paul Forcey on 21:42 22 Feb
Nice product Emil I build ecommerce sites and am a analytics geek. Have you tested different layouts on the site to see if it helps sales? I thought things like putting the categories at the top of the page instead of the sign in and register links may increase sales by reducing bounce. I also thought the image on the page was huge, most people will not scroll down a page. I like the products, maybe a video on the page would help show it off to people. I sell a nail product and we found videos of it really helped. Good luck with the wholesaling. Paul
Irene Vallejo on 7:04 23 Feb
@Alexandros: You can sell using the drop shipping method even if you do not have a website. It is allowed at eBay and in other auction sites. :)
Emil Henry on 6:28 27 Feb
Hi Joyce! Thank you for the words of encouragement. We are in it for the long run, and do not planning on giving up. It is an ongoing process of fine-tuning the marketing strategy. Vases are not needed as they are wall decor, and come with hangers. One could put some of them on stands. Overwhelming is exactly what it is, or maybe it is information overload. And it is funny as I am an IT person. :-) Helping each other is good advice. Regards, Emil
Emil Henry on 6:37 27 Feb
Forceyp, Thanks for the suggestions. I use GoDaddy for their Quick Shopping Cart, and we did the website a little more than a year ago. I had not mucked with the layout since as that particular template is not available anymore, and if one changes out of it, one cannot get it back. I guess it is one of those "between a rock and a hard place" situations. Go Daddy now has a really good deal if one is a Costco member, and I have changed over to that new pricing structure and will stay with them. I will try a few things that you suggested, and see how it goes. Thanks again. Emil


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