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Medela Breast Pump - Monday Market of the Week

With growing awareness that breast milk is indeed the best for babies, more and more moms and moms-to-be are in search for the ideal breast pump.

Among the many brands the one that is most sought after is Medela and based on the data shown by our SaleHoo Research Lab, it looks like we found a great niche this week – Medela breast pumps!

Sell-through Rate: Did you really find a hot niche?

Upon seeing the sell through rate for Medela breast pumps I immediately knew I found a hot-selling niche, with a sell through rate of 71.15% who am I to argue?

We definitely went beyond our 50-60% target sell through rate this time!

Median End Price: Is there enough room for profit?

As of January, Medela breast pumps have a median end price of $111.26 which is fairly reasonable seeing that one of our featured suppliers is offering the Medela Single Deluxe Breaspump for only $69.99. Certainly leaving sellers with a decent profit!

Total Listings, Total Bids and Total Sellers: How viable is your market?

Competing among 1,530 sellers and 1,553 listings should not be that tough when there are currently 7,940 bids for Medela breast pumps, roughly 5 times the total number of listings available.

Data Trends: Are sellers hitting their target?

Medela breast pump sellers are definitely hitting their target! As shown on the graph above,  only one day from December 30 – January 31 was the total revenue below $2,000 and this was last January 4, where the total revenue was $1,511.85. For most days the combined revenue sellers were making soared relatively high with the highest recorded total revenue of $8,325.97 last January 15.

Going beyond eBay: How popular are Medela breast pumps online?

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What do these numbers mean?

Based on the keyword search results, there are at least 33,100 searches globally and a relatively high search count in the US - 22,200! Imagine the amount of traffic you can potentially draw to your eBay listings or online store. Search engine optimization is one of the many ways you can direct traffic to your store or listings provided you use the correct keywords in your product title and description.

Trusted Medela breast pump wholesale suppliers

Medela breast pump supplier #1

They are the nursing mother's source for nursing bras, nursing gowns and pajamas, breast pumps and accessories, breast pump replacement parts, baby scales, breastfeeding supplies and baby gear since 1993. They accept major credit card payments.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

Medela breast pump supplier #2

This supplier sells baby essentials, good pregnancy care, relaxation tools, toys for playtime, and certified organic personal care products. They provide quality, earth-friendly products for natural pregnancy, babies and children. They accept most major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard. International shipping can be arranged. They support small home-based businesses as most of the items they offer are made by parents, inspired by their children to create amazing products and to work flexible hours that suited family life. 

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

To access our list of Medela breast pump wholesale suppliers and take advantage of SaleHoo’s Research Lab mentioned above, sign up as a SaleHoo member now. 

Inside you will get access to over 8000 suppliers, comprehensive training to help you find the best products to sell online and access to our members only forum full of tips and secrets from other members (including eBay Powersellers) to help you make money online. Join SaleHoo today

See you next Monday!


Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.

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Thank you very much, I am happy with information. Reply
Free Member
this was a complete waste of time your suppliers dont even have what your saying that is 69.00 Reply
Free Member
The suppliers you mention do not sell Medela breast pumps wholesale. You need to purchase them from Medela directly and opening order is $1500.00 with other requirements...thanks for the tip! Reply
Full Member
Not very good at comparing 'apples to apples'. Yes, Medela pumps sell for alot, but you have to compare the same models. The one that sells for $69.99 at your #1 supplier sells for about $50 on ebay. The other more expensive models sell for more but all are about $30 less on eBay than on your #1 supplier's website. Hope nobody blindly follows your advice. I've actually noticed this alot in these 'market of the week' emails. Reply
Site Admin
Hello everyone and thanks for all your comments :) @davebutterebay I just PMed you the exact link to the listing mentioned in my post, kindly check your inbox. @designergal52: Thanks for the tip! Currently the suppliers we feature are those that are found in our directory but going directly to the manufacturer/brand owner is an ideal approach as well! @beagle0918 Thanks you really have a keen eye at crunching numbers - it's something all good sellers need and you definitely have it! Oftentimes the prices on the suppliers websites are not always the final wholesale prices. In most cases you may need to contact the supplier directly and ask about wholesale bulk discounts for these products. We do have a disclaimer about these posts and recommend that readers do their own research before buying into any wholesale market. These posts are great for new sellers who are stuck on ideas for what to sell and have helped out many of our members :) Cheers! Reply
Free Member
There are already some sellers for this product. They seems to be selling this product quite professionally. So just wandering if it's still a good idea for me to head in this direction? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks. Reply
Back when I dipped my toe in this market, I discovered a seller was snapping up all the used medela breast pumps on eBay because the listings were poorly optimized and he'd get them at a low price. Then he'd relist with a much better sales page and profit from that. Reply
Site Admin
Hello :) @mafuzur: Yes, there are a number of sellers already selling this product and other related products. But I don't think that should stop or discourage you, although it may be a challenge at the start but as long as you are able offer competitive prices and create effective listings then you should be able to compete with the rest. But please note that our Monday Market of the Week blogs are researched and written to help give ideas to those who still have not thought of what may possibly sell well for them :) @Frank: You're right! There are a number of seasoned sellers who make a living by buying products from other eBay sellers, then relisting the same products and selling them at a higher price. Most of these sellers will scour eBay for listings with misspelled words - that is why it is essential to know how to write effective titles and descriptions :) Cheers! Reply
Free Member
I emailed 2nd listing(Australian one)if they sold wholesale for Ebay.Their reply was that they would consider an application for ebay selling,and it would depend on my site?Also said "just need to be aware of a business plan".Have to register before they will let you have a look.??? Reply
Site Admin
Hi goldymcnicol, This is in a way normal for a number of suppliers. You see not only sellers like us will check our suppliers but a number of suppliers also take the necessary steps to weed out customers (online sellers) who are just there to inquire without any serious intent to do business. Cheers :) Richelle Reply
Free Member
Can you please PM me the link of the supplier that offers the best price. Thanks Reply
Site Admin
Hi rajeshnallamal, It would be quite a challenge to say which supplier offers the best price. Remember that in wholesale, order volume plays a very important role in determining the final price. I suggest contacting each supplier directly to inquire about their wholesale prices. All the best :) Reply
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