Organic Baby Formula – Monday Market of the Week

Parents like to keep their kids healthy and happy, and like many other parents, I want to feed my kids with the best type of food or milk! Because of this desire for food with more health benefits, more parents are going organic. We have featured various organic products in the past, like organic fertilizer and cloth diapers, and this week our Market Research Lab has another high-demand organic niche to offer: Organic baby formula!

Quick Snapshot: 

Here’s a quick snapshot of all the important stats you need to know to help you start listing your own organic baby formulas:

  • Success rate: 59%
  • Average sale price: $30.10
  • Competition rating: Low

Skip to supplier details or read on for the full lowdown. 

Success Rate on eBay: 

eBay success rate for organic baby formula

We’ve got another promising niche! With a success rate of 59%, organic baby formula is a definitely a product I would sell myself! It’s got a great average sale price of $30.10, and I’m sure our trusted suppliers can offer you great wholesale prices to help you stay competitive.

Competition Rating on eBay: 

eBay competition rating for organic baby formula

Wow! Look at the number of total bids (347)—it’s five times more than the number of total listings (64)! No wonder the lab gave organic baby formula a LOW competition rating. There’s just so much demand in the market and so few sellers and listings. So what are you waiting for? Now would be a good time to start selling organic baby formula on eBay!

Product Performance: How Much Money Can You Make?

An obvious indicator of whether there is money to be made when selling a certain product is the number of sales made over a certain period of time, and our Market Research Lab has the ability to show just how well products are selling on eBay. As of last month, the most sales made in a single day was 26, clearly showing that customers are indeed buying organic baby formula!

Going Beyond eBay: Should You Sell This on Your Online Store? 

We know that not all our members and subscribers are currently selling on eBay. In fact, many are selling through their own online stores. And the best way to check if there is a market for organic baby formula outside eBay is by doing some quick keyword research on our very own free SEO software, Traffic Travis.

Traffic Travis organic baby formula keyword results

I am quite pleased to see the keyword research results for organic baby formula—5,400 searches globally and 4,400 searches locally (US). Although not all of these searches will translate to sales, the numbers strongly confirm that more people are becoming curious and want to learn more about organic baby formula.

Trusted Suppliers Selling This Product

Organic Baby Formula Supplier #1

SaleHoo wholesale organic baby formula supplier #1

View their SaleHoo listing now or join SaleHoo to get access.

Organic Baby Formula Supplier #2

SaleHoo wholesale organic baby formula supplier #2

View their SaleHoo listing now or join SaleHoo to get access.

Organic Baby Formula Supplier #3

SaleHoo wholesale organic baby formula supplier #3

View their SaleHoo listing now  or join SaleHoo to get access.


To access our directory of wholesale suppliers and take advantage of SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab, sign up as a SaleHoo member now. 

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Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above products are only suggestions for items which the author believes may sell well, and this article should be viewed as opinion only. All above products were researched using methods recommended by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers at the time of writing. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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Comments (8)

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Helen Meyers on 16:25 7 Oct
I spent 2 hours looking for organic baby formula suppliers but didn't find any. Please help.
Thank you,
Richelle Monfort on 9:41 8 Oct
Hello Helen,

The three suppliers mentioned above all sell or stock organic baby formula. I will PM you the specific links to help you with your search. Kindly check your inbox :)


QIN HAO on 5:48 13 Oct
hello Richelle,

Would you please PM me the specific links of these three suppliers? I'm looking for them too.

thank you very much.
Richelle Monfort on 21:28 14 Oct
Just sent them to your inbox. Kindly check, Qin Hao :)

Darrell Presher on 17:57 1 Jan
Could you sent me the links for the organic baby formula please?
Richelle Monfort on 5:55 14 Jan
Hello Darrell,

I just PM'ed you the specific supplier links for organic baby formulas. Kindly check your inbox :)

elizabeth kattis on 8:16 12 Nov
hi can you send me the the suppliers for the organic formula as well thanks
Richelle Monfort on 6:55 13 Nov
Hello Elizabeth,

You can access our suppliers once you join. you can join here: It's $67 USD for one year, unlimited use of SaleHoo. Cheers!
michael crouch on 3:51 18 Apr
thanks for the great idea
Rhea Bontol on 4:35 25 Apr
Hi Michael! There are other top selling ideas in the baby category which you can checkout below:

Car seats
Baby bouncers and swings
Baby activity gyms
BPA-free baby bottles
Disposable diapers
Swaddle blankers

margarita valeva on 15:51 29 Aug
Hello,Can you send me links for Dropshiping suppliers for organic baby formula .
Rhea Bontol on 4:51 13 Dec
Hi Margarita! You can contact SaleHoo Support to help find suppliers for you.
samira Orchard on 1:55 7 Nov
Hi I am a member of salehoo but cannot find any suppliers for organic baby formula. can you send me the links please
Rhea Bontol on 4:48 13 Dec
If you can find suppliers using our Directory, you can contact SaleHoo Support to assist you.


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