Turntable: Monday Market of the Week

With the recent comeback of vinyl records plus the ever-growing trend of hip-hop music, professional turntables are highly sought after. The most basic use of a professional turntable is for playing vinyl records; more popularly, it is used by DJs as a musical instrument for manipulating records to produce sound variations. 

So now let’s see just how popular the turntable is with the help of our very own Market Research Lab.

Types of Turntables

There are various types and brands of turntables on the market. Below I have listed the top 5 turntables as ranked by the Independent; read their reviews for more info.


The Audio-Technica is higher-end than the Numark TTUSB and it features USB for digital recordings. Most DJs prefer this brand and model because of its quartz-controlled pitch lock and direct-drive motor which are necessary for quick start-ups.

Crosley CR49

If you are the retro type of person or are into shabby chic style then the Crosley CR49 Traveler turntable won't disappoint. This portable, three-speed player comes in a suitcase-style box and is the perfect excuse to dust off those old 45s.

Technics SL-1210 MK2

The 1210 MK2 is considered a cult classic and remains the turntable of choice for any DJ smitten by vinyl. Although these were discontinued by Panasonic in 2010, you can still find plenty of them through second-hand markets.

Rega RP3

The Rega RP3 combines modern and old engineering and aspires to provide years of enjoyment. But don't be fooled by its beauty; the Rega RP3 features class-leading sound quality, too!

Stanton STR8150

Stanton made the STR8 range to lure DJs away from Technics. It features a straight tone arm which remains skip-proof even during aggressive use. Its direct-drive motor also has industry-leading torque.

Why Sell Turntables?

Performance on eBay and Amazon

A few years back we had featured professional turntables as a viable niche. Now, using our new Market Research Lab with updated data, we have determined the turntable niche is still viable and worth serious consideration. It might not be smooth sailing to each sale even if the numbers look promising, so best be ready for some tough competition along the way.

Join us as we dig deeper and discover why you should start selling turntables. With the help of the Market Research Lab, we'll take a closer look at the success rate, average selling price and competition for turntables.

Success rate Turntables Success rate Turntable Success rate Turntable

  • High Sell Rate

    One key factor to help you determine whether you have a niche or a fluke is the sell-through rate. The higher the sell-through rate, the more viable the market for your chosen niche. A good target sell-through rate would be at least 50%; anything lower might mean you've got a fluke.

    This week's niche, the turntable, has a sell-through rate of 55–76%. Definitely great numbers to work with there!

  • High Average Selling Price

    The average selling price varies based on the brand and model of the turntable you will be selling. Some of the more popular brand names like Pioneer, Numark and Audio-Technica offer a big profit potential. You can get the best wholesale prices by asking the supplier directly rather than just shrugging it off when you see the regular retail prices on the supplier's website.

    Another important factor you should not forget is bulk discounts: the more units you buy, the lower your per-unit wholesale cost will be.

  • Low Competition

    It's not every day that you find a product with a high sell rate and a high average price in a low-competition market, so when you do, you know you've found your niche.

    Why is low competition an important factor? Low competition means it will be much easier to land an actual sale. Avoid selling products that belong to high-competition markets, as naturally competition will be stiffer among sellers and product and/or seller saturation is likely higher, making it much tougher for you to sell your products.

General Demand

Discover the best and most highly optimized keywords for your listings using our very own AffiloTools Keyword Research tool. Below are some of the top-ranking keywords, with “turntable” in the lead with an average of 40,500 monthly searches on Google.

keyword research

With the help of AffiloTools you will learn more about the average monthly search volumes for related keywords, so you are guided as to which keywords you should use to create highly optimized product listings and descriptions. Remember that using the correct keywords is crucial and a big factor in driving traffic to your listings.

In our keyword research above, you can easily spot that Pioneer and Numark have high search volumes, which may mean they are in demand by end users.

Extra Bonuses

Offer free shipping where you can, as it will give you an added edge over other sellers. The word “free” is captivating to many buyers! You can also bundle your turntable with a nice set of headphones—this will give you a fairly competitive listing.

Vintage turntables may also be a market you might want to explore as a sub-niche. There are many collectors on the hunt for such pieces.


Should you sell turntables? Definitely! With the data we've gathered from our market research, we can conclude that we have found yet another viable niche. Packing and shipping may be a bit challenging as the turntable has fragile parts, but that shouldn't stop you from selling these. This quick guide will help you pack and ship your turntables safely.

 How to Sell Turntables

Here are some options to help you decide on how and where to sell your turntables:

1. eBay or Amazon

There are currently over 4,000 listings on Amazon and over 40,000 listings on eBay for turntables, but don’t worry—the market is still viable. You just have to make your listing stand out from the others!

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure buyers will notice your listings:

2. Your Own Online Store

Your own online store is another place you should try selling your products. To help you stay at the top of your selling game, here are 10 fantastic web and mobile apps to help you build your ecommerce store.

Remember that when you sign up for a Premium SaleHoo Store, you will also receive our very own SaleHoo Stores Traffic Training Guide, specially created by Mark Ling himself, which gives you all the tools you need to drive traffic!

3. Sell Locally at Your Local Bazaars or Flea Markets

You can also try selling locally. Being relatively compact, these should be pretty easy for you to move from one bazaar or flea market to the next. Selling locally is also a great way to meet enthusiastic collectors and local up-and-coming DJs who may be in search of the perfect turntable.

Trusted Turntable Suppliers

If you're ready to start selling turntables, check out some of our trusted suppliers below:

Turntable Supplier #1Turntable Supplier #1

This supplier is a DJ equipment superstore that sells everything from DJ packages and gear to DJ software and more. They accept credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club, as well as PayPal payments, personal and business checks, money orders, and Western Union. Purchase orders are accepted on an approved basis for their larger business, institutional and government customers. Orders can be placed by phone, provided that a confirmation fax or mailed copy of the purchase order has been received. They only ship within the US at this time.

Large Product Range: DJ Amplifiers, DJ Cases, DJ CD Players, DJ Headphones, DJ Lights, Lighting Stands, Intelligent Lighting, Pin Spots, Mirror Balls, Bulbs, Follow Spot, Moving Head, Strobe Lights, Blacklights, Lighting Controllers, Simulated Pro Flame Effects, Laser Products, LED Lighting, DJ Effects (Bubble/Fog/Haze), DJ Clamps, DJ Mixers, DJ Needles, DJ Packages, DJ Hardware & Software, DJ Speakers, Karaoke Gear, Microphones, Turntables, Video Equipment, Professional DVD Players, Projection Screens, Video Projectors, Pro Video Mixers, Video Monitor Screens, DJ Controllers.

Wholesale and Dropship: Wholesale only.

Turntable Supplier #2Turntable Supplier #2

This supplier sells to resellers big and small—brick-and-mortar store owners and various eCommerce and auction site sellers. They carry DJ gear and pro audio and stage lighting equipment at cheap, wholesale prices. Most items come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They do not collect sales tax on orders shipping outside New Jersey.

Large Product Range: Bubble Machines, Pro Video Equipment, Headphones, Wired Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Pro Cables, Stands, Cases, Carts, Needles, Cartridges, Other Accessories, T-Shirts, Colored Leis, Pro Glow Sticks, Gangster Hats, Sunglasses, DJ Chairs, Laptop Stands, Gaffers Tape.

Wholesale and Dropship: Wholesale only.

Turntable Supplier #3Turntable Supplier #3

This supplier is a full-service car audio/stereo consumer electronics distributor and wholesaler. They have been in the business for over 12 years and have dealt directly with most of the major manufacturers of car audio, car performance, and general consumer electronics, enabling them to provide their customers immediate access to the widest range of products at the most competitive prices, as well as advanced notice of price moves and obsolescence to assure you have the right products and price points every time. They offer drop shipping services and can ship worldwide. They accept payment through major credit cards.

Large Product Range: Vehicle Tracking System, Batteries, Car Security Accessories, Car Stereo Packages, Home Audio Cables, Navigation Accessories, Sound Processors, Battery Backups/UPSs, Enclosures, Surge Protectors, Portable GPS Navigation, Power Supplies, Navigation Packages, Car Specific Enclosures, Game Consoles, Digital Media, Receivers, Car Alarms, iPod Accessories, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, CD Players, MP3 CD Player, Cassette Players, DVD Players, In-dash Video, Car Navigation Systems, Car Speakers, Component Speakers, Sub-woofers, Sub-woofer Enclosures, Tweeters, Mono Amplifier, 2-Channel Amplifier, Multi-channel Amplifier, Crossovers, Equalizers, CD Changers, Add On CD Changers, DVD Changers, Car Video Packages, Overhead Monitors, Headrest Monitors, Visor Monitors, TV Tuners, Multimedia Accessories, Marine Receivers, Marine Speakers, Marine Sub-woofers, Marine Amplifiers, Marine Accessories, Antenna Adapters, Capacitors, Distribution Blocks, Fuse Holders, Fuses, Amp Installation Kits, Sound Damping, Remote Controls, Wiring Harnesses, Vehicle Lighting, Headphones, Portable Electronics, Home Theater Systems, Home Speakers, DJ & Stage Equipment.

Wholesale and Dropship: They can drop ship orders for you. There are no drop ship fees.

See you next Monday!


Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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