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Universal Remote Control - Monday Market of the Week

The universal remote control allows you to operate various brands and/or types of electronic devices. With the convenience it offers, it is no wonder why the universal remote control is becoming increasing popular on eBay! 

Let’s scrutinize further the profitability of the universal remote control with the help of our very own SaleHoo Research Lab

Sell-through Rate: Did you really find a hot niche?

As of March, the sell-through rate of the universal remote control is 52.09% which means that more than half of all the listed universal remote controls on eBay actually sold. This is a good start! 

Median End Price: Is there enough room for profit?

Universal remotes have a median end price of $27.65. Remember that the median end price on eBay can be ambiguous because the median end price is for all listings of universal remote controls which can include bulk listings that sell two or more units of universal remote controls in a single listing. Also there are various brands with various capabilities so this can definitely skew our data.

You can also refer to our Lab’s Snapshot feature which provides us the actual price on eBay. As shown below the average price for a universal remote control is $34 while the average is $134.00. Obviously selling these using the Buy It Now format works best for sellers! 

Total Listings, Total Bids and Total Sellers: How viable is your market?

With more than 3 times the number of bids to the total number of listings, we may have found a viable niche! As of March there were 6,633 listings of universal remote controls with a total of 20,537 bids! So if you are looking for a product with a viable market, the universal remote control is the product you are looking for.

Data Trends: Are sellers hitting their target?

Can you imagine earning your share of $19,944.50 in 1 day? Might sound near impossible but as you can see in our graph that $19,994.50 is actually the highest total revenue on eBay for universal remote controls. 

Going beyond eBay: How popular is the universal remote control online?

Using our very own free SEO software, Traffic Travis, let’s do a quick keyword analysis to help us check just how popular the universal remote control is. Give Traffic Travis a try! Download your free software by visiting

What do these numbers mean?

Based on the simple keyword research you can easily see that the universal remote control is popular even outside eBay, with 9,900 searches globally and 3,600 searches in the US. Also notice that the keyword “universal remote” which is actually part of our featured product, universal remote control has higher search count both globally and locally.  So you can clearly see how your keywords can affect the amount of traffic you can divert to your online store and eBay listings!

Trusted universal remote control wholesale suppliers

Universal remote control supplier #1

One of the UK’s leading distributors of branded consumer electronics. The supply a vast range of items which expands over 2500 product lines that include calculators, blank media, batteries, watches, personal care products, domestic appliances, audio and video products and accessories, and a range of iPod/iPhone accessories. They accept payment by cheques, BACS, and most major debit and credit cards. They can deliver most countries worldwide.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

Universal remote control supplier #2

The nation's leading distributor of consumer electronics, custom installation, mobile audio/video and appliance connection supplies delivering superior service to its customers for more than 26 years. They accept major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as PayPal, cashier’s checks or money orders as forms of payment.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

Universal remote control supplier #3

A certified dealer for a huge range of consumer electronics products and accessories. They accept major credit cards, PayPal, money orders and cashier's cheques as forms of payment. International orders are welcome.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

To access our list of universal remote control wholesale suppliers and take advantage of SaleHoo’s Research Lab mentioned above, sign up as a SaleHoo member now. 

Inside you will get access to over 8000 suppliers, comprehensive training to help you find the best products to sell online and access to our members only forum full of tips and secrets from other members (including eBay Powersellers) to help you make money online. Join SaleHoo today

See you next Monday!


Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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