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Whitening Lotion: Monday Market of the Week

We always want to have skin that we were not born with. Yes, it is a total cliché, but if you take a look at the Western ladies, you know they would rather be tan or bronze, while many Asians would opt to be a bit lighter than usual. This blog is not about a comparison of color, but mainly on the market demand for fairer and lighter skin. This is why I came up with whitening lotion as our Monday Market of the Week. 

The demand for this market is absolutely a fact (I am one of those who purchases it on a bi-weekly basis). Our Market Research Lab supports this claim. You might be surprised at how this is also a good niche globally.

Quick Snapshot:

If you aren't sure these lotions will really make it on eBay, you may want to look into these stats:

  • Success rate: 55%
  • Average sale price: $22.73
  • Competition rating: Medium

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Success Rate on eBay:

profit potential wjhitening lotion

The 55 percent success rate for this niche shows that skin whitening lotions are not just a product used by a small group of people. Let's face it, everyone wants to look beautiful. So as long as this type of product can be found in vanity cabinets all over the world, you can never go wrong in selecting it as a niche.

Competition Rating on eBay:

competition rating wjhitening lotion

Here's how you can tell this market is flourishing: 1,929 bids for whitening lotion, on 1,155 total listings. You can tell there's demand for these products thanks to the medium competition rating. Don't let that turn you off! There is indeed room for profit.

Product Performance: How Much Money Could You Make?

product performance wjhitening lotion

Here are the monthly sales for this market. Last month, whitening lotion sales came to a peak of $1,726.65 earned from the 88 units sold on the busiest day. The slowest day still saw $1,032.13 in sales from 45 units. Using these forecasts, though, sales could potentially reach about $2,200 in a day, especially when you are not listing these items on sale. Whether these items are on sale or not, they are still selling like hotcakes, I tell you!

Going Beyond eBay: Should You Sell This In Your Online Store?

traffic travis wjhitening lotion

Whitening lotion isn't a super-popular keyword, with only 720 hits in the US market count and 2,400 in the global count. However, Traffic Travis, our own SEO software, showed promising numbers for synonymous terms and ingredients used in skin whitening. More than likely, people who go looking for overall beauty regimens would come across whitening lotion as part of the list, opening up more potential traffic.

Trusted Suppliers Selling This Product

Whitening Lotion Supplier #1

supplier 1 - wjhitening lotion

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Whitening Lotion Supplier #2

supplier 2 - wjhitening lotion

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Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above products are only suggestions for items which the author believes may sell well, and this article should be viewed as opinion only. All above products were researched using methods recommended by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers at the time of writing. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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danny singh on 6:04 28 Oct
salehoo product listing website doesn't match with blog
Melissa Johnson on 15:56 29 Oct
Could you explain what you mean? Thanks!


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