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Wholesale Women's Clothing - SaleHoo Seller Spotlight

Hearing about SaleHoo member's successes, however big or small, is my favorite part about my job at SaleHoo and today, I'm pleased to be able to share Dana's story with you. Dana has experienced some tremendous successes in her time selling wholesale women's clothing!

Check out her profile below and if you have any questions or thoughts, be sure to leave a comment. 

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Name: Dana

Forum username: DPS103 

What items do you sell? Mostly famous catalog clothing for women and department store clothing and handbags. 

Where do you sell them? I have sold in bulk on Liquidation.com for a couple years. I have also sold in 1 day liquidation sales in large venues. Now all of my sales are done on eBay. I am currently researching alternate selling sites. 

How long have you been a member of SaleHoo, and what do you like most about it? I have been a SaleHoo member for just over 2 years. I love SaleHoo! It's a great community of people who are not only the most knowledgeable in online selling, but they are happy to answer questions and share their experiences. 

What one piece of advice do you have for other sellers? Research. Research. Research. Don't just jump in! Utilize SaleHoo to find out as much as you can before you start selling online. There is a wealth of expertise here to help you from making costly mistakes.

What was the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in selling online? eBay's degradation & disregard for their sellers.

What's your favorite thing about making money from selling items online? 

For many years, I was the sole owner/operator of a retail clothing store in CT. At certain times of the year, the store was open 7 days a week & it was a very busy place.

Every day, I was responsible for the staff, buying, bookkeeping, rearranging the floor plan, window displays, hiring, firing, payroll, scheduling, training, customers with issues, delivery deadlines...etc...

Now that I am an online seller, thanks to SaleHoo, here is an example of a typical day for me:

  1. Wake up any time I feel like it.
  2. Drink as much coffee as I want without rushing
  3. Open my laptop to check for customer questions
  4. Package & ship sold items were payment has cleared.

Did I mention I'm still in PJ's & fuzzy slippers?

For me, the most time consuming part of online selling is taking the photos & posting the inventory. There are days I work 10-12 hours picturing & posting. But I choose the day & I have the option to stop and finish whenever I want

Now I have the freedom to go to the gym, have lunch with friends, have dinner with my family. The possibilities are endless because I can make my own hours & I don't have the constant pressure of a staff. I'm the staff and I love my boss! 

You can check out Dana's eBay My World and listings here: http://myworld.ebay.com/dps103 


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Comments (13)

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sue maginnis on 3:14 19 Jan
Great to hear a good story!! Go Dana!!
Kim on 15:52 19 Jan
hi Dana, glad to read your story and success. do you stock and dispatch yourself or use drop ship? which would you advise as being best
Linda Stango on 18:18 19 Jan
Wow, how exciting. I love the pictures. Good Luck. I will spread the word.
Christopher on 18:52 19 Jan
Just curious about revenue ... are you making more money with this business or more when you were employee? If it too personnal I would understand. thanks you.
Patrick on 20:14 19 Jan
Hi Dana! Congratulations! If I may ask a question as to what type of on-line business do you have? Did you create a website?
Rob on 21:03 19 Jan
Sounds good Dana! Best of luck... I've been a member of Salehoo for a few years but have been dragging my tail. Thanks for the advice about research.
Nancy on 21:04 19 Jan
Hi Dana, I think what you are doing is amazing. You seem to be doing really well. In your profile you said you wanted different selling sites. I have a great site for you to research. If interested please email me at volkening3@ hotmail.com. It will help you with your business. I promise you will like it. Please come see it for yourself and make a decision if it s right for you. Thank you and keep doing what you love. I do and you inspire me to keep on doing what I love. Much success to you and I hope to hear from you. I think it is something you could use to explode your business.much success Nancy
Teri Sherron on 21:15 19 Jan
Hello Dana, Wow! Wonderful and inspiring story. I noticed you use SellerSourceBook. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on how it compares to eBay's Turbo Lister?
Leslie on 21:37 19 Jan
That's a great story to hear about. I still seem to find it difficult to know where and how to buy at low prices plus low shipping fees. You Go Girlfriend!!
Sibling Textiles on 0:51 20 Jan
I wholesale towels and sell on eBay too and totally agree with the lack of support and respect sellers get on eBay.
Dana on 1:36 20 Jan
Thank you all for the kind words!! I will try to answer all your questions in order. Yes, I do stock & dispatch/ship myself. I have never used a dropshipper. In my opinion, you need to investigate a potential dropshipper as much as possible before using them. I would get references from many customers that have used the company successfully many times. Remember, they will be in charge of your quality control and filling your orders in a timely manner. That can be a potential nightmare if it's not a reputable organization. I would also check the company's name on RipOffReport.com. Salehoo has many suppliers with actual feedback in their directory. I would start there. I was the owner of a retail store for 22 years. I have been selling on Ebay for less than a year. It's hard to compare income yet. However, Liquidation Sale Events can be very profitable if done correctly. I don't have an Ebay store so I can't use Turbo Lister. Ask more specific questions about SSB if you'd like and I'll do my best to answer. Leslie, there is a directory at the top of the Salehoo's member page. It's is filled with suppliers, liquidators, wholesalers, dropshippers, & manufacturers. If you want to start selling online, it's all there for you. Plus, you have the entire Salehoo staff & members to answer all your questions. Now you go girl!!!
Carol on 15:58 26 Jan
Another success story, there are never too many of these. Congratulations ! I do have a question for you Dana, what is "Seller Source Book" ?
cheap bras on 5:42 10 Apr
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