Why wholesale diabetic socks will power up your profit

Find out about the huge market for wholesale diabetic socks and how to profit by sourcing them cheaply for resale online.

Who needs diabetic socks?

Many diabetics suffer from “peripheral neuropathy” resulting in the lack of feeling or numbness in their feet and legs. They need to keep their feet safe from wounds and cuts, including blisters and chafing that may result in dangerous infections. Diabetic socks are designed to provide this kind of protection.

Unlike regular socks, diabetic socks are made of very soft and seamless material and are specially designed to prevent chafing. They may also help in improving circulation in the area of the feet by minimizing constriction.

The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC) estimated in 2007 that 7.8% of the U.S. population, that’s approximately 23.6 million people, have diabetes. The worldwide estimate is that 176 million people are stricken with this problem. Recent studies show that this figure may continue to rise, indicating a solid business opportunity for selling special socks for diabetics.

What should I look for in a diabetic sock?

Because of the importance of these products to a large, worldwide market, many unscrupulous manufacturers and marketers have jumped on the bandwagon, and offer “diabetic” socks that may actually be harmful to diabetics. Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. Tube socks and diabetic socks with seams.  These can create pressure points on the feet, which can lead to blisters and foot ulcers.
  2. Cotton diabetic socks. While they may be soft, traditional cotton socks tend to absorb moisture, but aren’t designed to eliminate it. The socks stay unhygienically moist most of the day. The newer socks incorporate technology and designs that draw the moisture away from the skin and up the sock, where it can evaporate.
  3. Elastic bands. Many diabetic socks have elastic bands at the top to keep the sock up. But this can cause problems with circulation.

Where can I find suppliers for wholesale diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are available wholesale or discounted directly from sock manufacturers as well as wholesale medical supplies distributors. 

Stocks are also available from manufacturers in South Korea and China, but make sure to ask for samples from reputable suppliers as quality may be inconsistent or substandard. Lists of these overseas sources may be obtained from the economic sections of the corresponding embassies, as well as from online directories.

Other wholesale distributors online include Socks4Life, Alabama Wholesale Socks, and Wholesale Concept, Inc .  Care Sox Plus are designed for people with large legs and feet, who have trouble finding socks large enough to fit them, but that do not fall and bunch around their ankles.These stretch to as much as 25 inches in circumference and feature light padding at the soles for extra comfort. These are available wholesale from the Verne Bintz Company.

Where to sell wholesale diabetic socks for maximum profit?

Since the last quarter of 2006, online searches for diabetic socks have increased steadily, particularly in the United States, but also in Canada, the UK, and Australia. This bodes well for those thinking of setting up e-commerce sites to sell products wholesale or retail. This is the option taken by a number of manufacturers, such as SmartKnit, which has appropriated the domain diabeticsocks.com. SmartKnit provides information about foot care for diabetics, and links to online retailers who carry their products, including Therawear, FootSmart, and For Your Legs.

If the prospect of setting up an independent e-commerce site and undertaking the necessary web marketing and SEO activities seem daunting, then another option that’s available is setting up shop with one of the top auction or on-line retail sites. These sites already generate a large amount of traffic which can work to your advantage. The top auction sites include eBay, uBid, and Bidz.com.

On eBay, a quick search reveals that diabetic socks sell reasonably well with a conversion rate of approximately 50%. The average sale price is $1 per pair, which is low. One idea would be to use diabetic socks as an up-sell on related products such as diabetic shoes. This strategy could help you see a significant increase in overall profit.

Have you had any experience sourcing and selling wholesale diabetic socks? We’d love to hear your stories.


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adam scire on 14:56 12 Dec
Achieve o2 manufactures socks and accessories for diabetics using Celliant/Holofiber technology. This technology has been featured on Modern Marvels. Celliant/Holofiber has been clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body and also relieve pain. Please go to www.achieve-o2.com to learn more about the best diabetic socks and the absolute best technology to help diabetics.
BloodSugarMeterA on 22:06 29 Aug
In my opinion you commit an error. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.
Richelle Monfort on 23:34 29 Aug
Hi BloodSugarMeterA, May I ask which particular part of our blog do you consider to be erroneous? Also, how may we contact you? You can contact us at http://www.salehoo.com/support to discuss your concerns further. Talk to you soon!
John on 17:20 25 Sep
There are no diabetic socks for sale or auction on Ubid. There are no diabetic socks on bidz.com.

If they are going for about a dollar a piece on ebay then there is virtually no room for profit since the companies I am finding sell diabetic socks for about 8-9 dollars per dozen. It seems that in order to become competitive in the sock biz one must buy 100 dozen or more to get a really good price.
Melissa Johnson on 3:58 26 Sep
Hi, John!

This appears to be one of our early blog posts. Sometimes content gets a bit out of date, as appears to be the case here.

And yes, for low-margin items, volume is really the only way to make a profit on them.
John Capizzi on 23:23 1 Dec
My name is John and this sounds like my post but I cannot be sure. I found a supplier of diabetic socks for about 6.00 per dozen, and I am going to run with this!


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