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Disney DVD Movies: Monday Market of the Week

(Almost) every little girl out there dreams of becoming a princess. Because I have three daughters, Disney movies are a staple in our home and for sure in most other homes too! There is definitely magic in these DVD movies that enthralls children as well as children-at-heart — it's the stories of love, happiness, friendship and family that keep Disney fans coming back for more or for the latest release. Kids will always have a favorite movie, and when it’s their favorite, they don’t really...

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Computer Monitors: Monday Market of the Week

Computer monitors are hot this week in the lab! Monitors are essential if you have a traditional desktop computer -- but even if you have a laptop or an all-in-one, you may find a second (or even third) monitor is useful because it gives you more screen space to work with. Even if a multi-monitor setup isn't ideal for your needs, you can still benefit from upgrading to a single large, beautiful display.  Because people are always buying computers, the market for computer monitors is... Continue reading

PS4 Video Games: Monday Market of the Week

Videos games are quite popular in many homes -- mine included! There's a long-standing stereotype that gamers are primarily teenage boys, but that is absolutely no longer the case. Plenty of women of all ages enjoy playing video games, too. And with the rise of motion-sensing technology, there are plenty of games that are fun for the entire family -- and can even help you get a bit of exercise! Of course, there are plenty of your standard single-player games still available, which offer... Continue reading

Security Cameras: Monday Market of the Week

Police and detectives using surveillance cameras to bust the bad guys is a fairly common scene we see both on TV and in the movies - But did you know that these same surveillance or security cameras can help you keep your home, family and business establishment safe and secure? Yes, many homes and businesses now have real functioning security cameras or even just the simulated ones to help keep it secured from any unwelcome intruders. Security cameras help you keep a watchful eye over... Continue reading

Compact Refrigerators: Monday Market of the Week

According to SaleHoo's Market Research Lab, compact refrigerators are hot commodities! These small refrigerators are a staple of college dormitories across the country, but they're also a great choice for people living in small apartments or tiny homes. And of course, they're an essential for home entertaining, when you have a wet bar and don't necessarily want a full-size refrigerator for keeping drinks cold, or a man cave in need of a place to keep beer cold without venturing upstairs.... Continue reading

Weight Loss Supplements: Monday Market of the Week

Obesity has become a major problem in the US and other countries around the world, but at the same time, there's a huge push for people to live healthy lives. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the traditional way to lose weight and get healthy, but sometimes people need a bit of extra help. Thankfully, there is another way to help speed up the process: weight loss supplements. Continue reading

Diver's Watch: Monday Market of the Week

Approximately 4 years back we featured diver's watches as a profitable niche and four years later its still is a profitable niche! There is an ever growing number of people who have grown to love the sport of diving - be it as a professional or as a form of leisure - many are now hooked to it! One essential accessory among divers is the diver's watch. A diver's watch is designed for underwater diving that features a minimum water resistance greater than 1.0MPa (10atm) which is... Continue reading
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