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eBay’s New Deal Finder Helps Sellers Source Bargains

eBay’s newly launched Deal Finder helps you to find low priced items ending soon. All the items it finds have zero bids, less than 4 hours left, no reserve price, free or fixed rate shipping and a total price that includes shipping costs.

It’s simple to use: just set your price limit and then search for the item you want using categories and keywords. eBay will display items that meet your criteria, with those closing soonest at the top.

For sellers, Deal Finder will be very helpful for sourcing bargain items that have been overlooked for some reason. The opportunity to buy items cheaply and resell them for a profit is huge.

You can use the Deal Finder to hunt down wholesale lots too. Just enter the keyword ‘wholesale’ or ‘lot’ into the search bar.

There are two points I’d like to make about Deal Finder:

(a) There is no indication of feedback in the search results, so the first thing you should look at when clicking through is the seller’s feedback. If the price looks too good to be true, then there is always a possibility that the item may be a fake.

(b) Research before you buy. It may seem like a bargain at $7.50, but do you actually know anything about these items? There may be a very valid reason why no bids have been placed.

While you can’t rely on Deal Finder to do all your work for you – after all, just because an item already has a bid doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t sell for a good price – Deal Finder is very efficient at what it does do. It will be interesting to see whether eBay makes further changes to it in the future. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Deal Finder.

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