PowerSeller Secrets for writing A+ eBay Listings

Ever wondered how PowerSellers can possibly make tens of thousands of dollars every month? It will come as no surprise to learn that one of the reasons PowerSellers make more sales is because they hold the secrets to making great eBay listings. So today we are talking you through the tips that really put the 'pow' in PowerSeller!

PowerSellers know that to make sales, you have to perfect two key aspects of a listing:

  1. The item title

  2. The listing description

Read on as we unleash the secrets of writing fabulous item titles and informative listing descriptions.

Unlocking the door to more sales with great keywords

An item title is so important to your selling success because it is the first ever glimpse buyers will get of you and your listing, which means writing perfect item titles is key to making you sell like a PowerSeller.

A great listing title will: rank highly in search results, evoke interest in buyers, tell buyers important information about the item being sold, and most importantly, get buyers to click the link to enter your listing. This is without a doubt, the most important step in making a sale! Once you get the buyer inside your auction, you have done 60% of the work.

Write like a PowerSeller: Tapping into the buyer's psyche

So how do PowerSellers decide what to put in their item titles? Well they start out by asking themselves "what would I search for if I were a buyer looking for the item I'm selling?" For example, if I was selling a pair of hiking boots, I would consider what a buyer would search for when they hit the eBay home page. I would probably start by searching for "womens hiking boots size 8". For these keywords, I am given over 100 results, therefore I really need to refine what I am looking for, so I will enter the preferred brand name and condition of the boots, so my new search phrase will be "womens hiking boots size 8 HI TEC used"( don't worry about grammar, most PowerSellers consider it a waste of characters). This narrows down my search to a much more manageable 5 listings which I can take a good look at.

So by using the above method, in less than 2 minutes I have found some of the best keywords to use in my item title and I have checked out what my competitors are using for theirs.

However, my new item title keywords only make up 39 of the 55 characters I can use, so what else should I be putting in my title? You might think that using words like "reliable" or "strong" might be a good idea. Well, you would be wrong! All PowerSellers know that adjectives (they are the ones that you use to describe something) do nothing to help you make sales. This is simply because no one ever searches for words like "super", "sexy", "great", "latest" so this sends your listing down to the bottom of eBay search results.

Instead, what most PowerSellers would use their remaining characters for would be to promote buying that particular pair. The best way to do this? Free shipping! Not only does this entice buyers (after all, no one likes paying for shipping) it also helps your listing to rank better in search results. Perfect!

So now with my item title sorted: "Womens Hiking Boots Size 8 Used HI TEC Free Shipping" It's time for me to move on to perfecting my item description.

Writing desirable descriptions

Like I mentioned earlier, by getting a buyer to take a look inside your listing, you are over the major hurdle of getting them to find your listing. Your next challenge is to give them plenty of information about the item, 'sell it' in such a way that makes the buyer think that they need or want the item and get them to click that all important "Buy It Now" (or BIN) button.

Here are some key ideas to keep in mind when you write your item description:

  • The goal here is to convince the buyer to buy the item, and to inform about the item as much as possible.

  • Be honest in your description. If there is damage to the item or the packaging, say so. If it is 5 years old, make this clear too. Giving accurate and honest descriptions helps buyers to make informed decisions and reduces the likelihood of you receiving bad feedback or having to deal with returns when items are not as described.

  • Give away as much information as possible. This means pushing the features and benefits of the item you are selling, e.g for hiking boots, a feature might be strong tread on the soles, where the benefit would be less risk of injury from slipping over. Really get into the details in your description. How strong are the laces? What color are they? What are the boots made of? Are they waterproof? Listing all this information is crucial to showing buyers the worth of your item, and will also be a big help to you as you will get less buyers asking you questions about the auction, saving you time.

  • Remember you are writing for an online audience with a notoriously short attention span. This doesn't mean that you should necessarily cut down the amount of content, it simply means you must present it in such a way that it looks like a whole lot less! You can do this by bullet pointing information, by creating a list of FAQ's, by keeping sentences and paragraphs short and snappy, and by creating plenty of 'white space' in your listing. This means you will have plenty of spaces in between paragraphs, as opposed to large chunks of text which most readers will simply skim over.

Bonus PowerSeller Tip: Make the most of your eBay About Me page. An About Me page can be used to help buyers get to know you and establish trust. The best About Me pages are so fabulously charming and charismatic that buyers are convinced that you are the right person to buy from. For more tips and ideas on About Me pages, check out the eBay About Me Page Discussion Board.

While it might seem like a lot of busy work, the above tips can really help you to increase your sales. You don't have to do it all at once, how about starting out by optimizing your key words? Then perhaps next week, you take a closer look at your item descriptions. We would love to hear the results of your changes so make sure you let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below.


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