How to Better Yourself

Sometimes the biggest obstacle standing in your way is you! These resources are designed to help you towards a healthier and more productive mindset.
When is the Best Time to Quit Your Job? (3 Steps to Take)
If you are like most SaleHoo members, you will want to turn your online retail business into a full time income earner. However, forgoing a steady pay check is a scary thought. So when is the right time to quit your day job and start working for yourself? Below I have outlined a 3 step plan to help you determine when it’s the right time for you to quit your day job. Make sure you check it out before you go making any hasty decisions! Step one: Understand that working for yourself is still working As an online entrepreneur, it’s far too easy for you to dream up a picture in your head about sleeping in, playing with your kids, catching up on day time TV and doing a couple of hours of work per day while earning a full time income. You might be lucky enough to have a business model that will allow this, but in most cases, to generate a good income, you wil
5 Ways to Instantly Increase Productivity When Working From Home
One of the best ways that you can maximize how much you earn from your business is to increase your productivity. Ever since I was a college student, I’ve always calculated the amount that I earned per hour from selling items online. For example, if I made $300 one week for doing five hours work, I would divide $300 by 5 (the number of hours I spent earning that money) to figure out my hourly rate (which would be $60 per hour, in this case. Not bad for a 19 year old student!). Admittedly, one of the main reasons I did this calculation was to make sure that I was always earning more than I could if I chose to do a ‘normal-person’ job to get me through college, like waiting tables. Not only did I have a great time bragging to my dorm mates about how much I was earning (I was 19, cut me some slack), but it also forced me to make sure that I was always productive with the time I spent
How to Beat Procrastination and Finally Start Your Online Business
Hey you! Yes, you, lurking around our site, reading all these fabulous blogs, and picking through the supplier directory, but never actually doing anything useful like, oh, I don't know, selling something on eBay! We have set up this amazing and easy-to-use site so that absolutely anyone can learn how to make money online, and that includes you! So, tell me, or at least think about it; why did you join SaleHoo? Were you tired of your boring job, your nagging boss, your early starts, being away from your kids all day, or were you simply looking to make some cash to buy yourself a new car, or go on vacation? Perhaps you have forgotten why you joined SaleHoo altogether? The truth is, we can spoon feed you all the information you need, we can tell you the hottest tips on selling on eBay, and we can give you access to the best suppliers available online (and we do!), but only you can ta
Going into Business with Friends or Family
I've had some cool business ideas over the years. Some related to selling online, some not. One idea in particular caused me to lose a good friend and around $12,000 of wasted investment. How? Because I went into business with a friend and we didn't make a smart plan for how the business partnership would work.
Your eCommerce Business will Never Succeed if You Don’t do These 3 Things
Working from home selling products online sounds idyllic to some: There is no boss breathing down your neck, there are no face-to-face clients to please and you can choose your working hours. There are plenty more benefits to owning your own eCommerce store or making a living by selling on eBay, but unless you take your work seriously, success won't come easy.  If you are just getting your business off the ground, or if you are an old hand, make sure you implement the three points below in order to help your business succeed.  1. Believe in your products  I have around $5,000 worth of stock stored away at my house. It’s been there for almost two years and I’ve never sold any of it. Granted, I haven’t tried and I’m sure I could sell it if I actually listed the products online. But I haven’t, because I don’t believe in the products. It’s the quality of the products that both
213 of the Best Inspirational Quotes from Business Entrepreneurs & Leaders
An entrepreneur is someone who finds new solutions to old problems at every corner. They hunger to improve the world around them. In this field, effort equals reward, and those who are the most consistent and persistent will be most likely to realise their business goals. What’s inside? [ show hide ] Entrepreneur Quotes Small Business Quotes Women in Business Quotes Motivational Quotes Funny Business Quotes Success Quotes from Black People Start-Up Quotes Young Ent
Developing a Mindset for Success: The 3 Secrets to Winning with Dropshipping
So you’re interested in dropshipping and making money online…  You’re taking steps towards launching an online store… You’re excited about the prospect of building a business and being your own boss… But you’re afraid of failure and consumed by doubt? I know the feeling because I’ve been where you are.  I’ve built several successful ecommerce businesses, I’m an adviser to several others, and I work with successful online sellers and dropshippers every day. I can tell you that everyone who tries to start an online business faces the same fear and resistance that you’re probably feeling now. It&rsq
63 Business Coaches Give the Most Underrated Advice for eCommerce Entrepreneurs
Starting an eCommerce business can be tricky if you get off on the wrong foot. Focus too much on the wrong area and you waste a bunch of time that could have been spent somewhere else. So what exactly should you do? What are some tidbits that can lead you in the right direction? Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon this article where we’ve asked business coaches and influencers around the world what their most underrated business advice is for new entrepreneurs trying to get into the eCommerce game
Hacking Productivity: Want to Get More Done in Less Time?
Hacking Productivity: Want to Get More Done in Less Time?   You probably know the old saying “work expands to fill the time available.” It’s true! The number of tasks you have to perform as a seller often expands faster than sales volume, leaving you with little time to get essential tasks done. And what about time for your personal life?   Time management is one of the most essential skills that you can learn. A great way to get more work done is to learn some “productivity hacks.” These are simple strategies or processes for reducing your workload to increase your free time.   Effective productivity hacks can help you better control your time and, more important, your business. They can also greatly improve your quality of life.   Here are some of the best productivity hacks that work for me:   Check  your
11 Ways to Stay Motivated with Your Side Business When You Have a 9-5
Got a side hustle? You're not alone. Around a quarter of Brits, a third of New Zealanders, and nearly half of Australians and Americans over 18 reportedly have a side hustle in addition to a full-time job.

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