SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b

Like everyone else does, when comparing SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b, we could give you a biased feature comparison table we created, which would probably look something like this…


But we believe that the best way for you to compare SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b is to look at what the real, unaffiliated customer reviews say.

Both of us claim to offer very similar things:

  • A great selection of low-cost, high-profit products to sell: We both claim to offer this, but we have different methods for providing them. Here at SaleHoo, we give you access to more than 8,000 dropshippers, wholesalers and manufacturers that have millions of products in their catalogs. Wholesale2b lists a collection of 1.5 million products on its website that suppliers are willing to dropship for you. You then order them through the website — not through the supplier.
  • Educational resources to help you grow your business.
  • Excellent customer support.

It’s easy for us to claim to offer these things, but the only way for you to know which of us you can trust is to see what real, unaffiliated customer reviews have to say.

On, SaleHoo has 31 positive reviews with no negative/neutral reviews (source):

In comparison, Wholesale2b has just 3 customer reviews: 1 is positive, and 2 are negative (source):

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for customer reviews, it is clear that SaleHoo has the stronger social proof, by far. You can also read more Salehoo reviews left by our customers in the linked page.

SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Price & Quality of Products

Several of SaleHoo's positive reviews highlight how members have been using our catalog to locate low-cost, high-profit suppliers:

“...anyone trying to start an online store or drop shipping business will appreciate this service… The price of $67 per year was worth it to me, as I was able to find many online suppliers that fit my needs.”

- Henry K. (source)

“SaleHoo Wholesale Directory is one the most effective ways to find reliable manufacturers, wholesalers and dropshippers. This directory pays off, since it will allow you to improve your business performance in no time”

- Juan G. (source)

“Hi, I have used Salehoo for a year and come up with some very good suppliers. They have a vast number of manufactures, wholesalers with contact info supplied”

- Taskin B. (source)

Looking to Wholesale2b, the reviews left by previous customers indicate that they have struggled to make a profit because the items listed on the website cost more than they did on other public marketplaces (such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart):

“1 month later... Nothing. I made $0 profit when adding their items to eBay and Amazon and not a single person bought [anything]”

- J.P. (source)

“You can't compete with non of ebay because their dropshippers are too high… No profit. I was so mad to have discovered all this”

- George C. (source)

SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Training & Educational Resources

Many SaleHoo customers left positive reviews on BBB noting that our bonus training and educational resources have help them grow their businesses:

“I would highly recommend SaleHoo. The membership provides some good info. Being on their email list has been fantastic.”

- Bryce R. (source)

“Salehoo has taught me about 50% to 60% of EVERYTHING I've learned along the way about how an e-commerce business works.”

- Cody G. (source)

“i Have Used Salehoo for the last 5 to 6 years and i find there information and forum staff really amazing they go out of there way to find you reliable suppliers”

- William B. (source)

Looking to Wholesale2b’s reviews on BBB, the sole positive review for the company indicated that they found the resources on there helpful:

“The w2b website is easy to navigate and use and there are some good resources there.”

- James C. (source)

SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Customer Service

More than anything, the strength of SaleHoo’s fast, efficient and personalized customer service comes through in the reviews left by customers on the BBB page:

“the support service it's incredible, thanks”

- Ricardo L. (source)

“they also provide a very exceptional customer service and not automated response AND each response addresses all your issues and specific problems. I am very happy with the service”

- Ibrahim T. (source)

“They are very good with returning messages and I get personal phone replies within 24 hours or less.”

- David W. (source)

Turning to Wholesale2b, the reviews are mixed. James C., who left a positive review, indicated that he had excellent customer service. George C. on the other hand describes a story in which he left a complaint ticket that he didn’t get a satisfactory answer to:

“I find them really good to deal with because the customer service is good. [They] always reply to my messages.”

- James C. (source)

“I created a complaint ticket… I pressed on some more with replies, he evaded me all the way.”

- George C. (source)

Conclusion: Should You Buy SaleHoo or Wholesale2b?

Obviously, we are biased (we’d love to have you onboard as a customer and be able to serve you!). But we think that the reviews reveal a lot:

  • SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Finding Profitable Items to Resell: SaleHoo has numerous reviews which show customers finding profitable suppliers and items to resell using our directory, whereas the reviews left for Wholesale2b indicate that customers have not been able to turn a profit with the items listed on the website.
  • SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Educational Resources & Training: SaleHoo has many reviews indicating that customers have learned a lot through our training materials. The single positive review for Wholesale2b also indicates an appreciation for the site's training materials.
  • SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b for Customer Service: SaleHoo’s reviews show that our customers have loved our fast, personalized, 1-on-1 support. Wholesale2b’s reviews have been mixed, with one customer having a positive experience and another customer a negative one.

Above all else, when comparing SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b, it’s clear from SaleHoo’s BBB reviews (31 positive) that it’s a proven company with a strong history of social proof to back up our claims. Wholesale2b on the other hand does not have this same social proof, with only 3 customers (1 positive, 2 negative, 0 neutral) leaving mixed reviews.

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