SaleHoo vs. Wholesale2b

What’s the difference between SaleHoo and Wholesale2b? Both are products developed for eCommerce entrepreneurs to help them build and run their online stores. While they share several features, there are some key differences. The main of these are the type of customer service and protections offered by each, and the size of their supplier directories. This article compares the two in full so you can best evaluate which platform may be right for your needs.

  SaleHoo Wholesale2b
BBB Rating
Dropship Tool    
Directory Tool    
24/7 Personalised Customer Support    
100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back    


SaleHoo and Wholesale2b have been around since the mid-2000s, so they are both well established. Wholesale2b largely serves dropshippers, and while SaleHoo also serves dropshippers as a significant part of their business model, they also have a strong focus on other types of online sellers who wish to buy wholesale or have their products custom manufactured.

When doing your own research, it can be hard to differentiate these two platforms usefully, to boil them down to the key features you really need, which is what we’ve aimed to do here. Some of the key research questions we have asked are: Which platform has the most useful features for dropshippers? Which platform is best for wholesalers? Does SaleHoo or Wholesale2b have the best customer support?

Check out our general comparison table for some of the key differences between the two:

Platform Comparison SaleHoo Wholesale2b
BBB Rating 4.5 2
Better Business Bureau Accreditation    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
Dropship Tool    
Directory Tool    
100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back    
24/7 Personalized Customer Service    

Hint: Not sure where to begin on your dropshipping journey? We’ve come up with a guide to get you started in just five steps!

It’s apparent that both platforms offer dropship and directory tools, featuring vetted suppliers and products, but we will take a closer look at these in the following sections to understand exactly what features are associated with each.

To guide our discussion we have searched the internet to find what customers are saying about these features, as this is likely to provide the most insight into the actual experience that customers are having using each.

Dropship Tool

To start, we took a look around each platform’s dropship tool.

Both feature a modern, user-friendly interface, which is a good foot to start off on. It is straightforward to search for products and both offer a range of filters to narrow down your options, such as ‘shipping from’ to ‘product price’. All suppliers that are able to list products on each platform have been vetted to ensure that what they are offering is high quality and so you won’t end up with customers harassing you wanting to return products they’re not happy with.

Two search filters that SaleHoo provides but Wholesale2b does not are a ‘delivery estimate’ filter and a ‘number of orders’ filter. These can help you find products with fast shipping times and sellers who have a lot of dropshipping experience to give you more confidence working with them.

Both dropshipping tools are easy to set up and offer a simple product import method to your chosen online store or marketplace. Each product’s associated information will upload automatically once you import it. But, if you wish, you can easily edit product information and change images, to give your product a unique feel for your business. This import process can be a great timesaver for dropshippers and make it easier than ever to get your product listings live and start generating income. Each platform allows you to import 500 products into your store, which is generally considered a generous number and means you can trial a large range of products and remove those that are underperforming.

SaleHoo’s dropship tool features product prices that are competitive. “It's been stated by many other people looking to start their own home business in online and brick and mortar sales that the best place for a beginner or an advanced seller, looking for products to sell, is,” Curtis, a reviewer on Trustpilot stated, “And I for one agree.”

Wholesale2b customers have also commented on their experience with finding products on the platform. Anyatka said, in their Trustpilot review, “It simplifies the process and the platform does many steps for you.”

However, that’s where the similarities end. With Wholesale2b, you have the option to import products to one platform per membership. So if you have your own store built on WooCommerce, but also want to sell on Amazon, then you need to pay for two memberships. The monthly membership for importing to online store platforms (i.e. Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid) is $29.99 per month, whereas if you want to import to online marketplaces (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Etsy) it is $39.99 per month. If you want to import to both your WooCommerce store and Amazon, then you’re up for a total monthly cost of $69.98.

SaleHoo also offers a 60 days money back guarantee for their customers so that they can enjoy a risk-free membership. If the product isn’t right for them, then customer service can promptly arrange for your membership fee to be returned to you. Wholesale2b doesn’t currently offer a guarantee of this sort.


Tip: Both of these platforms have millions of products available to dropship. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve come up with a list of low-cost, high-profit margin products to get you started.

Dropship Tool Comparison SaleHoo Wholesale2b
Easy to set up    
Pricing Change    
Variant Change    
Product Information Change    
Image Selection    
Shipping Options Selection    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
Import 500 Products    
24/7 Personalised Customer Service (Email and Chat)    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee of Your Money Back    

Below are current screenshots of both the SaleHoo Dropship tool and the Wholesale2b Dropship tool so you can have a sneak peak of what they look like inside once you’re a member.

Screenshots of SaleHoo
Screenshots of Wholesale2b
Directory Tool

Both SaleHoo and Wholesale2b offer vetted supplier directories so that you can search for suitable suppliers in one place. This tool differs the most between the two platforms.

SaleHoo offers an extensive directory of 8,000+ vetted suppliers from across the globe to help you identify suitable suppliers of the products you want to sell. This tool can be particularly useful for sellers who may wish to do more than dropship with their online store, such as finding a wholesale supplier or manufacturer, or choosing one exclusive supplier to work with to dropship all their products.

You can find wholesale suppliers to send you inventory at a steeper discount than dropshipping suppliers, which you can then distribute to customers yourself. You can use manufacturers to produce your own custom products to sell. You can use liquidators to buy trusted brand products that people already love, at steep discounts, to then resell. The SaleHoo directory allows you to filter by location, minimum order quantity and by shipping location. The Directory has been a long-time favorite for all types of online sellers, from newbies to veterans. A reviewer, CVerdon, on the Better Business Bureau site mentioned that “Saleshoo is by far the best research tool and supplier directory available online.” An example of how the SaleHoo directory might be useful to you as an online seller follows. Let’s say you want to open an activewear online store. You might wish to use the SaleHoo directory to find the best supplier who can manufacture your own custom designs, instead of just dropshipping existing activewear pieces.

Additionally, SaleHoo’s directory comes with a research tool called SaleHoo Labs, which you can use to identify popular products. With Labs, you can identify which items are selling well on Amazon and eBay and how much competition products have. Ideally, you will want to select a product that is trending with low competition - then you won’t have to contend with lots of other sellers.

Wholesale2b offers a directory, which currently lists 91 suppliers. These suppliers are primarily based in China or the US (99.98%) and there are no search filter options to help you find the right ones for your needs.


Tip: Figuring out what type of dropshipping store you want to build can be tricky. We’ve come up with a guide to give you some bestselling product ideas and useful market research tools to help you out.

Directory Tool SaleHoo Wholesale2b
8,000+ Vetted Suppliers    
Search Filters    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back    


Both SaleHoo and Wholesale2b offer differing pricing plans for varying needs.

SaleHoo’s most popular plan for dropshippers is their $27 monthly plan. With this plan you can have up to 2 users on your account and import up to 500 items into your Shopify store. This plan has been developed to meet the needs of new dropshippers, by providing them with the key functionality they might need. Their second plan is $97 per month and allows you to have up to 3 users on your account, integrate with 3 Shopify stores and import up to 10,000 items. This plan may be more useful for more established dropshippers who are scaling their store.

Wholesale2b offers three pricing tiers. On their $29.99 plan you can choose one online store platform to integrate with to import up to 10,000 of your products. If you want to import to an online marketplace, such as eBay, then you will need to purchase one of their $39.99 monthly plans which has been developed to integrate with marketplaces. If you want to import to both your own online store and a marketplace, then you will pay $69.98 per month in total. Their $49.99 monthly plan is for a custom built store. This can save you some time initially, but this type of online store may not be as powerful as building it on an ecommerce powerhouse platform such as Shopify, which has high functionality, robust back-end engineering, fast site loading times and the ability to integrate with a huge range of third party apps to enhance your customers’ experiences. You may or may not feel you need 10,000 product imports for your store. This quantity may be more suitable for sellers who are significantly scaling up their stores.

For annual access to SaleHoo’s Directory and SaleHoo Labs research tools, it costs $67. They also offer a lifetime access fee of $127. If you are not a dropshipper, then the SaleHoo directory may be more useful for your needs and you may skip the Dropship tool membership. By differentiating different tools for different needs, SaleHoo allows customers to select the plan that will be the most useful for them.

  SaleHoo Wholesale2b
Dropship Monthly Price $27.00 or $97.00 $29.99, $39.99 or $49.99
Directory Annual Price $67 Not Available
Directory Lifetime Price $127 Not Available

Customer Service

Onhand customer service is what having a SaleHoo or Wholesale2b member will afford you, but just quite how onhand? The answer depends on which one you go for.

We have gathered some customer feedback on what they thought of the customer service they have received from each.

SaleHoo offers 24/7 customer support which can be reached via chat, email or telephone. Wholesale2b does not offer 24/7 support, but they mention that if you lodge a support ticket they will get back to you within 24 hours. This may not be useful if you are dealing with a time sensitive issue such as a customer breathing down your neck. While some customers have commented on responsive customer service from Wholesale2b, there appears to be variability, and since they offer few support options and do not advertise around the clock support there is no way to be sure when you are going to be able to get the help you need within the 24 hour response time frame they state.

Many customers comment on the strength of SaleHoo’s fast, efficient and personalized customer service, which comes through in many of the reviews left by customers on various review platforms:

"I had a lot of questions before signing up. The chat with John was awesome. He worked really hard for me. I asked a lot of questions and he gave me really thorough and prompt responses. Great customer service!”

“My experience with Karen was really successful. Karen is very attentive, kind, fast and cares for the good of the client with a professional disposition to answer all their doubts and questions.”

“SaleHoo offers sales help and support that far exceeds other e-commerce support companies.”

Turning to Wholesale2b, the reviews left are mixed. Phillipe mentioned that support can be slow, and Dehaven and Emeril mentioned that there is room for improvement:

“The customer service it's very good, a little bit long but all my issues are resolved.”

“Wholesale2b really needs to improve on their customer support for sure. Honestly!”

“I have tried to get in touch with anyone for service but there is no phone number only an address.”

Customer Service SaleHoo Wholesale2b
24/7 Customer Service    
Live Chat Support    
Email Support    
Telephone Support    
Reliably Fast Responses    

SaleHoo vs Wholesale2b Reviews

SaleHoo and Wholesale2b have had reviews left for them on a range of sites. We had a look at them and have replicated them here to give you a good idea about what customers think of each company.

SaleHoo has a rating of 4.43 and is accredited on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, a highly trusted rating platform focused on the honesty and integrity of businesses around the world. Wholesale2b has a BBB rating of 2 and has not been accredited.

SaleHoo has a 4.7 TrustScore on Trustpilot and consistently receives five star reviews (91%):

“I have had several interactions with SaleHoo over the past 6 months and each time my questions have been answered very quickly and to my satisfaction. Their customer service is top-notch and they practice what they preach. It's refreshing to interact with a business who has the best interests of clients in mind.”

“Very responsive, professional, and give you tons of information. The team answered all my questions and supplied a plethora of URL's to read up on all the answers I was searching for. With that said, my decision making simple and quick.”

“Excellent service and prompt responses! I love how I was guided through my set up and all my queries were met with clear, concise responses that were given promptly.”

Wholesale2b receives five star reviews on Trustpilot less consistently than SaleHoo does (81%). Some customers are really pleased with the service while others have voiced some frustrations:

“I have to say doing business with Wholesale2B is very satisfying and has left me impressed.”

“These are not wholesale prices. The are priced 50% - 100% above what the retail price is. You also have a 3% fee for a transaction and a $29.99 monthly fee. A seller has to sell 3 times what the actual retail rate is to make any profit. Nobody is going to pay 3 times where they can get it a lot cheaper. You cannot make a profit using your app.”

“Very costly products. Delay in response on customer service. Shipping confirmation turnaround time is high.”

  SaleHoo Wholesale2b
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Trustpilot Rating
4.8 “Excellent”
4.4 “Excellent”
No Reviews

Top Alternatives

While we focused on SaleHoo and Wholesale2b for this article, there are other dropshipping platforms out there, which you may wish to compare these platforms to in order to make the best decision for you.

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