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A Real eBay Alternative? Bonanza just got 1 million times better!

After starting out as a small at-home web start-up, Bonanza has taken huge strides in becoming a leader among eBay alternatives. But they are about to get a whole lot better! A group of investors have come together to offer Bonanzle a $1 million dollar deal, and Bonanzle has big plans to use the cash injection to make their site even better for both buyers and sellers. This could just be the break Bonanza needs to establish themselves as a serious eBay alternative.

For those who aren't yet familiar with Bonanza, the most important thing to know is that Bonanza is cheap, and it gets plenty of buying traffic. Many SaleHoo members have had a lot of success there. To find out more, check out our 10 ½ reasons why you should sell on Bonanza here: Bonanza review.

What the $1 million dollar cash injection means for sellers

You can expect an even better user experience. Bonanza is expanding and taking on new developers to help to polish and refine the way buyers and sellers use the site. That's right; it's going to get even easier! More developers will also mean that bugs and imperfections will get taken care of pronto, so there will be minimal disruption to your selling.

With all those changes on the cards, you can rest assured that the core on Bonanza will remain. Fees are not set to rise, and Bonanza will continue to strive to offer the best experience among online marketplaces.

I know we have a lot of loyal Bonanza fans in the house, so tell me; how would you like to see Bonanza spend their $1 million dollars?

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Allen on 15:11 7 May
Hey ~ your link above does not go to 10 1/2 reasons you should sell on Bonanzle. It goes back to the email I got. That's how I got to this page in the first place.
Carolyn Newsom on 15:15 7 May
MARKETING!! Great Job, Bonanzle!! Congratulations!! on 15:22 7 May
Hello. I am a seller on my sales are terribly slow. I don't know if it is the economy or the fact that my websire is not receiving any hits. I have tried ebay, but never stuck with it because of the price. I am going to your site now to check it out. Thanks.
Helen on 15:41 7 May
Those are smart investors! They can see how Bonanzle is growing. You will see that with a little more time, Bonanzle will out sell all other selling venues!
Barbara on 15:51 7 May
To be able to upload more pictures to booth,and list in Lots. People go to eBay,mainly for their auctions, and I think sellers would sell a lot more by being able to list in auction format,as it is the excitement of an auction that sends buyers into a bidding frenzy, and therefore more sales! We all would like to see that in the very near future,as I think Bonanzle would get a tremendous amount of exposure,as the word gets out about another auction site. Thanks you Bonanzle!
domi rice on 16:09 7 May
we think a bit of advertizing would nto hurt, they could drive ebay into the ground with not much
Sunshines Gallery on 16:59 7 May is the Best thing that has happened to me with my sales plus lower fee's in such a very long time. They are continuing to grow quickly. They also have the Best support team ever, and the Live Auctions that we can hold there are Terrific, plus full of fun!
naifotibi on 17:03 7 May
hello $alehoo welcome the world bey yes Hi naifs ok the world
Rod Sartwell on 17:18 7 May
I have been a member of Bonanzle (Seller/Buyer) since October 2008. I was on eBay, auctions/fixed price and store, for several years prior to moving nearly everything to Bonanzle. Having watched the site grow from only a few thousand members in Oct '08, to what it is today has been rewarding. Bonanzle will truely become a household word and the next real alternative to eBay and other large, well known retail sites.
Dan DesMarais on 17:20 7 May
I wonder if they will use part of these funds for national advertising.
Dan DesMarais on 17:30 7 May
I hope they use some of this money for national advertising to bring more buyers.
CindyBear on 17:32 7 May
A good place to be. Getting better and soon the Best. Come on and visit, shop, browse or sell. We are waiting for You
JM on 17:34 7 May
...and Bonanzle just grew to a quarter of a million members! That's a lot of customers. The million of course should be spent on development. Bonanzle is hiring. While I feel Bonanzle is "practically perfect in every way" I'd like to see the shipping calculator expanded to include all forms of shipping, not just priority mail. I believe being able to offer the lowest possible cost on shipping will close more deals for many of the sellers. It's a visual thing. We can put the shipping in as a flat rate but the customer doesn't see that it's the postal service that sets those rates, it looks better when the customer plugs in their zip code and sees the actual cost as computed by the shipper and the seller is less likely to underestimate and have to pay additional out of pocket. In the meantime we sellers have been giving an incredible amount of tools to work with, a beautiful site to sell on, no listing fees, low final value fees, and a wonderful community of friendly happy people to communicate openly with.
Candy Carlile on 18:31 7 May
Please create an advertising budget!
Linda Rooks on 18:42 7 May
They need to get the word out! I had items on Bonazle that did not sell for months. I went ahead and put on Ebay and they sold right away. I like Bonazle but they just are not a household word yet. Soon I hope!!!
Dan DesMarais on 21:26 7 May
Hopefully they will use some of the money for national advertising to attract more buyers.
wayne on 22:02 7 May
I have a Bonznale store and a ebay store for over a year now. Same items, same prices. I sold one item on Bonznale just about a week ago, First in over a year. I have sold over 700 items on my ebay in the same time. Bonznale might be cheaper, but that doesn't matter if you can't sell anything. I started a store here hoping it would be better than ebay, but with these numbers you know which one gets my vote.
Laurie Mckay on 22:55 7 May
I find Bonanzle confusing I have listed 9 products but they are still sitting in the booth.
Lola on 23:17 7 May
I just recently signed up with Bonanzle & have just begun to post a few things. I haven't sold anything yet, but Ebay is pricing the small seller out so even with sales on Ebay, I just can't stay with it much longer. I'm delighted that Bonanzle is getting a boost. I would love to see more auction type set up rather than stores. Good luck Bonanzle!
JOSHUA BARBOSA on 0:40 8 May
bonanzle can expend a 3 million dollars getting the website better, but if the buyers don't know about it, it does not help at all, they should invest a lot in a national advertising. and one million dollars is nothing.
Jay on 3:08 8 May
Hi everyone! I Stopped selling on Ebay seriously a year ago!...But most important I used the My Ebay page to market my personal ecommerce store and did this from day 1!Now that the USS Ebay is slowly sinking I am glad I did! I have a database of these customers contact info(with there permission of course)and am able to use my market campaign to explain to them our changes and if you are a good seller then your good customers will follow you . Bonanzle is amazing and I use it to supplement my personal ecommerce store with a Bonanzle banner that takes my customers to my Bonanzle booth in which I sell items on consignment! I wanted to keep the Auction option also because of the excitement it gives the consumer,so I joined and also placed a banner on my ecommerce site that points to my Moneyca auctions. I have found that these 3 components that we have placed are interchangeable and are working MUCH better than when we were just paying Ebay to list and look at our suppliers sell lower than us! My Bonanzle booth picks up sales that my ecommerce store missed! Now I am about 90% convinced that Salehoo will be a valuable tool for us!Since we have been doing OK with the sources we have, but it takes too much time for a small staff to research so many suppliers. Thanks Bonanzle and Salehhoo for the warm welcome!
Mel on 6:46 8 May
It's still comes down to've got to be selling where the traffic is and you've got to be selling products that people want. Listing products on all these new auction sites that are popping up all over the place (I could list at least 20) seems to be just a big waste of your time,money & energy. Be proactive and learn how to write compelling copy for products you know there is a hungry market for - otherwise be content will handing over your $$$$
Renagade on 10:20 8 May
Many are screaming advertising --- People the site, although it is great and stable. needs to be ready for the wave of people advertising will do. The news of Angel Investors already has brought more light onto Bonanzle. The word is spreading about Bonanzle, and word of mouth is the best advertising around. Personally, I feel if half the sellers on Bonanzle would really promote and advertise themselves, it would help. I am Renagade ...on Bonanzle since Beta days
Dana on 13:45 8 May
As several of the above comments stated, very few people know about Bonanzle. Most members have heard of it through viral marketing. Put some of that money into a major marketing campaign. Making the website easier to navigate or creating a better buyer/seller experience won't drive traffic without getting the word out. This should be the number one priority.
Ken on 16:47 8 May
I have been on Bonanzle since last November, I have 91 items for sale ranging from used pc games to new gift items & collectible, yet never have I had an offer or question form any one, although I have plenty of visits & item views, especially when I put an item on Twitter or Facebook. When I check out the other members that have sales, it seems that the only buyers are other Bonanzle store owners, nothing seems to come from any body from the outside. Perhaps being able to do an auction format would bring in outside interest.
SuzLee01 on 17:48 8 May
I have been on bonanzle since last summer, and the only time that I have sold anything at all there was ugly christmas sweaters in Nov. and Dec. The site is good, i have no complaints but they need to spend that 1 million dollars on national advertising. To overcome ebay's marketshare, they have to get themselves out there.
Lisa French on 2:22 9 May
Fabulous! Love Bonanzle! Making sales, promoting & sharing as we speak!
Arise Gifts on 13:16 9 May
I started selling on Bonanzle after things had slowed on eBay. I sell regularly and at good prices...many overseas sales and have never had a problem. Customer support is great...friendly and funny! I recommend Bonanzle to everyone I meet that sells online.
Alice Delore on 21:19 9 May
Sounds like most of you agree that Bonanzle should put more resources toward advertising and getting more buyers to the site.

I tend to side with Renegade; before Bonanzle can go attracting thousands of new buyers, they need to ensure that the site can handle that kind of influx.

The good news is, I suspect that with them hiring new developers and UI specialists, they are heading in that direction :)
Alice Delore on 21:26 9 May
@ Allen,

All fixed :)

Thanks bud!
Smooch on 12:36 10 May
I only sold one item out of 12 I had listed on Bonanzle....bummer.
john dale on 6:26 11 May
Been on Bonanzle since before CHristmas with two stores. Had to offers but no sales. I have one store with eCrater and have sold a half dozen items. TO me, Bonanzle comes across as a community for sellers buying from each other. The order system is bugged with, have to approve orders, before they go through. One should be able to purchase immediately.
Marc on 13:29 12 May
I've heard a few people complaining about the lack of auctions on this site. Bonanzle don't need nor should they ever allow auctions on their site. Auctions will not increase your sales ie.. ecrater. Ecrater doesn't use auctions and most sellers are quite satisfied with the amount of sales they get. Learn how to market yourself and you will get sales. Fixed pricing is what separates Bonanzle from other sites. There are plenty of auction sites out there so stop complaining and go there and sell!! In order for Bonanzle to continue to stand out from the crowd they must remain a fixed price site.
Marc on 16:25 14 May
I heard a few people complaining about the inability to have auctions on Bonanzle. This is what separates bonanzle from other auction sites they have found their niche (fixed pricing)and they ought to stick with that. Ecrater seems to be doing well without auctions. It comes down to your ability to sell your product by finding way creative ways to do so. Having an auction won't help you sell anything.
mermaid on 12:48 20 May
i have only sold a few items there in a couple of years, but it is so easy to use...yippee
Dallas Mr on 23:24 27 May
How it should be spent: 1) Advertising 2) Bug Fixes 3) Auctions 4) Other Stuff
Jeebee on 19:25 13 Sep
I PRAY that they use some of that money for national commercials on TV. Seriously, that's ALL that they need to rocket them off the ground. This website has SO much amazing potential it's INSANE. Last year, I could barely google anything on Bonanzle. This year, when I googled alternatives, Bonanzle is popping up all over the place. Sales are STILL slow, but they ARE actually moving now...someone who may have only sold 5 things on Bonanzle, per month, before, may now be selling 50. I know it's not a lot..but as you can's QUICKLY rising. I am so fed up, as a seller, on eBay. It's wreaking havoc on my mental health...very depressing...causing me stress and anxiety I have never experienced before..and I'm still practically broke. I feel as though they treat their members like DIRT and justice really is never served. As a buyer, for the most part, eBay probably isn't seen in an evil light..but try selling a few things and it will show you their true colors. It's been a NIGHTMARE selling on eBay.
Michael75065 on 23:04 13 Sep
if they don't do any natrional advertising this place will never be any good
Helen Kiragu on 8:00 16 Feb
I did extremely well in sales on eBay during the month of November & December 2010, and paid quite a lot in fees to eBay. By the 2nd week of January 2011, things started cooling down and, eBay started giving me headaches on my account with some unrealistic reasons. I am glad to see the reviews on I just signed up on Salehoo, and hope to start selling on Bonanzle platform. Hopefully I will have a better experience here. Any advise on how i can run successful sales on Bonanzle would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading your comments or suggestions.
Mary on 16:01 17 Feb
Thanks for the alternative for eBay. I needed another site to sell my items on since eBay limits me the amount of items allowed to sell per month. Doesn't make sense. I will now try out Bonanzle.
Ned on 14:32 2 Oct
Gave Bonanzle a try for a 6 months but no sales for me, back to Amazon I go :( .
Bonanza refused to approve my booth on 1:07 29 Mar
After I read all the good things about this site Bonanza, I went in and posted just one item: an iPhone. I made sure I declared it was a copy or a rendition of the real iPhone. This way no one gets it in the mail and says well you never said it was a copy. They also asked I give them a credit or Debit card cause it eliminates fraudster. I complied did everything as they said. Then the real drama started. They asked what I meant by copy or rendition and that I needed to explain that and take a survey before they could approve my Booth. They asked if I ever sold an iPhone before like there was a pre-requisite to sell anything legal online.Then they asked how I was getting the iPhone, was it from my garage, where as I had said it was brand NEW. They just e-mailed and said sorry they will not approve me, cause what I am selling is not in accordance to the things they are selling. I had browsed the site over 50 percent of the items are phones! Can anyone tell me where I will go to report Bonanza for discrimination? M. Brown.
Irene Vallejo on 22:08 2 Apr
@M.Brown : It was in Bonanza's policy that fakes /replicas of brand name products are prohibited - [url= ]Bonanza[/url]
Wanda Kurdian on 2:58 8 Jul
Which came first - Bonanzle or Bonanza? People would be more inclined to type Bonanza because that's a word they know. I thought they were both the same until I read this Blog.
Irene Vallejo on 3:17 9 Jul
@Wanda: It was a new Bonanza for the old Bonanzle. They have posted this name change at :)
Tenoras on 17:51 1 Jun
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Joyce's Variety Shop on 0:09 21 Apr
Go Bonanza! Joyce's Variety Shop likes so many things about it over eBay. Like eBay gives free listings but if they don't sell in 60 days they drop off and you lose your listings.Then you have to take photos and relist all over again. We don't have to worry about that with Bonanza. Advertising yes please. We have our own website but don't sell direct. All of our listings are pointed at Bonanza. We can also lower our price and make the same margin because of the lower Bonanza fees.Bonanza needs to promote that the same sellers that are on eBay who are dedicated to providing good service, good products and fast shipping are on Bonanza too at good prices.


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