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Bonanza: An exciting eBay alternative

Its traffic chart on Alexa shows an impressive increase over the last three months and looks like the trajectory of an aircraft taking off, an image that would excite the most jaded seller. It’s got a rabid, extremely loyal core of sellers, and it gets great coverage in both the press and social media networks. So is Bonanza the eBay killer we have been clamoring for?

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider selling on Bonanza. 

  1. See one item, see ‘em all. Bonanza says buyers can see up to eight other items prominently featured when they click into a listing. This is inaccurate. Bonanza actually cross-promotes 10 of your items, giving the visitor more opportunities to make a purchase (or perhaps even two!).
  2. Offers on your terms. Bonanza allows users to communicate directly to sellers to haggle terms and prices. This social-networking paradigm departs from eBay’s auction model, and encourages a more community-centric feel to the Bonanza experience. There is an internal messaging facility so that buyers can chat with sellers when they are online, and the system now interfaces with external messaging platforms such as Gmail Chat, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN. This demonstrates Bonanza's understanding that commerce is a social activity, and buyers and sellers ought to be able to communicate with each other freely and directly. It’s a new paradigm, and sellers used to eBay’s “big brother” administration may still be getting used to the idea.
  3. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Bonanza charges absolutely nothing for starting up a booth and listing items and they collect only a tiny commission on sales. If I sold at shirt for $30 Buy it Now on eBay, I’d end up paying $3.95 in fees. But if I sold that same shirt for $30 on Bonanza I’d pay just $1 in fees. That’s a pretty significant saving!
  4. Importers. You can easily import your items from eBay and Craigslist. No-brainer here!
  5. Price Guesser. This tool means you’ll never make listing price mistakes again. When adding items to your booth, you can use it to grab product descriptions and the prices of three similar items on Amazon.
  6. Picture Cropper. Another time-saving device, the built-in image cropper lets you edit photos on the fly to speed up your listings. It’s a simple tool that offers a simple, specific benefit. But its impact is significant enough to have some users wondering why no one else thought of this before.
  7. Go from “want it” to “possess it” in minutes. A small but significant innovation is that sellers can specify pick-up times in their listings to add more certainty to the transaction process.
  8. The miraculous one page, one minute item post. The listing process is easy to use, painless, and the output is clean, easy to read, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. And when you’re done, you get all the standard niceties like online chat thrown in, without any added cost or effort.
  9. Chat while shopping. The internal chat system means it’s absolutely impossible not to build relationships with your buyers. As one blogger puts it, the difference between Bonanza and eBay is that on eBay, customers purchase items from eBay. On Bonanza, buyers buy directly from you!
  10. Bonanza! This is the online equivalent of big sale events used by traditional bricks-and-mortar shops to generate buzz and traffic. Bonanza understands the hype value of a good old fashioned sale and made it a prominent feature in its eCommerce platform.

There’s a reason Bonanza is experiencing tremendous growth. Well, ten and a half reasons, actually. But it all boils down to a simple business model that promotes communication and builds trust among members, a simple interface that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to use, tools that make simple things even easier, and reasonable rates. So far, people are happy - and it shows.

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SherAhnn on 3:08 20 Feb
I have been a member of Bonanzle since Oct 2008. I have seen the fantastic growth in just a few months. They say old fashioned "Customer Service" is gone, but not on Bonanzle ! The interaction with customers is super ! And even if you are working somewhere else on the internet the Instant Message feature lets you know when someone enters your booth. You can choose to go help them, or just welcome them and let them browse. Have to say my Kudos to Support as well. Attention to any user problem is handled promptly and friendly by the owners themselves. You couldn't have a better set up that this. Sher
missjonie on 6:57 20 Feb
The BOYZ have created a simple online selling site giving the seller much freedom so we can concentrate on OUR Booths and OUR listings and OUR specfics It is so wonderful to not have the pages and pages of rules and regulations that keep getting revamped and updated leading sellers to complete frustrations the bonz WE are free to be as WE desire and it feels great you will see that as well planes!
Kathy F on 13:02 20 Feb
I quit selling on eBay last Sept. and it is the best decision I have ever made. I joined Bonanzle a couple of weeks ago. Bonanzle is in a class by themselves. If you want a caring and vibrant community Bonanzle is the place to join. The forum is great and I love being able to talk to customers in real time. Kathy
Eruwan Gerry on 8:19 22 Feb
Bonanzle still has a long way to go to prove itself in terms of capability and community. I'll wait to see what happens next.
John (aka bacpro) on 18:26 23 Feb
Hi Recently I discovered Bonanzle & I'm very impressed. I'm so sick of ebay & its policys, that Bonanzle is welcome site. I just hope that I start getting some sales. There are so many alternatives to ebay and the whole problem is traffic, I hope this works out. Thanks JOhn (aka bacpro)
TimeWize on 16:15 27 Feb
Thx for the heads up on Bonazle. I'm not ready to switch from ebay yet, but was impressed with Bonz.
Alilbirdy2 on 7:42 28 Feb
I have been with Bonanzle since Oct. 2008. I had a problem getting the Google DataFeed to work. Co founder of Bonanzle, Mark Dorsey, fixed it for me personally. Where do you get customer service like that ? Not only do they personally take care of their members on Bonanzle, they also visit the forums and chat. They let us know what they are doing. Where else do you get that ? I had my doubts about this Bonanzle site when I joined, but after being there and seeing all the positive things, as well as the small commission fee, and all the goodies they have built into the site, I decided I had made the right move. I don't have to worry about listing fees, or adding more images at a cost, I can upload 4 images at no cost. I can also add more images inside the description area if I want to. I can communicate with the buyers and the sellers. I am Both buyer and seller, and so far I have had a good Bonanzle experience no matter what I am doing. For those who do not want to check out the Bonanzle site all I can say is Good luck, I found my new home and I have planted my roots there.
kashmir31 on 8:44 28 Feb
I've tried a few other selling sites, and I'm so glad I tried Bonanzle! Definitely by far my favorite place to buy and sell. The site is fun and easy to use. I've been spending the most time there now, and have more of my inventory there than anywhere else. And when I want to shop, Bonanzle is the first place I look now as well!
John (aka bacpro) on 9:33 28 Feb
I opened my booth a few weeks ago & hope it works out. So far no sales & no inquiries YET! O'Well. John
Tom Murphy on 11:06 28 Feb
Those new sellers on Bonanzle are currently meeting and exchanging ideas, selling tips, and general online selling information at a new Network called "The Bonanzle Network" or TBN. You can find it, and join in if you are a Bonanzle Seller, by visiting Tom
dogdug on 7:03 5 Mar
i like your blog very much,i think your blog is excellent! very super! i will come to see you next time!
Craig on 11:53 10 Mar
Has anyone ever used or How does Bonanzle compare? Thanks, Craig
alex on 14:38 10 Apr
this is awesome , i think the only reason why ebay was so popular is that, there wasn't a lot of alternatives out there . now competition will be in all buyers side . like t-mobile and Metropc now . i think honest competition is what we need in this market so we can have better fees and better choices
phillip hill on 14:37 21 Apr
After eBay, I've been on Bonanzle [], iOffer [] and Wigix [] and they've all been great!
Jerry Whitney on 16:48 9 May
ebay is still King in the online auction world, but efleaa is the crowned Prince, heir to the throne. We are efleaa, We are You.
S on 14:48 25 Jun
Sounds like an online garage sale.
ccfashions on 20:51 2 Aug
I am fixing to try this website out, tired of ebay robbing all my profits on fees. They are so worried about there buyers but not concerned when a seller contacts them with an issue. Hope this website takes off and leaves ebay in the dust.:)
Norma on 7:26 6 Aug
well if bonanzle sounds like an online garage sale, then I'm selling super well there:) I highly recommend this site. selling there better than any other place ever! and easy to set up too. and fees are reasonable. ~Norma
cb on bonanzle on 23:56 7 Sep
Bonanzle has other marketplace beat on certain features. I do believe that in time, Bonanzle can be bigger than ebay.
Momspennies on 9:10 8 Sep
Been with Bonanzle nearly a year now...I would have to say, I have morphed into the venue and you couldn't carve me out if you tried. To me, there is only one place to be. I have every reason to believe that Bonanzle will be a force to be reckoned with very soon. Just over a year old and we are so close to having 100,000 members. Wow! THe progresion has come on quicker than it did when eBay was young. If you haven't checked it out should. Get in on the ground floor...the train is leaving and we'll squeeze in and add more cars for you. You may come to buy or sell, but the friendliness of the community is what will hook you. Looking forward to meeting you soon!
me on 23:33 30 Sep
Hey yeah lets join bonanzle where you say and do what ever you want to anyone. sell to each other. call people all sorts of names and just run wild and pretend its the best acid trip that has come out of the west coast. LOL ebay alternative hey west coast come out come out where ever you are LOL. what a bunch of west coast hype the site is slow, and after a all most of what 2 years and items in your shop just disappear and not cause they sold. sell at bonanzle? LOL another west coast joke and how is bonanzle who is not an auction site be an alternative to an auction site ebay? can't you bloggers get a real story going? oo they pay you a percentage from bonanzle. I seen that up over there where you can advertise at places like this on the net for a fee from your so called sales LOL. you know that more than half those shops or booths at bonanzle are closed. they just never took them down right DUH WHA!!! LOL west coast is so hip I really LOL LOL cheeeeeese you internet bloggers are starting to sound like FOX NEWS gimme me a percentage Ill say anything OK just tell mark hes cute and bill hes a hunk and your in at bonanzle
AnnaMarie on 7:16 10 Dec
I bought something on this web site, Bonanzle, and it turned out the seller was bogus. I had my money stolen because I bought the item with a Visa gift card and they do not replace stolen funds! This web site is responsible and should pay me back my money but so far has ignored my requests. Beware of what you buy and who you buy from, this web site can NOT be trusted. There are thieves on this site waiting for suckers.
ugg boots on 2:29 27 Jan
I bought something on this web site, Bonanzle, and it turned out the seller was bogus. I had my money stolen because I bought the item with a Visa gift card and they do not replace stolen funds! This web site is responsible and should pay me back my money but so far has ignored my requests.
Brandi on 23:44 12 Mar
I've been selling on Bonanzle for about 5 months now and I love it. Fees are almost nothing, people are really great and helpful (even when you don't ask), and its simple. I think Feebay is taking a dive and Bonanzle might just make it to the top.
Mele on 6:32 3 Apr
Why aren't you folks using the sites on ansak and ecrator and blog to your site? My niece is pulling her items off eBay and listed it on ansak. KyWahine Treasures. She is small time but makes some money to help with the groceries. So why not go to free stores?
fahad malik on 18:05 20 Apr
No hope for indian seller.its far better that ebay but ebay is more user friendly to buyer as well as seller.yet ebay run to cutoff profit margin of seller,and making buyers happy but still i have to use ebay for selling the products.:-(
Sheera on 18:12 27 May
OMG... Bonanzle is the best site ever, i never wanna go back to amazon and ebay, as they are the gangsters of online selling world. i am sooo impressed by this site, as soon as i opened an account the users starded welcoming me, each time i login i feel that i am on the best place here. Way to go Bonanzle
paul Cost on 9:53 10 Jun
Any Assie sellers used Bonanzle or is it a US based sight only?
Dee on 22:07 22 Jun
I have been with Bonanzle, since February 2009. I am very pleased with the results. Since I was a first time online seller it was very nice to have a community that made me feel welcome. They have just won Seattles Best boot strapped company, had angel investors of one million and have Dan Shapiro (formerly of Photo bucket) on board. It is very difficult in this economy to determine any particular online selling venue. However, in reading various forums it seems like everybody is complaining about one thing or another. No sales, etc. etc. However, no matter what, unless Bonanzle drastically changes I am a lifer. I am there to build my business and to help them build theirs. I feel a great sense of community, professionalism and just down right good business sense, happening at Bonanzle. I do believe in a couple of years, or sooner, Bonanzle will be right up there with the biggest of them. In a word Bonanzle is a great place to be.
ralph on 12:24 29 Jun
I had 2 "booths" on Bonanzle since almost day 1. Business was non-existente, I closed 1 "booth" down. Kept the other "booth" open because it doesn't cost me anything. Yes the customer service is great (for now) This place is actually nothing more than a big chat room, people want to show you pics of their pets,grand-kids and asking for prayers for their dear pets or their ailing loved ones. This alone turned me off and of course you have your KING and Queen of the posters (gag) people think that they are making life-long friends on here in my opinion just a bunch of lonely people who don't know how to use my space. So don't believe all that you read about this place, for me there was no money to be made. The 1 "booth" that I shut down because of no sales I put all of the items (all similar) on Craigslist and sold everything in 5 days but while on Bonanzle I made 1 sale in 1 1/2 years. Maybe in a few years it may be the place to sell but not right now.
Cj on 21:45 1 Jul
Bonanzle needs to stop allowing people to offer Free Stuff, it junks up the place and makes it look cheep. I have been on Bonanzle for 2 months and nothing, I can't even find my own thing in the search I don't know how a customer could. They have a long way to go to make buying easy.
ralph on 19:33 12 Jul
I have had 2 now 1 booths as they are called on here almost since the week they opened up for business. I now have just 1, reason is because after all this time I think that I sold 3 items and they were to members on there. Yes my items are diverse and very low priced. This place is nothing more than a big site for the sellers to chi-chat about how cute their grandbabies are or please send prayers for our sick 30 year old dog or cat. Seems that the sellers have a pecking order on there by who can post the most nonsense and worthless dribble, the more you post the higher you are. The one thing that I will give them is that their customer service is very very good and of course their selling fees are great. But if you can't sell anything then its not so great. Yeah I also sold on eBay since the day that hardly anyone showed a picture of their items (that was before all the scams) I probably still would sell on there if they didn't keep raising their prices and changing their rules in mid-stream. And don't even get me started on Pay-Pal (pal yeah right, pay yes) But back to Bonanzle , since it doesn't cost anything to list you might as well give it a try but don't expect much in the way of sales.
Paul Hereford-Smith on 2:40 29 Jul
I am new here and have just been done over by Ebay for around $380.00 AUD for sale that did not go through and yet they their commission fees. Sick of trying ask them to take it off the final fees owed and they just keep sending even more invoice. this was my first and last time selling there.Nothing but a bunch of idiots who do not understand plain English. They say I cannot delete any of it until its paid in full, and then the other will be credited to my account. I do not want the credit because I will not be there but that is so hard for them to understand. My actual fees come to around $248.00 AUD which I do not have a problem paying them but no they want it all. Think hell will freeze over before that happens. Just in passing the so-called buyer was a scammer. I was smart enough to figure that out even before Ebay did.........
Carleton Hoffman on 16:05 13 Aug
i had one very frustrating experience with Bonanzle that demonstrated to me that neither the seller nor Bonanzle management had respect for the potential customer. i was surprised and very much disappointed to find that they wouldn't bother to contact the unresponsive seller or straighten out a simple problem.
personal loans on 18:22 25 Aug
Hi buddy, your blog' s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!
commercial loans on 15:04 27 Aug
Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work
Andy on 21:11 14 Oct
Bonanzle looks good, however, like on nearly all eBay "alternatives" you get absolutely NO sales. I have items in my store there already since July and I did not make any sale at all.
Gerard Barbier on 17:19 16 Nov
It is now called BONANZA, enough with the Bonangle already. Nov 2010
Richelle Monfort on 23:10 16 Nov
Hi Gerard Barbier, Yes, we know the site name has been changed unfortunately we cannot change the blog title though :( But thanks for pointing that out! Cheers
David and Peggy Green on 18:03 25 Nov
Hi everyone. Just wanted to drop by and say hi, been reading some of the posts, and I think maybe I can be of some help. Bonanza is a fantastic site to do business on, simple and easy, user friendly. In a short while, I do believe it is going to blow right past eBay. We have 4 booths on Bonanza, and probably will open 2 to 3 more very soon..each selling its on niche of items. Unfortunately, we are a powerseller and top rated seller on eBay, which by the way, means nothing to About the post by all comes down to how serious do you take your business, and believe me, it's hard work to operate an online ecommerce business. A lot of times, the problems that you might expect the site host to take care of, you have to take care of yourself..customer follow-ups, personal phone calls, follow-up emails etc., especially when there is a problem with the customer. Customers like and need to be kept up to date about their purchases, problems, returns etc. They are looking for personal service, and you need to give it to them if you want your business to succeed. In business, there are times, a lot of times, when you have to take control, which you really should have in the first place, and take care of the problem yourself, no matter what it is. Make follow-up calls like " Hi, we just wanted to know how you like your item that you purchased, are there any problems?". Or.."We just wanted to make sure your item arrived safely and on time". Always contact the customer when there is a problem, don't wait for some one else to do it for you..bad business. Keep a "Follow up" folder in your email program to keep track of all the followups you need to be aware of. Take the bull by the horns, take control, and I am sure things will go a lot smoother for you. Have a Blessed Day everyone.. Dave Green - Proprietor Forever Looking Up Home and Garden Delray Beach, Florida
Wholesale on 11:44 29 Nov
Hm I have analyzed Bonanzle and found out that at last eBay has a worthy competitor but their is one thing that I am afraid about is that at start such online malls perform really well for the both buyer and seller but with the passage of time the activity increases many times and at that stage it becomes difficult for the management to control everything and maintain the quality so let's see can they handle it or not. Regards its David from
Gaby on 11:39 1 May
Can Australian sellers use Bonanzle?
Irene Vallejo on 0:45 2 May
@Gaby: Yes, if you register at their site, Australia is among the dropdown list for countries. :)
Karen on 4:28 27 Apr
hi Gaby I tried to open a Bonanza booth and it doesnt seem to want to work for me - any advice to help further?
Melissa Johnson on 15:58 27 Apr
Hi, Karen!

In this case you are probably better off contacting Bonanza support directly. There's simply too many variables for us to effectively help you troubleshoot, and their support team should be able to give you a much better answer. =)
Parul Sharma on 4:49 29 May
With ebay making major changes in fees, charging more from the sellers and putting a restriction on the minimum resolutions required to upload the product's photo.. I believe the best would be to look for an alternative which is best in the competition and which allows you to keep all your earning to yourself and not share it. Where sellers can: 1. Create Free listings 2. No Transaction Fees 3. Auto sync with ebay..carry all your listings from ebay along with the ratings and feedbacks in just a click. 4. Free integration with Google products (which auto populates the product description form for you, saving your precious time) and Google Shopping (which tells anyone who search on google to buy a product that it is available on our website, which by the way we pay for and provide you the service absolutely free) 5. Payment option like Paypal and Amazon for the most secure transactions 6. which does not allow you to leave a feedback for a cancelled transaction 7. a platform that not only list your products but also organise your customers and market your product in your network 8. a platform where you are just not dependent on ratings but also can leverage your social and professional profiles using log in through facebook, linkedin or google accounts 9. A platform that allows you to know the counterparty and build trust on the basis of work profile, school, college and other such dimensions. 10.Unlike ebay it has just one website (not different website for every country) so you can sell products worldwide and buy awesome products from across the globe as well 11. Unlike Ebay you can upload any resolution image and do not need only high resolution images to upload 12. Last but not the least it is absolutely free And so the website that gives you all this is We have released our beta version and the new website with all these points said above will be launched soon in June, 2013. We request all the sellers to list their product and leave us a feedback to help us improve more and give you a splendid experience of selling online.
fred on 22:30 26 Oct
total waste of time if you ask me . don't even bother list your items there it is completely dead site . don't get me wrong i hate eBay so much to the point that what i hear word eBay i feel i want vomit but believe me i wish bonanza was good as eBay .
Lisa on 2:35 21 Jan
I was thrilled to learn that sellers could start a booth and sell their items for free. Unfortunately it's no longer free (as of 1/20/16). I imported my listings from Ebay and Etsy and added a credit card for payments to Bonanza in anticipation of making a sale. I came to find out that Bonanza charges a monthly fee (billed annually) of no less than $10.00/mo ($120.00/yr) whether or not any sales are ever made. Apparently Bonanza wasn't making enough off of sales and instead of putting the effort into advertising and promotion, they leave that up to individual sellers while charging them monthly fees to ensure that the site makes money whether sellers do or not. When I tried to cancel my account, they gave me error messages, which turned out not to be actual error messages, but a customer retention tactic.

I'm pretty dissatisfied with my experience. Ebay and Etsy have turned into horrible places where it's nearly impossible to compete with huge high volume overseas warehouses so I'm not advocating staying with those sites, but if you're looking for a good alternative, Bonanza isn't it.
Scott on 15:34 18 Jun
Bonanza is dead. Had 2000 items there for 2+ years and sold ~50 items at a discount. I promoted it with business cards in ebay sales, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and word of mouth. People always said " What's Bonanza??!"
They do nothing to advertise, surprising they're still
Brenda Roach on 16:37 15 Dec
Bonanza now charges 9% - might want to adjust the article
Richelle Monfort on 6:34 18 Dec
Hello Brenda,

I tried to look for the write up about the 9% charge on Bonanza but only found that they charge sellers 3.5% of the final offer value and not 9% -

If you could point me towards the right direction so I can update this blog accordingly, I would really appreciate it :)

Talk soon!
Jura lobe on 11:31 18 Jan
What is Bonanzle? Are these reviews made by one person?
Richelle Monfort on 6:56 22 Jan
Hello Jura,

It's not Bonanzle rather - It's a selling platform much like eBay.

darcy on 21:05 23 May
Bonanza is NOT in any way an ebay alternative. It is a dead ghost town with zero advertising no matter what you do here you will lose your mind trying to get traffic that seems to all be blocked from everywhere. especially google! they hate bonanza sellers. this place sucks!
Rhea Bontol on 0:06 7 Jun
Listings are free so it's worth a try getting potential sales volume.


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