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Spotlight On: Ruby Lane Online Marketplace

What is Ruby Lane?

Ruby Lane is another eBay alternative. It offers a platform for you to launch and promote your business. Ruby Lane's focus is on antiques, art, collectibles and jewelry.

Who shops at Ruby Lane?

According to Ruby Lane, their website visitors are well-educated, comfortable buying online and have disposable income. 85% of Ruby Lane buyers are female and 93% are aged 40-70. Furthermore, 58% of users who come to Ruby Lane earn more than $59,000 per year, 35% earn more than $75,000, and 19% earn more than $100,000.

What are the fees like?

Ruby Lane does not take commissions on sales, and shop owners that work their shops, adding items regularly, can use that to their advantage. To set up your shop, you will pay a one-time fee of $100 (includes the first full month maintenance fee), then a $69 monthly maintenance fee. You also pay a one-time listing fee of 19 cents for each item. Discounts on monthly maintenance fees start after 150 items.

How much traffic does the site get?

Ruby Lane gets over 1.1 million unique visitors per month, or more than 36,000 per day.

Sellers on Ruby Lane are reporting good rates of profitability. Using EcommerceBytes, Ruby Lane sellers recently rated Ruby Lane as the 4th most profitable marketplace, and 1st in Customer Support for the past four years.



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Comments (22)

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Joyce Knake on 23:31 15 Jun
Thanks for keeping us abreast of what is going on, on the internet. Sounds like Ruby Lane is going to give the others some competition.
Rob / on 3:57 16 Jun
Thanks Alice for the heads up on Ruby Lane. I will look into it.
Alice Delore on 3:57 18 Jun
You're welcome guys! It's certainly a marketplace to look into. You might want to check out their Facebook Page and see what other sellers are saying about the place - it's a great way to 'spy' before you dive in (on any marketplace!).

Let me know how you go!
Wendy Simons on 21:15 10 Aug
Hi, you say Ruby Lane rates number 4 seller. Can you please say what the top 3 sellers are for antiques?
Georgy on 6:02 26 Jun
This article has definitely sparked my interest. It sounds like like great investment opportunity.
Cecilia Bush on 18:09 28 Aug
Very good article. Great to see numbers and not just opinions! Your effort is appreciated. C.
BWs Vintage Collectibles on 23:47 27 Oct
I took the plunge today, my new shop is in approval request mode. Until the 31st, RL is waiving the $75 fee!! that's right, I put $25 into a fund acct and that's all I was easy, enjoyable, no pain at all....I do look forward to switching from Ebay....I get back with you later! -=brenda BWs Vintage Collectibles
Rube on 15:24 8 Nov
I took the plunge about 1 1/2 weeks ago, paid the $75.00, the $25.00 deposit and put $50.00 into a fund account. I put the required 10 items on line and have been waiting for 4 days to hear from them. I have e-mailed them twice and they have not responded, or even acknowledged that they received the e-mail. They haven't given me negative or positive feedback. They have every bit of information on me, and yet I cannot even get a "back to you later" from them. Anyone else have this problem. If there are issues with quality, photos, terminology,prices etc., I wish they would contact me and let me know. Any suggestions?
beverly ditt4ih on 22:50 17 Dec
I have been a shop owner for 5 years on Ruby Lane and have 1000's of items. Ruby Lane has a flagging system that you have watch for.

some staff person decided that they were going to look at every one of my 550 items.

I was flagged for not showing metal mark clearly 4 times
not adding acid testing to my description

not being able to prove that items were over 20 years old, even thought I purchased them in the 1980's 4 times

and a few others.

this all happened in 3months and now they are threatening to close my shop.

also, if you do not list daily, your items will be pushed to the back of the listings.

they use to be a great site for sellers, but no more.

and by the way ,, many other sellers can have the same issues but Ruby Lane is not concerned with those shop owners.
They have targeted me for some reason.
Patricia on 20:39 13 Nov
Thank you for your honesty. I have been contemplating dropping eBay totally. I have thousands of vintage lingerie items in my inventory and they are now putting the sellers that do NOT offer refund and guaranteed arrival postage at the bottom of the search. This is NOT fair....I have been selling for 22 years. They are really trying to drive the old people from their site. Looking for something different. I want to thank you for your frank comments. I feel this is not what I am looking for.
Helen on 17:16 10 Jan
These are things you don't see upfront, thanks for telling us. I just could not afford the maintenance and setup fees, as we are just starting out and do not have 80 items (yet).
Norma on 20:57 29 Dec
I have to say that I found the set up process a little complex. When I first submitted my shop I was contacterd by a reviewer within 2 days with some minor changes they wanted me to make. As soon as I had made them I re-submitted and was fully approved within 24 hours. I opened my shop in Mid October and after 12 weeks it has really taken off. I made $1500 over the course of my first Red Tag Sale and have sold strongly there for a new shop. My perception is that although shoppers are savvy and like to bargain you can realistically sell better class merchandise there than you can on eBay or Etsy. I will certainly be giving my shop at least 6 months before I make a decision as to whether to continue.
Serge on 10:01 20 Feb
Hello Norma - I have opened a shop on Rubylane and managed to sell 2 items so far - I would love to learn from you and increase my sales- How can we be in touch ?
antiques road trip on 23:22 17 May
Hi, I've been selling on Ruby Lane since December, 2012. While I did well during the most recent Red Tag sale, day to day sales are few and far between. I have over 100 listings, and in 4 months have only sold 24 items. The jury is out on whether I will remain here, but at the moment a $64 monthly fee is preferable to the $800+ monthly fee on ebay. I have yet to do the math to determine if hoarding (RL fixed price) or flipping (eBay auction) is more profitable....
Georgia Cain on 20:08 19 Oct
I think Ruby Lane is the last resort in Antique buying and selling. The prices of items are outrageously high and is this because of the monthly fees? I don't know where the sellers are basing their prices on because I think 90% of Ruby Lane's sellers are not selling. Buyers will resort to Ebay where you can get the best deal whether you are buying, selling or flipping.
melisss on 2:43 12 Nov
As a seller not good. And the returm policy for dealers is not good. Buyers have all the power. I will keep trying but so far not good.
Debbie on 6:23 15 Aug
I like Ruby Lane. Having opened a store within the last couple of months I have had steady sales while building up my inventory of stock. I had been heartily sick and tired of Ebays endless rule changes and poor treatment of sellers, so I appreciate that Ruby Lane treats it's store holders as customers. There is a lot of help and advice to assist in getting your store up and running the images look great, and the whole site exudes quality. As with anything, what you gain from the site is proportionate to what you put in, but for dealers in antiques and collectables I believe it knocks Ebay into a cocked hat. Sellers stock is vetted prior to opening and buyers can have confidence too. I wish Ruby Lane continued success.
Jack Hardy on 21:12 31 Mar
"I bought an item from Cat Roe from Coyote Moon Antiques. The seller refused to send the item after realising the value of the item. I'm outraged and disgusted with RubyLane for allowing sellers such as her. If you find an item you want, don't buy from RubyLane. The sellers will check the value of the item the moment you buy it and you could find yourself with no item at all. VERY DISAPPOINTED "
Cat Roe on 23:41 5 Jul
I'm sorry you are disappointed, Jack. You have made an assumption that I refused to send the item to you after realizing the value of the poster you wanted to purchase. However, as I tried to tell you, the opposite is true, as I found out that the poster was a reproduction and you were quite adamant that you were looking for an original. At that point, I could not just send it to you so that you could return it to me. Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake.... Cat
Kat on 4:21 19 Mar
Oh please any seller knows what their pieces are worth , so I believe the seller on this one.
Karen lee on 3:23 14 Jul
This is an interesting article. I've only shopped from RL and all transactions have been great. I was thinking about doing either RL or eBay at some point in the future so I'm glad that in addition to the article that there are comments from sellers.

I couldn't figure out how to leave comments on RL so I just wrote the sellers. Most people are just trying to make a little money so even if there is a small issue on eBay or etsy, I always give the best reviews to help bolster their business because most of the power is with the buyer. I've heard horror stories about people complaining and pretty much wanting something for free.
Scott Rossow on 22:16 20 Jun
Redpectfully, why does your fee information for Ruby Lane not match the information on their website? They say $100 set up, 19cents per item, and $69 a moth for the first 80 items. So, where did you get your info?
Justin Golschneider on 11:19 21 Jun
Hi Scott! This article was published in 2012, so it's not surprising that some of the prices have changed.
Diedra Bloomer on 1:14 3 Sep
I'm a bit confused because I was just on Ruby Lane to see about selling there and one of you have the wrong numbers. It tells me there is a one time fee to set up a shop of 100 but you say 75.00. It say's I pay .19 cents per item to list and a monthly fee of 69.00 of up to 80 items ( more items more money) actually I will paste the following from their site: After an item has been listed, from the next month on, Maintenance fees are calculated and charged on the 1st of every month as follows;

The first 80 items are included in the minimum $69, then:

81-150 items is 30 cents per item
151-1000 items is 20 cents per item
over 1000 items is 1 cent per item
I really want to find a better place for my better antiques than eBay, where we all know you just can't get close to what they are worth. Any suggestions???
Justin Golschneider on 12:45 5 Sep
Hi Diedra! This blog was written a few years back, so a few things have changed, like the prices as you've pointed out. This article is more up-to-date and should have some worthwhile options for you:
Kalpesh on 16:38 3 Dec
The seller fees on ruby is too high
Helen on 17:14 10 Jan
Ruby Lane is very expensive for the small shop owner. The setup fee is $100.00, the monthly maintenance fee is $69.00. The per item sell up to 80 items is $.19 each. I really cannot tell the difference from Etsy ($.20 each item, only charge) and Ruby Lane? Not a good deal for a start up shop.
Jackie Olson on 20:11 25 May
I have had a shop On Ruby Lane for 6 years! I am very happy to recommend Ruby Lane as a platform for selling quality antique and vintage items. At Ruby Lane, buyers are sophisticated and not shy about laying down good money for good items. The expectation of quality genuine offerings brings serious buyers. No more giving things away on EBay! Shops do experience slower times through the year but that's just online sales. All sites experience this. Overall Ruby Lane offers steady sales and a great reputation.
Sigmund on 16:06 3 Aug
My own experience with RL. We opened and closed our shop 3 or 4 times over the last 10 or so years.
Although we did sell items(handcrafted jewelry), but only to cover the high expenses, about $100/m.
And it was happening while we were adding items weekly. Then when we stopped adding, our shop has died. It's just impossible to keep up with adding items daily and even weekly. But our shop on Etsy is doing equally ok, while paying only about $25/m.
So, my advise, stay away from RL. It will ruin your bank account. Period.
3cents on 17:27 26 Jan
Don’t forget that all of Ruby Lane items can be found on eBay for a third the cost.
Richard Sargent on 15:53 20 Mar
I had a shop on Ruby Lane for over 6 years. We were selling many pieces of antique jewelry. We listed a antique 22 kt. gold tiger claw bracelet. And Ruby Lane closed our shop. There are other sellers selling antique tiger claw jewelry all the time and still selling on Ruby Lane. Be careful of other sellers, they will report you, if you are selling more then they are. You can buy from the same sellers on Ebay, Esty and other sites for less. All the dealers sell for less on these sites. If your a dealer best to keep your business on Ebay, Ruby Lane will close your shop, because other dealers will find a way to get you off there. Without us sellers Ruby Lane would not be in business.
Rhea Bontol on 4:04 26 Mar
Hi Richard! I got curious and Google searched "22 kt. gold tiger claw bracelet". Now that I know what it is, I could not be too sure, but I think Ruby Lane removed your item as it violates their policy on selling restricted items. It says on their site that "...items composed of parts of endangered or threatened species like tortoise shell or ivory, is strictly regulated and may require special permits. Selling some animal substances, such as bald eagle feathers, may be subject to complete prohibition. It should be noted that adding the phrase, 'pre-ban' to a listing for such items has no standing or legal merit.". Did they even communicate with you prior to closing your shop with them?


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