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Are You Selling On Bonanza Yet? Learn How in 3 Easy Steps

There's been a lot of interest in the Bonanza marketplace lately, so we've asked them why people should sell there and how to go about it. This post is their answer, outlining what Bonanza is, why people are choosing to sell there, and how get started. 

What is Bonanza? is a fast-growing online marketplace, where sellers offer more than 20 million items — everything from isometric sunglasses to Justin Bieber perfume. Bonanza is a profitable company, in fact more profitable than its closest competitors, Amazon and Etsy. Merchants use our platform to open stores spanning all product categories. We currently empower more than 40,000 entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busywork.

Why Should You Try Bonanza?

Bonanza is one of the top online marketplaces by traffic, so it’s a great place to reach more shoppers and increase your sales. Because getting started on Bonanza is fast and easy — and has a low barrier to entry — most online sellers find that the sales they generate through Bonanza are well worth the relatively small time investment needed to open and run a booth. It’s easy to import any existing inventory from another marketplace like eBay or Amazon. Trying Bonanza is free, too, with no listing fees.
Once your existing inventory is imported into Bonanza, the listings are automatically advertised on multiple websites. The process is seamless: Simply check a few boxes to indicate where you want to capture buyers from. We also offer several unique tools developed by the Bonanza team that make selling online a breeze, whether you choose to sell exclusively on Bonanza or across multiple platforms. 
So, how exactly can you get started on Bonanza? It’s as easy as creating an account, creating or importing your listings, and then tweaking your store for maximum sales.

Step 1: Creating an Account

Creating an account with Bonanza is fast, easy, and free. When you visit, there will be an option to “Register” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Register with Bonanza
From there, you can choose a username and password, enter your email address and zip code, and click “Create Account.” You can also use Facebook or Google Plus to make an account.
Create an account
Once you’ve created an account, you’ll receive an email where you can confirm your account.
confirmation email
After you confirm your account, you’ll be taken to your “My Bonanza Dashboard,” where you can view your purchases, read your messages, leave buyer feedback, and more.
set up

Step 2: List Items in Your Booth


If you already have items to import...

We understand that many sellers choose to sell on multiple websites. That’s why we developed the Inventory Sync: to help you maintain consistency across the sites you use to sell your items. Running a successful online business means you don’t have time for busywork like adding and removing listings on each individual site.
If you already have items listed on another marketplace like eBay or Amazon, you can use our Inventory Sync tool to effortlessly list your items. The Inventory Sync will grab all of your active listings from eBay or Amazon and copy them into your Bonanza booth, with as much detail as it can gather (title, description, price, shipping information, pictures, and category are all usually grabbed). It also runs an automatic sync that imports new listings that have been posted on eBay or Amazon and removes any items no longer sold on eBay or Amazon. If want to import items from Etsy or another marketplace, you can also upload a CSV file for importing.
To use the Inventory Sync, hover your mouse cursor over the "My Store" drop-down menu link on the upper left side of each page, just above the Bonanza logo. From there, select the "Import from eBay" or "Import from Amazon" link from the drop down menu. From there, you can select from Import Options (and Advanced Import Options) and choose the settings that are right for you. 
Import items
Once you select “Import Items,” simply connect your eBay or Amazon account and select your importing preferences. The “Advanced import options” include a lot of settings, but don’t get overwhelmed — the site automatically chooses the options that are best for most sellers.
Copy items from eBay
Import options

If you don’t have items to import...

If you are new to the online selling world, or want to list new items on Bonanza, you can hover over “My Store” in the upper left-hand corner and select “Add or Edit Items” from the dropdown menu.
Add new items
From there, you can add items to your booth and activate it when you’re finished.
Adding items
For sellers who have multiple items to edit at once, the Batch Editor can be a huge time saver. The booth Batch Editor lets you edit groups of items in bunches, rather than having to manually edit items one at a time. It is the best tool for managing your inventory when you have more than a few items. For example, if you want to offer free shipping, apply a discount percentage, or reserve items for a buyer, you can apply these changes to your items in bulk using the Batch Editor. Whether you have 5, 50, or 5,000 items in your booth, editing your items one at a time is tedious. The Batch Editor can change basically any item trait you need to edit, which makes organizing your items easier.
There are a few ways you can access the Batch Editor. You can select the “Update items as group” tab when you are adding items (shown in the previous screenshot). The other main way to access the Batch Editor is to go to the “My Store” drop-down menu in far upper left corner and select “Batch edit items” (in the middle of the menu). You can also click on “Booth” under your “My Store Dashboard” and select “Booth Options.” From there, selecting “Update Items as Group” will bring you to the Batch Editor. There are categories on the left side of the editor that allow you to make several types of changes.
Batch edit items
Update items as a group

Step 3: Perfecting Your Item Listings

Now that you’ve signed up for a free booth and listed some items, it’s time to take your item listings to the next level. Here are 3 quick tips on how to make your products shine:
  • A straightforward item title.
    It’s helpful to put yourself in a shopper’s mindset and think about how you would search for your item. If you’re selling a blue women’s cardigan, give it a title like “Blue Women’s Cardigan.” Titles that have extra words like “Best price!” or “Wow!” might be tempting and flashy, but could hurt your rankings in search engines and decrease your sales.
  • A solid item description.
    Your item description is the perfect place to include any information that could help your shoppers make the decision to buy your product. Sizing charts, shipping policies, and detailed descriptions about your item’s appearance are all great things to include here.
  • Professional item photos.
    When taking photos of your products, it’s important for all the attention to be on the product, not the background. Crazy wallpaper, heavily patterned tablecloths, and poor lighting can be distracting to the shopper. Try using a tool like the Bonanza Background Burner to automatically remove the background of your photos, leaving a crisp, white background that will make your product pop. Using the Background Burner is easy because there is no human intervention needed. Simply upload an image and then download the result with the background removed. If you want to alter the image after it’s been processed, there are user-friendly tools to adjust the final image.
Background Burner
Background burner in action

So: What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learned what Bonanza is, why online sellers choose Bonanza, and how to thrive on Bonanza, you have all the knowledge necessary to open your booth and use our award-winning tools for selling more, faster. Check out this article if you’d like to learn about even more of our custom tools for success. For more information about Bonanza, or if you have general questions, check out our Help Center. Happy selling!

Comments (7)

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Andrew Thomas on 17:48 17 Nov
Unless you have a membership with Bonanza, you will have very low search rankings. The higher level membership one has, the higher search rankings one will receive.
Mills on 0:29 9 Mar
Hi Andrew,

I'm also a seller on Bonanza and without a paid membership account. The key to selling well on your account without paying too much in fees is to constantly refresh you booth with new items. Each time you do this, the search engine registers that you have new content and bumps you up a bit in visibility. If you do a big product dump and never touch your account again, it's going to be hard to get traffic to your booth.

Of course, as with anything in life, the free route is only going to get you so much success. We're in an age where everyone needs to pay money to make money. :/

I use Bonanza to diversify my selling channels. If your sales on Bonanza is enough to at least cover your monthly fees, keep the account. If you have a free basic account with them, well, might as well keep it. It's simply is not good to have all of your eggs in one basket (eBay), especially when the transition from eBay to Bonanza is so easy with its import tool.
Suz on 1:47 22 Nov
Yes I agree with Andrew.
I had many items on Bonanza and very rarely made any sales. My items did better on Ebay so I closed my Bonanza shop.
elsa on 5:22 24 Nov
so do you think is worth it for uk sellers pls
Melissa Johnson on 21:29 25 Nov
It's hard to say, not knowing what you sell or what your policies are. A lot of factors play into how likely someone is to succeed in a marketplace.

That said, Bonanza is incredibly low-risk for sellers, so there's nothing to stop you from giving it a try!
Marquesha Martin on 23:04 14 Jan
Hello Andrew...I registered with Bonanza for free. Now that I know that I have to buy a certain level membership to make more sales, I want to know is how much am i spending total to use this site? Ebay to me is a lot less headache but highly competitive.
Industryplus on 22:30 2 Feb
I have been on Bonanza for month now. Feel its a waste of time. Site is fair to navigate. Listing is easy, learning curves are very apparent. I have been selling on Ebay for 19+ years. Love Hate relationship, but I guess you get what you pay for in somethings. Bonanza was just going to be another avenue but not even a question, contact etc and its been a month. Items are from fashion to industrial equipment. Price range from $35 up to 2K . I knew it would be slow but not this slow.

Still waiting...
lisa on 8:37 27 Feb
Hello, Sorry to message you here but I couldn't find your contact details. I am looking to sell on eBay in the UK. Will your directory help me or is it only USA based with US statistics? Thanks
Melissa Johnson on 21:35 1 Mar
Our SaleHoo directory includes suppliers from all over the world, include those in and who ship to the UK! If you have more questions, you can reach our support team at
Mona on 23:12 10 May
I sell items on Bonanza and the one thing that is driving me nuts about this website. I have a free membership and I do sell frequently. However Bonanza says that they will hit your account once a month and then I find out later on that every time your FEES total between $25 and $100 they automatically deduct money from your account. So make sure that you read their contract in its entirety. Every month I have the same discussion with them regarding this issue. I am truly frustrated by this action and I wont to move to another platform but not ebay. I am searching for another platform as I type this letter to list my items. If Bonanza did not have this current policy they would definitely get a A from me however as it stands now they get an F.


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