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7 eBay Selling Tips



In this lesson, I’ll reveal 7 tips for getting more traffic to your eBay listings so that you can capture more interest from buyers and make more sales.

To make sales in a competitive online marketplace such as eBay you need three things:

  1. Optimize your title keywords
  2. Check your spelling
  3. Ensure your are using the best keywords possible

So to really help you push your sales up, follow our 7 easy tips to getting more traffic to your listings.

Tip #1. Optimize your title keywords. 

Do not pass by this tip thinking you have this sorted - title keywords are absolutely vital to getting buyers to your listings. A huge majority of eBay buyers search for what they are looking for, instead of browsing through categories, so what they type in to the search tool bar has a major affect on whether you get the traffic you need to make a sale. To really make the most of your keywords, focus on using the most relevant keywords first

Tip #2. Check your spelling.

If you misspell, you won't sell! This is because spelling mistakes will not show up in search results so you will reduce the number of people who see your listings by up to 80%

Tip #3. Ensure you are using the best keywords possible

You can use this free title builder to see how effective your keywords are in relation to what people search for. Another trick is to take a look at the keywords that are used by sellers whose auctions rank at the top of the results when you search for your item. 

Tip #4. Offer free shipping.

This helps to shoot you to the top of the search results

Tip #5. Consider your listing's finish time.

Make sure your listing isn't going to finish at 3am when very few people will be awake to view it. You will get more visitors when your listings end at more popular times which will increase the chances of your auction ending in a bidding war - perfect for bumping up the final price

Tip #6. Put links up to your other items and/or store

For example, if you are selling eBook guides, you might list your 'how to stop smoking forever' one with a link to your 'how to lose 10 lbs' eBook as many smokers fear that they will gain weight after quitting smoking.

Tip #7. Price competitively.

To be the #1 seller of your item, you need to price as competitively as possible. In order to do this, you must work out your overall costs involved with selling the item including buying the item, importing the item (shipping and Customs duties and so on), storing the item, listing the item on eBay, then paying the final value fees and shipping the item to your buyer.

Once you know the real cost, you will know what your most competitive price can be, after you take your cut. Keep in mind that if you are in a position to undercut other sellers, it doesn't need to be by much at all to get you the sale.

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I hope these tips help! My advice is to start implementing them, one at a time, until you start seeing results!

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