Hot market idea: Wholesale vases

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Vases and pots are among the hottest selling items in the billion-dollar home decorating market. They are sought after for their decorative value, as well as for functional purposes, primarily as containers. Vases can be found virtually everywhere in homes, as well as in office and commercial environments. While their original intent was to hold plants and cut flowers, they are now used to anchor a variety of materials to add color, texture, and ambience to the surroundings. These include marbles, grains, wood chips, and whatever homeowners or designers can think of. The vases themselves constitute design components, and are now commonly clustered to provide patterns, contrasting shapes and sizes, and color.

Wholesale Vase Variety

Vases come in an astonishing variety of makes and materials. There are traditional clay or stoneware, usually heavy and in earthen tones. There are clear vases made of thick glass, and the delicate and costly crystals. Ceramic vases are usually more elegant and lustrous, while plastic vases are light, inexpensive, and come in all forms, colors, and finishes.

This variety makes wholesale vases an attractive option for your online store. It’s possible to specialize in a specific material or functionality – crystal vases, for example, or vases for long stemmed cut flowers – to differentiate yourself from competitors. Or if you prefer, you can sell the whole range of vases, and provide customers with the pleasure of browsing through catalogues and discovering something they like.

Sources of Wholesale Vases

Suppliers of wholesale vases abound, and can be easily found by searching on the Internet. As with any business arrangement you intend to get into, perform the requisite due diligence, and verify these sources before committing to doing business. Global Sources is an established and reputable link to suppliers and manufacturers in China. Dollar Tree Direct sells wholesale vases in large quantities and discounted prices. Baskets, Containers, & More is a wholesale floral supply company that has been in business since 1995.

Where to Sell Wholesale Vases

eBay store owners selling vases manage a 40% to 50% conversion rate, with profit levels depending on the kind of item being sold. In general, one-off items and collectables sell best on eBay.

Amazon does a roaring trade in gifts and is a great place to sell glass and China vases suitable as presents.

And we urge you to not overlook Craig’s List, which often much more profitable than the above due to no fees! Hundreds of people use this site every day – it’s the 38th most visited site on the internet according to Alexa.

Finally, we’re repeatedly told by dozens of sellers that Atomic Mall is the place to be right now, and it seems that vases get a good proportion of traffic and conversions on the site.

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