How to Make Money Online Selling Children’s Toys

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Tabletop Foosball (20")
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Why dropship toys?

Toys are timeless. As long as there are children in this world, there will be toys for them to play with. The global toy market is worth more than $88 billion, which proves that there’s money to be made if you can identify a profitable niche. There is a global trend towards eCommerce as people prefer to shop online and toys are great products that are in demand all year round.

The other major benefit to dropshipping toys is that the market is constantly evolving and parents are always looking for new options to entertain their children. If you can tap into a new trend there is potential for you to make a lot of money. Despite the toy market being highly competitive and dominated by big brands, dropshipping provides you with the opportunity to test the market and, potentially, build a successful eCommerce business.

How to dropship toys

Once you’ve done your market research, the first thing you need to do is decide what toys you’re going to sell. There’s a massive range of toys on the market from baby toys, to wooden and eco-friendly toys, to figurines, blocks, play tents, and more. It’s much better to choose a specific niche when starting out. You can always expand your product line once your business is more established.

Once you’ve identified a gap in the market or a niche where you can compete, follow these three steps to get your dropshipping journey underway:

  1. Use SaleHoo Labs to find the best toys items to dropship
  2. Browse the SaleHoo Directory to find trusted toys items dropship suppliers
  3. Start selling toys items on your chosen online marketplace

It’s that easy to get started!

How dropshipping toys works

The best thing about dropshipping toys that you don’t need to spend money to make money. You won’t pay a cent until you make a sale. That means you don’t need to place any large orders or store excess stock. This is why dropshipping is such a popular eCommerce business model. Toys are typically quite small, lightweight, durable, and easy to ship, which is an added bonus. Here’s how dropshipping works:

  1. A customer purchases a toy from your online store
  2. You place an order for that toy with your supplier
  3. Your supplier packages and ships the toy directly to your customer

Best toys to dropship

SaleHoo’s powerful market research tool will help you to find profitable toys with high sell-rates and low competition. Remember that one of the keys to dropshipping success is choosing products that will be easy, affordable and safe to ship internationally.

Top-selling toys include:

Education toys: These toys can help to teach children about shapes, words, and mathematics by making it fun and interactive. As children get older, the toys can become more advanced to teach them about music, electronics, and science. They are extremely popular with parents who want to give their children a head start.

Mechanical toys: These are toys that move. Everything from wind-up wooden toys to remote control cars. Mechanical toys tend to be popular with slightly older children - think 4-10 years - but there are varieties that are suitable for all ages.

Dolls and soft toys: These toys have stood the test of time. Children still love to play with dolls and soft toys and just because Barbie is a household name doesn’t mean you can’t compete with your own brand of doll.

Where to find toy dropship suppliers

SaleHoo is the best place to find reliable toy dropshippers. SaleHoo provides easy access to more than 8000 trusted suppliers who stock a wide variety toys for all tastes and budgets. Suppliers are vetted and verified before being added to SaleHoo’s supplier directory, so you can be confident that you’re dealing with a reputable business. With SaleHoo, it takes just a few clicks to choose a toy to sell and get in contact with a quality supplier and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. It’s the easy, safe way for online sellers to source great dropship suppliers.

Why choose SaleHoo?

Save time

Using SaleHoo’s powerful market research lab means you can say goodbye to endless hours of trawling the web for product ideas that you can’t be sure are going to sell.

Insider info

SaleHoo sources sales information from the world’s largest online marketplaces to provide you with up-to-date data on how products are performing.

Easy money

SaleHoo’s simple, streamlined process means you can choose a product, contact a supplier, and start making money online faster than attempting to do it alone.

Since 2005 SaleHoo has helped over 137,000 customers successfully start online businesses on eBay, Amazon and their own online stores.

SaleHoo has more than 215 toy dropship suppliers

How can you get started?
Step 1: Find toys that sell

SaleHoo’s market research lab provides you with insider information about thousands of toys, including their sell rate, average retail price, and competition, so you can choose what to sell with confidence.

Step 2: Contact a supplier

Contact one of our 215 vetted toy dropship suppliers and choose the best one for your needs. You can get started with them right away!

Step 3: Add products to your store

Once you have a great product and a great supplier, it's time to start making money online. Upload your product listings and take your chunk of that $88 billion market share!

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