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Dec 26, 2016
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Creativity allows imagination to become a reality, and no one has been a bigger proponent of that idea than Lego, the maker of the iconic little blocks that have been a staple of childhood for generations. Lego has been around since 1932 and these days the company's huge range of building sets are in demand with kids and collectors alike. 

According to the Lab, 50.59% of online Lego sellers are turning a profit when they list Lego sets. The Wall Street Journal has even reported that Lego had trouble meeting market demand this year due to low supply. With that in mind, there's a good chance of making a tidy sum selling Lego products, given the state of the market.

Let's discuss how we can successfully sell Lego sets online by learning more about current trends:

  1. Popular Lego sets in the market
  2. Online progress of Lego sellers
  3. Ways to list Legos using the right keywords
  4. Extra bonus tips from successful sellers online

We'll use the information gathered through the Market Research Lab and the AffiloTools Keyword Research tool to determine whether Legos are a worthwhile niche to pursue. Let's start with uncovering popular Lego products on the market.

5 Hot-selling lego products on the market

The Lego Group has implemented a smart strategy by dividing its products into separate lines targeting particular consumers. Below are just 5 of the most popular Lego lines.

  • Lego Duplo: Twice the size of traditional Lego bricks, Lego Duplos are designed for preschoolers and other young builders. Their large size prevents the kids from swallowing the pieces.
  • Lego Architecture: These Lego sets highlight iconic pieces of architecture from all around the world.
  • Lego Character Themes: These sets feature popular characters and settings from iconic franchises such as Star Wars, Bionicle, Disney Princesses, Marvel Superheroes, Ultra Agents, and more.
  • Lego Creator: The Creator line revolves around sets that can be built and rebuilt. Each set provides everything you need to create up to three different builds.
  • Lego City: This line of products provides everything you would need in a real city,from assorted buildings to vehicles such as trains, cranes, fishing boats, tow trucks, and so much more.

Why sell lego sets?

You should always do your research before you consider any investment -- especially wholesale products. Luckily, we can use the data gathered from SaleHoo's Market Research Lab to determine whether selling Lego sets could produce a good profit and become a worthwhile endeavor. 

High sell rate

Our target sell-through rate is at least 50%, which indicates that consumers are buying Lego products frequently. A lower sell-through rate means you'll likely have trouble moving your products. The lab tells us that Legos have a sell rate of 50.59%, which is right in our target range. The General Demand section below, it gives you a sneak peak on some popular types that the online market is talking about, giving you knowledge which ones to start selling.

Median selling price

The average selling price for Lego products on eBay is $24.55, but expect this to vary based on the types of Legos you want to sell. You should be shooting for at least a 10% profit margin if you want your efforts to be worthwhile. Some of our wholesalers on SaleHoo offer Lego sets for as low as $9.95, so you could easily sell them at a decent markup, one that gives you a respectable profit margin even after all the sellers' fees.

High competition

There's a huge number of sellers who offer Lego products on eBay: 80,880 of them, according to the lab. We are definitely are up against a big market. But don’t let the competition discourage you. The total number of bids gives us a rough idea of market demand for Lego sets. In this case, we're looking at 572,496 bids on 276,596 listings, which is almost 2 bids per listing! This means that while there's a lot of supply for Lego sets on eBay, there's also a clear demand for this product.

General demand

Using the AffiloTools Keyword Research Tool, let's find out how consumers search for Lego products on search engines such as Google. This will provide information about what the market is interested in as far as products go. The data will also aid you in choosing the right keywords to drive traffic to your site and your listings.

The local search volumes prove that consumers are most interested in Lego character themes such as Star Wars, Ultra Agents, and Marvel Superheroes. Notice that Lego City's trains and cranes are also in demand, with 14,800 and 1,600 searches, respectively. Even Lego base plates are popular, with a search volume of 8,100.

Knowing what the market is looking for can help boost your sales because you know before you invest in any goods which products you should be targeting, and you can avoid ones that shoppers don't show interest in.

Extra bonuses

You can expect a high level of competition from other sellers, and so you need to find ways to get your listings in front of online buyers. You can get around your competition by selling Lego products in bundles. Take Lego base plates as an example: we already know that these base plates are in demand, so try bundling it with a lesser popular set you have to help drive your sales. Another advantage of selling Lego sets is that they're easy to ship. Try offering free shipping, as this strategy is proven to attract buyers to your store.

Over to you!

We have Lego dropshippers which all ship globally and have been verified as safe and legitimate. You can access them instantly here within our directory.

Let us know if you're selling Lego sets online and share your success story with us! Feel free to leave your comments below and let us know if we've missed something.

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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  • Barbara Trigg 16th of January
    It would be really good if there were Australian wholesalers for Legos!
  • Tamra Gebhart-Rudicil 16th of January
    Is there a wholesaler that dropships Legos? Having trouble finding one on your site.
  • Ana Garrido 16th of January
    Thank you very much for such valuable information. I took time researching dropshippers Lego items but I can not find any that do international shipping. You could tell us if there is a Lego supplier in SaleHoo listing with the above characteristics? Kind regards.
  • Richelle Monfort 17th of January
    Hello @goldymcnicol, @joTar and @mybestchance :) Welcome to SaleHoo! I have sent a PM to each of you with supplier links. Sorry I can post supplier links here, but if you haven't the blog actually features 3 of SaleHoo's trusted suppliers. Just be sure to login to your SaleHoo accounts to be able to access the supplier links! All the best!
    • Printies Easter 1st of January
      Hello can you supply a link of suppliers who dropship legos?
      • Vishali 14th of December
        Hello, i need a wholesalers for legos
    • Jamie Hye 14th of December
      Hello Can you send me the link for the lego supplier?
      • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 18th of December
        Hi Jamie and Vishali,

        I can provide links to reputable Lego suppliers in this article, but you have to be a member to view them. You can get access by signing up for the SaleHoo Supplier Directory at https://www.salehoo.com/join-now Cheers!
  • david gill 17th of January
    Well, I was trying to post to the question "has any body had any doings with webstore.com" and i would like to say that it is good. i have sold several items there and lots of lookers...Now I haven't changed the items as much as I do in ebay but it's a good place...and there are people that shop there ..Hope this helps ...Thank you.
  • rhsp28 21st of January
    Hi richellemonfort, Lego supplier #3 seem to be the ideal suppliers for Lego and quite a large number of other products that I would be interested in listing and selling on eBay using their dropshipping service, but from reading reviews written by previous customers I don't know whether to trust that their service has improved enough since 26th of June 2010 to take the risk. And these would only be a handful of the many customers they would have served over this period and there have not been any reviews that are more recent.. But as Salehoo Suppliers how thoroughly would they have been checked out? (Sorry folks but I've been scammed a few times). Regards. rhsp28
  • Mary Vance 21st of January
    Would you please send me a PM with supplier links. TY!
  • Richelle Monfort 23rd of January
    Hello rhsp28 and Jeffcoplaza, @rhsp28: Thanks your feedback! I understand your hesitation in using them, but if you check they have 7 good reviews out of 10 - which still makes them a fairly good supplier. Besides we have not received any serious complaints about this supplier, their products or services. We have other members who mentioned on the forum that they have used this suppliers on one or more occasion without any issues. We take a number of steps to ensure that suppliers meet our rigorous standards before they are added to the database. * All our wholesalers must meet minimum standards of service. Most notably, we insist that suppliers provide secure payment methods so that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, members can always get their money back. * We make anonymous purchases from all our suppliers and then rate them on price, speed, quality and service. * Our three-tiered review system means that you don't only get our opinion on a supplier - you also get ratings from other SaleHoo members and independent eBay powersellers! You don't need to take just our word for it... find out what everyone else is saying, and judge for yourself. * If a supplier receives a poor review, we keep both the supplier and the review in our database to alert other members. We believe that knowing who you can't trust is as important as knowing who you can. @jeffcoplaza: PM sent! All the best :)
  • Kamil 27th of February
    Hi could you please send me a link with suppliers 4 LEGO ? kamil.kepa1@gmail.com
  • Richelle Monfort 28th of February
    Hi Kamil, Sorry but the supplier links are exclusively available to our members only. Once you join SaleHoo you should be able to view the links :) Cheers!
  • zeon 2045 9th of January
    Hi Richellemonfort, Can you also send me the links for those LEGO suppliers too. Many Thanks :)
  • Richelle Monfort 10th of January
    @zeon2045: Now that you're a member of SaleHoo, you can actually view the featured suppliers in this blog. Simply make sure you are logged in to your SaleHoo account when you access the links. Should you have trouble viewing any of the links please let me know right away! Cheers :)
  • pambudi 24th of December

    Thank you for your articlec. very nice. I found many logo supplier in china, but, there are fake model no license. so I could not found original lego supplier ? could you please tell me where is original lego supplir ?

    Thank you
  • SHOGO SHINAGAWA 29th of January
    I want to know Lego supplier #3.But It couldn't when I access the link. Please tell me correct link.
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 30th of January
      Hello Shogoshinagawa,

      Sorry but this supplier has been removed from the directory since they no longer do wholesale/dropshipping. To avoid any further confusion I have also removed them from this blog.

      Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.
      • carlos 10th of July
        Disculpa, Richelle a que le llamas al por mayor , es cuando se puede comprar varios artículos ?, o es por menor , solo uno =1, en dropshiping y si tengo una tienda en Shoppify, el cliente solo desea uno comprar, el precio es por unidad... porque dices al por mayor ?, no entiendo .
      • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 10th of July
        Hi @Carlos,

        Below is a brief description of each supplier type to help you understand and best source your products.

        * Wholesalers - These suppliers buy stock in bulk purchase from the manufacturers at really low rates. The higher the quantity they purchase from the manufacturers, the lower rates they get it for thus, making more room for profit when they re-sell the products.
        * Manufacturers - These suppliers produce the product and as the first link in the supply chain, they are able to give you the best prices. Do note though that when dealing with manufacturers, they require a large minimum requirement (by stocks or purchase price) when you order from them.
        * Dropshipshippers - Dropshippers stock their products with them. Should you deal with dropshippers, you don't need to stock the items with you and wait for a sale. All you need to do is sell the dropshipper's products first and just when you make a sale, you contact the dropshipper and purchase the order on your buyer's behalf, while they ship the the items directly to your buyer's doorstep.
        * Liquidators - They are supplier types that sell products at clearance/liquidation sales. Liquidation sales occur when a store wishes to get rid of stock and liquidize assets for a move, or, when a company has gone bankrupt. Buying from liquidation means you get the chance to buy good quality, near-new, or even new items (even authentic, branded items) at jaw-dropping prices! So when you get these deals on liquidated stores, you get the chance to sell them on eBay at brand new prices, realizing your higher chance for profit.

        You can learn more about them here: https://www.salehoo.com/education/finding-sourcing/multi-sourcing

        Hope this helps.
  • Jonathan Cortes 21st of March

    I recently joined and I wanted to know the three trusted wholesalers as well. I'm definitely interested.
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 21st of March
      Hello Jonathan,

      As a member you should be able to access the supplier links in the blog, just be sure to login to your account before accessing the supplier links.

  • Lynn 8th of September

    Could you please send me the wholesale supplier for lego toys?


    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 10th of September
      Hi, Lynn!

      To get access to our directory of suppliers, you'll need to upgrade your account to a paid membership.
  • John Chan 8th of October
    Hi, Can you send me the lego wholesalers contact?
    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 8th of October
      Hi, John!

      Because you're a full member, you should be able to click on the links in the blog and go directly to the pages, as long as you're logged in. If you have any problems, let me know!
  • sonia kircher 1st of February
    Hello yes can I please have the contact for wholesale suppliers for lego thank you in Australia or other maybe asian countries. Thank you
    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 2nd of February
      Hi, Sonia! Access to the Salehoo directory, and our suppliers, comes with a premium membership.
  • kentstoy 27th of September
    Would you please send me a PM with supplier links. Thanks
    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 28th of September
      Hi, there!

      Our suppliers are part of our wholesale directory, which is available to paid members only. If you'd like to upgrade your account, you should be able to access the information!
  • Cary Smith 3rd of August

    Will you send me links to LEGO wholesalers/dropshippers?

    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 8th of August
      Hi, Cary! You can just click on the "View SaleHoo Listing" link to discover the supplier details and contact information. =)
  • Hui Thing Sim 28th of December
    Hi Can i have the lego supplier link as well? I just joined SaleHoo and i am figuring out how to use this website. Thank you.
  • Kevin Sackett 28th of December
    Where is the link to the exact Lego suppliers in this blog? Are they revealed in a link or do I have to search for them in the directory? I have tried all of the links in the blog but the suppliers are not revealed, unless I'm misunderstanding. Please elaborate. Thank you.
  • Gerald Zimmerman 4th of January
    Hello: I am new to Salehoo, so I have some learning to do. I am interested in the "Lego" products, as my grandchildren are big into it, and that should mean other people are too! You mention that as a full member, which I believe I am since I paid my 'dues", can get the links, but I can't find them anywhere. I suppose they are right in plain view, but I sure can't find them. Can you help me? Gerald Zimmerman
  • Marta Lkhasuren 6th of February
    can you please send me legos supplier ?
    • Justin Golschneider SaleHoo Admin 8th of February
      Hi Marta! I've sent you links to a few of our LEGO suppliers via private message. Happy selling!
  • marc schilder 30th of April
    envoyez moi la liste vers des grossiste lego/dropshippers merci
    • Justin Golschneider SaleHoo Admin 1st of May
      Salut Marc! I've sent you links to a few of our LEGO suppliers via private message. Happy selling!
  • Tai Le 30th of July
    Hi support team,
    I am looking for supplier for Lego and other creative toys.
    Could you plz suggest me some?
  • GILBERTO LÓPEZ 1st of October
    Very good information on e-commerce.
  • Luca 4th of October
    I'm opening an ecommerce about nerd/geek items so Lego will be great products to sell. Can you send me a list of dropshippers for Europe and USA?
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 5th of October
      Hello Luca,

      You can access our directory and the suppliers suggested on this blog once you have joined. If you are ready to get started and access our suppliers you can join here: https://www.salehoo.com/join-now?cid=join

      It's $67 USD for one year, unlimited use of SaleHoo. Cheers!
  • Jonathan Laloz 6th of November
    Can you please send me the list of Lego suppliers in your directory?
  • Bastian Herrmann 3rd of January
    "We have over 15 Lego dropshippers which all ship globally"

    Ok, i'm confused. When i follow the link i find 35 (not 15) sellers. Only 11 of them are dropshippers and none of them sells lego. One is selling sex toys, another one is selling perfume and at least one is not shipping worldwide.
    Is my PC broken or is it your list? Help?!
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 10th of January
      Hello Bastian,

      Thanks for your feedback! The blog was written over a year ago and a lot has changed with the directory so for the updated list of suppliers please please contact our support team directly via support@salehoo.com and they will be more than happy to help you out.

  • Monica Hutchison 26th of January
    Hi There. I am a member and I still can't find the supplier links. Please advise. Thanks!
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 29th of January
      Hello Monica,

      Thanks for your feedback! The blog was written over a year ago and a lot has changed with the directory so for the updated list of suppliers please please contact our support team directly via support@salehoo.com and they will be more than happy to help you out.

  • Khiem Nguyen 7th of February
    Can you provide lego supplier link ? I registered account
  • Ludo Despl 11th of November

    Im looking for a wholsaler of Lego.
  • Sushana Sandal 3rd of January
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  • Gautam Chaudhury 24th of October
    I am interested to join for Business development in India.I am a PWD.
    Gautam Chaudhury
    • Rhea Bontol SaleHoo Admin 19th of December
      Hi Gautam! You can definitely join the full membership to access suppliers and start selling here!