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RC Cars - Monday Market of the Week

We are all big kids at heart! Our featured niche this week is definitely a toy that is not easily out grown. Radio controlled, or 'RC' cars are popular even among the not so young ones and some hobbyist are known to really open their wallets when it comes to RC cars.

Sell-through Rate: Will you make enough sales?

After doing several searches on our Research Lab, I was certainly glad to find that RC cars has a sell-through rate of 56.54%, which means that our goal of selling products with a 50-60% sell-through rate has been satisfied.

Median End Price: Do the number work?

This depends on the type of RC car you plan to sell. The featured median price is within a profitable range, based on our suppliers wholesale prices. In fact, one of our featured suppliers is actually having a sale and selling RC cars for as low as $8.95!

Total Listings, Total Bids and Total Sellers: Scoping out the competition

As of October, there are only 711 listings made by only 690 sellers on eBay with a total of 1,584 bids. You can easily see that the market is not saturated, with a rough ratio of at least 2 bids per listing.  Good market to invest in, right?

Data Trends: What are other sellers earning?

Our Research Lab also allows you to check the selling trend for any given product. So even before you start buying stock you will already have a rough idea of the market you will be venturing into by checking the number of items sold, total revenue and average revenue. 

As shown on the graph below RC cars sellers are making a reasonable amount of money on a daily basis. With the highest income recorded at $2,290.78 last October 6, 2011.

Going beyond eBay: Are web users searching Google for RC cars?

Using our reliable keyword tool, Traffic Travis we can see if RC cars are popular outside of eBay. You can download your free SEO software by visiting www.traffictravis.com

It lets you check how many people are searching for RC cars which will give you a rough estimate as to how popular RC cars are beyond eBay.

What do these numbers mean?

As you can see in the screenshot above, with at least 110,000 searches worldwide and 60,500 searches in the US for the month of October, RC cars is definitely a good product choice!

If you notice I also showed the search results for remote control cars which basically is the same thing with RC cars, yet look at the big difference in the total search counts. This shows the importance of using the correct keyword in your listings, so be sure to use the more popular one at all times so you can direct the needed traffic to your online store or eBay listings.

Reliable RC Cars Suppliers

RC cars supplier #1

One of the world's best online distributors of radio-controlled models including planes, tanks, cars, boats and helicopters, they also offer stock spare parts for all their advanced models. Wholesale and drop ship programs are available. They accept major credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, cash or postal orders, and cheques. They can ship worldwide.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

RC cars supplier #2

They offer a huge range of airsoft guns, RC toys and many other toys. They accept credit cards, money orders, and bank wire transfers as forms of payment. International orders are welcome.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

To access our list of RC cars suppliers as well take advantage of SaleHoo’s brand new Research Lab mentioned above, sign up as a SaleHoo member now. 

Inside you will get access to over 8000 suppliers, comprehensive training to help you find the best products to sell online and access to our members only forum full of tips and secrets from other members (including eBay Powersellers) to help you make money online. Join SaleHoo today

See you next Monday!


Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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Subra on 7:53 13 Dec
Is there any Christmas discount to open a Salehoo account? I am desperate due to my financical breakdown.....
Alice Delore on 20:16 13 Dec
Hi Subra,

Sorry to hear about your financial situation. We don't currently have any Christmas discounts available, but remember, the membership is fully refundable within 60 days of purchase, so if you join and are not satisfied that SaleHoo will benefit you financially, you can get your money back.

Feel free to take a look around our free resources which will be helpful to you, especially if you are new to online retail: http://www.salehoo.com/education
Russ Ba1 on 4:54 15 Dec
I am going to research and research. Then. Take action.
Alice Delore on 20:11 15 Dec
Sounds like a plan ruhedron37!

I often find that when I start researching one product (either in the SaleHoo Research Lab, or elsewhere) I get into a bit of a frenzy and end up coming up with a lot of other cool ideas for products to sell.

Have fun with your research, it's like a big treasure hunt!
Zach Lucas on 0:01 2 Jun
I would love to give a try and see what yall got but till I do I can't pay
Rhea Bontol on 2:54 3 Jun
Hey, Zach! Did you know that SaleHoo has a money back guarantee? In the meantime, checkout the demo here so you'll have an idea what products/brands our suppliers have.


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