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  • Supplier’s Name
  • Years in Business
  • Ships worldwide
  • Minimum order
    No Minimum Order
  • Brands they stock
    Crown French, Primo International, Liberty Furniture, Lea Industries, Modus Furniture International, Abbyson Living, Stanton, Klaussner Furniture, Alphaville Designs, DG Casa, Zuo Modern, Somerton Furniture, Lady Americana, Pulaski Furniture, Rossetto USA, South Shore, Philly Designs Bedroom Furniture, Powell Bedroom Furniture, Boca Rattan, Hillsdale Furniture, Dynasty Furniture, Powell Kitchen Furniture, Powell Bar Furniture, Mac Motion Chairs, Simmons®, Simmons Beautyrest®, Simmons BeautySleep®,Nexera Distribution, Comfort Revolution, Poly-Wood, American Woodcrafters...
  • Products they stock
    Beds, Divans, Mattresses, Headboards, Bedside Tables, Bookcases, Chests of Drawers, Dressing Tables, Wardrobes, Bedroom Sets, Dining Table and Sets, Sofas, Electric Cooker, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Entryway Furniture, Accent Furniture, Storage Furniture, Dorm Furniture, Wood Furniture...

How to buy wholesale furniture

The growth in home working is driving the demand for home office furniture. Similarly the growing trend of renting versus buying a house has driven more competition in the renting market, forcing property owners to source low cost & quality furniture to compete. If you're selling furniture online, this is huge opportunity you can take advantage of.

Here are some tips to buy cheap wholesale furniture with quality:

  • Know the duty for the furniture you're importing
    The type of material and the size of the furniture will determine the cost of getting it shipped to your country. So do the due diligence of calculating the total duty that you will incur before you spend.
  • Buy at the right time
    Furniture prices fluctuate throughout the year. You should take note of popular dates where wholesalers clear stocks and refresh stocks. For example, in the U.S. the Fourth of July or Christmas is when furniture stores push to get rid of the last of their inventory and offer the biggest discounts.
  • Get joined wood furniture
    Furnitures that are joined (not glued or nailed) are sturdier and cheaper.What’s not to like?

Where to buy wholesale furniture

Once you have a good idea of the type of furniture you want to sell, you can source wholesale suppliers from these places:


On Google you will be able to find thousands of furniture suppliers with endless varieties to choose from. If you've done your homework beforehand, you will be able to quickly filter suppliers that suit your needs.

While Google is free, Many of these suppliers may not be legitimate. Take your time to weed out the real ones to avoid losing money to scammers.

Furniture trade mart

These stores usually sell furniture that architectural, interior design or building industry professionals buy. If you have connections in the industry who will allow you to follow them, this is a good opportunity to grab great furnitures at a good price.

However you'll need to be accompanied by a trade professional (and for them to buy on your behalf) as purchases from these stores are tax free. The tax will be passed to consumer.

Supplier directories

Supplier directories, like SaleHoo, vet their suppliers. This means you won't need to worry about finding high-quality suppliers or getting scammed.

While there is a small fee ($67/year for SaleHoo), it's the best method for beginners. We even give you our market research tool, which shows you how often items sell and helps you find new products to add to your store!

Finding trusted suppliers

With all the scams out there online, it can be hard to find trusted suppliers. But there are a few steps you can take to virtually eliminate this problem:

Contact the supplier and verify their address

If they don’t list a phone number or address, keep looking. If they do, call them and Google them to make sure they’re real.

Check your supplier’s reputation and track record

The best suppliers have been in business for 10+ years. They’ll also have customers who will vouch for them. Call their clients and see how they feel about the supplier.

Purchase and inspect their products

Ordering several thousand units without ever seeing the product can be a nightmare, to put things lightly. Avoid this by ordering and inspecting samples for quality and packaging.

Test their customer support

If your supplier’s customer service sucks, it will hurt your own customer service. So test them out before you commit to them.

Since 2005 SaleHoo has helped over 137,000 customers successfully start online businesses on eBay, Amazon and their own online stores.

SaleHoo has over 159 wholesale suppliers for furniture

How can you get started?
Step 1: Find furniture that sell

We research various marketplaces to provide you insider information about product's sell rate — how likely is the product going to sell, so you don’t have to second guess.

Step 2: Contact a supplier

Contact one of our 295 vetted wholesale furniture suppliers and choose the best one for your needs. You can get started with them right away!

Step 3: Add products to your store

Once you have a great product and a great supplier, it's time to cash in. Upload your product listings and take your chunk of that $100 billion market share!

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