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Baby Pull Ups Diapers
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Ebby Baby Diapers
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Turk Baby Diapers
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Supplier Details

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Years in Business: 16
Ships Worldwide: Yes
Minimum Order: No
Brands they stock: Yifar, Ivy, Got Milk, Tillie the Turtle, Baby Royale, Finley, Cuddle, Sugar & Spice, Hugs & Kisses, Bailey thee Bunny, Heavenly, Bouncy Baby, Evolution Diapers, Manduca, Moby Wrap, Wrapsody and Ergo, Ah Goo Baby, Rume, Zoobies, Bamboo Dru, Thirsties...
Products they stock: Baby Wet Wipes, Household Wipes, Leather Wipes, Feminine Wipes, Pet Wipes, Medical Wipes, Face & Hand Wipes, Screen Wipes, Makeup Remover Wipes, Regular Baby Diapers, Pull-Up Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Under Pads, Incontinence Pads, Bamboo Diapers...



How to buy wholesale diapers

The average baby will poop his way through over 2,700 diapers in his first year! That means parents are spending around $800 per year on diapers alone. It also means there'll always be a demand for diapers and a good business opportunity for entreprenuers to make a profit off of.

The key is putting yourself in the parents' shoes. Consider the following:

  • Stock the most common sizes — You want to get common diapers size so it'll be easier to sell. Also note that baby uses diapers until age 3-4 when they are potty trained, so it's be a good idea to stock diapers a few sizes up.
  • Research on best selling diapers — An easy way to find out what type of diapers are going to sell is to check out Amazon's bestseller list so that you can save money figuring it out.
  • Purchase diapers related products — Parents spend a lot on diapers, and that's excluding other add-ons like baby wipes, barrier creams and other essentials. So there're opportunities for your business to offer related products at a cheaper price. That way you increase the average order value while helping parents save money.



Where to buy wholesale diapers

If you're going to sell diapers for profit, it's best to buy them from diaper wholesalers where cost is low, here are a few places you can start searching:

Local warehouse club

— If you live in the U.S you can visit stores like Costco to source diapers at wholesale, otherwise you have to do some research and find the equivalent in your locale. If that doesn't work you have to source your wholesale diapers online

Online market place

— Popular online marketplaces like Amazon & eBay allow people like you to buy diapers from wholesale distributors from around the world, and many of them often offers special deals to encourage sales. This is definitely a good place to look for wholesale diapers.

However, when dealing with wholesalers found through marketplaces, you have to do due diligence to make sure they are legitimate as they are not vetted for reliability.

Supplier directories

— Supplier directories, like SaleHoo, vet their suppliers/manufacturers. This means you won't need to worry about finding high-quality suppliers or getting scammed. You would also get all details about them: including the years they have been in operations, contacts, shipping information, product catalog etc.

While there is a small fee ($67/year for SaleHoo), it's the best method for beginners. We even give you our market research tool, which shows you how often items sell and helps you find new products to add to your store!



Finding trusted suppliers

Finding trusted suppliers that won’t scam you can be tricky, but we’ve dealt with so many that we’ve boiled it down to a few key steps:

Contact the supplier and verify their address

— Legit wholesale suppliers will list their contact information and address on their site, so make sure they are real contacts who you can talk to.

Check your supplier’s reputation and track record

— Find out how many years they have been in operation. If possible, speak with some of their existing clients to find out if they are reliable.

Purchase and inspect their products

— Never use a supplier without receiving a sample product first. Check the packaging, product quality, and care of handling. Drive out to the manufacturing site if possible.

Test their customer support

— Your supplier is your partner; Ask them questions early and often to see how quickly they respond. If they aren’t fast or don’t give high-quality answers, you may need to find someone else.


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Step 1: Find diapers supplier that sell

We research various marketplaces to provide you insider information about product's sell rate — how likely is the product going to sell, so you don’t have to second guess.

Step 2: Contact a supplier

Contact one of our 60 vetted wholesale diapers supplier and choose the best one for your needs. You can get started with them right away!

Step 3: Add products to your store

Once you have a great product and a great supplier, it's time to cash in. Upload your product listings and take your chunk of that $100 billion market share!




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