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  • Years in Business
  • Ships worldwide
  • Minimum order
    No Minimum Order
  • Brands they stock
    Disney, Pixar, Zoo York, Kenneth Cole, Tapout, Potty Patty, Potty Scotty, Mom Innovations, Baby Milano, Noo Designs, Luxeport, Tooth Issues, Aster & Oak, Bonnie Jean, Crayon Kids, Foxfire, Sweet Kids, Baby Headquarters, Kids Headquarters, Ecko Unltd, Tapout...
  • Products they stock
    Baby clothes, Baby Socks, Baby Quilts, Baby Boys Clothes, Baby Girls Clothes, Essential Babywear, Baby T-Shirts, Baby Dresses, Baby Boy Suits & Tuxedos, Girls Onesies, Boys Onesies Blankets & Wraps, Baby Swaddle...

How to buy wholesale baby clothes

Do you know the baby clothing industry is one of the few that is NOT affected by economic downturn? It's one of the most lucrative segments in the whole apparel industry and also one where online sellers like you can profit from provided that you're choosing the product wisely.

The key is putting yourself in the parents' shoes. Consider the following:

  • Stretchable clothing — Parents know their babies are fast growing creatures, so they will buy clothes that can accommodate various sizes so they don't have to buy often.
  • Soft fabric — When children are young they have very sensitive skin, this is where you can differentiate yourself product wise by choosing clothing materials that are especially comfortable for children.
  • Easy to change — Baby tends to change a lot. By making sure the clothes you choose is easy to put on and take off, you're giving parents some peace of mind, which will definitely help with sales.

Where to buy wholesale baby clothes

You can find wholesale baby clothes from wholesalers. Shocking, right? But the real question is: How do you find wholesalers on your own?

Search online

The easiest and fastest way to get started is to go on Google and search "wholesale baby clothes suppliers". You'll instantly find thousands of results.

While this method is free, It's likely some of these wholesalers are actually scammers. You'll have to separate the real wholesalers from the frauds on your own. This can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Local tradeshows

Local trade shows are a great way to find and meet with wholesalers in your area and scout for clothing suppliers. This is a great way to form relationships with the wholesalers and get a good price on your products.

The downside to local trade shows is their availability. Suppliers need to go home too. Often times you'll have to travel long distances to find one that suits your needs. Not to mention that some of them are pricey.

Supplier directories

Supplier directories, like SaleHoo, vet their suppliers. This means you won't need to worry about finding high-quality suppliers or getting scammed.

While there is a small fee ($67/year for SaleHoo), it's the best method for beginners. We even give you our market research tool , which shows you how often items sell and helps you find new products to add to your store!

Finding trusted suppliers

Finding trusted suppliers is tricky business. There are scammers, low-quality products, and bad customer service at every turn. But at SaleHoo, we’ve boiled it down to four simple steps:

Call the supplier and Google their headquarters

Real wholesale suppliers proudly display their contact information and address on their home page. Give them a call and Google their address!

Make sure people love your supplier

A great supplier will have great customers. Call their existing clients if possible to get the word straight from the horse’s mouth. And take note of how long they’ve been in business.

Buy some stuff

This seems obvious, but it’s always a good idea to order samples first. Make sure the packaging, product quality, and delivery are all top-notch.

Call with problems

Your supplier can make or break your business - you want to make sure they know their stuff. Call their customer support team and check to see how quickly they respond. Make sure their answers are thorough, or you may need to keep searching.

Since 2005 SaleHoo has helped over 137,000 customers successfully start online businesses on eBay, Amazon and their own online stores.

SaleHoo has over 87 wholesale suppliers for clothing

How can you get started?
Step 1: Find Baby Clothes that sell

We research various marketplaces to provide you insider information about product's sell rate — how likely is the product going to sell, so you don’t have to second guess.

Step 2: Contact a supplier

Contact one of our 87 vetted wholesale baby clothes suppliers and choose the best one for your needs. You can get started with them right away!

Step 3: Add products to your store

Once you have a great product and a great supplier, it's time to cash in. Upload your product listings and take your chunk of that $100 billion market share!

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