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Easiest Items to Sell on Amazon for a Profit

By February 9 2019

Making money online isn't as easy as some people would like to make it out to be...

But for eCommerce savvy entrepreneurs, it's always in the cards. All you need is a solid product and a little elbow grease.  

But how do you find items to sell on Amazon for a profit?

Well, I’m about to share some of the best things to sell - and give you some tips on how to sell them. So keep reading!

Why you should sell on Amazon

Have you ever found a product that you knew would sell, but weren’t sure how to go about selling it?

Perhaps you thought about making a website from scratch (without realizing how daunting that task can be).

Thankfully, selling products on Amazon doesn’t take away much of your time.

If you were to decide that you want to open a store on Amazon, how many many hours do you think it’ll take for you to get your store up and running?

A month?

Two weeks?

How about one day?

As unbelievable as it sounds, you can get your Amazon store set up and be ready to accept orders in 24 hours.

The best part? Consumers are spending $88,000 on Amazon every single minute.

As a matter of fact, in 2017 alone Amazon was the most popular retail website visited in the United States. It wasn’t even a competition - they’re head and shoulders above the crowd.

Not sold, yet?

Don’t worry, you will be.

Thanks to the Amazon FBA (which we’ll talk about more in a bit), you don’t have to physically handle your inventory if you don’t want to.

And, thanks to Salehoo’s supplier directory, you’re able to find wholesale retailers who will dropship products for you!

Pro tip: You don’t have to be a professional to sell products on Amazon. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll have your eCommerce store up and running in a matter of minutes!

Top 5 best selling items on Amazon

So you’re ready to pick an item to sell on Amazon?

Here are 5 of the best selling items we’ve seen yet. Let’s dive in!

1. Drones & Quadcopters

Drones are a hugely popular trend right now. They started taking off in late 2013 and have been steadily rising in popularity since.

This Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter is the #1 best seller on Amazon:

The best part about drones (in my opinion) is that they’re a lot of fun. Win-win!

2. Yoga & Fitness Equipment

Yoga has been gaining popularity for over 10 years now. But it really took off in late 2018, and is still rising. As people become more health-conscious and spend more time exercising, healthy trends like these will keep popping up and becoming popular.

For example, this yoga mat is the best seller in Yoga equipment on Amazon:

3. Baby Gear

Wanna know who loves to spend a lot of money on cute things? Parents.

Baby gear has always been, and likely will always be, a solid choice to sell on Amazon. There are new customers in the market every single day, and parents love to spoil their newborns. Not to mention all the gifts at the baby shower!

For example, this baby monitor has over 17,000 reviews. Considering less than 10% of purchases leave a review… that’s a lot of sales!

4. Photography & Cameras Accessories

The new Fujifilm cameras are a hot commodity right now. And photographers are a very passionate niche to sell to.

5. Fishing Equipment

Fisherman, like photographers, are also passionate about their hobby. And a lot of fishing equipment is low-cost, high profit, and easy to ship!

For example, this digital fishing gadget is a best seller on Amazon:

Another cool thing about fishing gear? You can sell related things - like glasses, food containers, or dehydrators - to the same market.

Pros and cons to selling on Amazon

So you’ve seen some cool items to sell. But what are the actual pros and cons to selling this stuff on Amazon? Let’s take a look.


  • You can tap into Amazon’s millions of daily buyers. No need to drive your own traffic.
  • Amazon has FBA, which lets you sell products without handling them yourself.
  • Amazon has trust built with its customers already, so you don’t have to prove yourself.


  • Marketplace fees. Amazon takes a cut from every sale.
  • Limited control over the customer experience. You can’t customize much.

Bonus: Ten tips to pick the perfect product and sell more

Here are some last tips to keep in mind when choosing items to sell on Amazon.

Tip #1: Avoid restricted categories.

Before listing your product on Amazon, you should carefully review the Restricted Products Help pages.

Keep in mind that FBA has their own set of rules when it comes to restricted products, too. As long as you’re aware of the risks (and aren’t selling harmful or illegal materials), you’ll be fine!

Tip #2: Ignore saturated categories.

If you see loads of competition, that’s a bad sign.

Ecommerce tends to become a race to the bottom with too much competition. Everyone tries to make and sell things cheaper, and it eventually pushes out the little guys who can’t afford razor thin margins.

Tip #3: Ignore categories that are dominated by Big Brands or Items.

While you could try to sell a game like What Do You Meme or an Echo Dot (both are high sellers right now!), we really don’t recommend it.

Why? Both of these things are sold by the actual company that makes them. I hate to say it, but you have a very slim chance of beating them at their own game, here.

Any categories dominated by big brands are going to be highly competitive, with very low profit margins. Yuck!

Tip #4: Browse categories that appeal to a specific hobby, interest or need.

Everybody needs a hobby. And some people spend big bucks on their hobbies.

People also have needs. Like baby clothes, for example - people need to clothe their babies.

Appealing to hobbies and needs are the surest ways to ensure your products sell. So stick to that!

It helps to know the demand for the item before trying to sell it. In this article, we talk about 30 of the best low cost products with high profit margins.

Tip #5: Use the Amazon Keywords tool.

Keywords are the words that you would like your product to appear in the search results for.

For instance, if you’re selling running shoes you definitely want to appear when someone searches for “running shoes”.

But you might also want to appear when someone searches for “sneakers” or “trainers”. Those are both words that mean roughly the same thing (also known as LSI keywords), and people searching for those things would most likely be interested in your product!

By adding the keywords people are actually searching for in your product title and description, you increase your chances of showing up.

Tip #6: Reach out to customers for product reviews.

Customer reviews will make or break your eCommerce store, no matter if you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or your own website. Reviews help potential customers see that you’re a reputable seller.

Furthermore, you should take the time to answer both positive and negative comments left on your products. This way, customers will see that there’s a person behind the business.

Tip #7: Follow the packing guidelines to avoid damage, delays and penalty fees.

Amazon has some fairly strict requirements when you send items to their FBA warehouses (and for good reason).

Because of how many rules there are, we’ll let Amazon take the reigns here. Be sure to watch the video provided, too!

Tip #8: Automate your product listings.

Listing a bunch of stuff on Amazon is time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can use a tool like SmartFeed to automate your Amazon listings. That way you can spend more time on marketing and A/B testing your product details.

Tip #9: Own the Buy Box.

Amazon’s net revenue sales have grown steadily over the last ten years reaching almost $136 billion in 2016 (with over $111 billion worth of sales coming through the Buy Box alone).

As you can see from the image above, the buy box for this particular router is priced at $836. However, there’s a second box below the original buy box, showing that another seller is pricing this item at $820.

Buy boxes are quite tricky and take time to fully understand. Check out this article to get an in-depth look at what it takes to own the buy box.

Tip #10: Make customer service your top priority.

Amazon is serious when it comes to customer service. In fact, if you do not answer customer questions within 24 hours, it acts as a demerit against your account.

You’re able to see customer questions in the Seller Central (located on the left side of the page). You can also have customer questions forwarded to your email (to answer) for days when you’re not working directly on Amazon!


Finding a product to sell on Amazon is hard. But with these 5 easy items to sell on Amazon, you have a place to start brainstorming. You can even pick one from this list and roll with it!

If you need more help finding a hot product to sell, check out SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab. We collect the data from Amazon’s best seller list, plus other best seller lists like eBay and AliExpress. You’ll easily find a killer product - plus a supplier to buy it from!



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