The Ultimate Dropshipper List for Best-Selling Niches in 2024

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There are billions of products on this Earth, and nearly as many suppliers. It can be difficult just to pick what to sell, let alone find quality dropshippers for that product! That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best-selling eCommerce niches with pros and cons for each, and some high-quality dropship suppliers to get you started.

What is a Dropshipping Supplier? 

A dropshipping supplier is like any other supplier but can help you fulfill your dropshipping orders. This company allows you to sell their product(s) on your site or platform, where you will mark up the price to make a profit. When you get an order, they will send the product directly to your customer. A dropshipping supplier is different than a wholesale supplier in that they don't require you to purchase a minimum quantity. In fact, they don't expect you to purchase in bulk from them. They know that once you have an order, they will be informed, and will then send the product directly to your customer - without their branding, invoice, or any other information that indicates the order didn't come directly from you. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Baby Gear

Baby gear is a hugely popular dropshipping market, and for good reason! According to a report by Statista, baby products are set to make a whopping $66.8 billion dollars per year in sales. Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all love to shower babies in outfits, new toys and more.


Pros of Dropshipping Baby Gear

  • It fits all the criteria of a best-selling product. Baby products are typically easy to ship, fit a consumer passion, and fall in the $10-200 price point.
  • Parents are a huge market. It’s estimated that roughly 353,000 babies are born every day. Every baby needs clothes and toys!
  • There's a wide variety of products, allowing you to avoid competition. You can sell clothes, sleeping pads, diapers, food, toys… the list goes on and on.
  • It’s easy to find baby clothes suppliers. With the popularity of baby products, there are tons of suppliers. Check out our directory or see a few I’ve hand-selected in the baby gear suppliers section below.

Cons of Dropshipping Baby Gear

  • Despite the wide variety of items, there are a lot of people selling baby products online, which makes for stiff competition in the larger markets like diapers and generic clothes.
  • Without great customer service, customers have no reason to return to your store.
  • Some laws and regulations surrounding baby products can complicate matters, such as safety standards and food nutrition requirements. However, you can avoid these issues by choosing good baby gear suppliers.

Shipping: Shipping baby gear is usually super easy. Most products are small and light. The bigger ones typically break down to fit in a compact package.

Pricing Range: Due to the huge variety of baby products, prices vary massively. However, the majority of items lie in the $10-$200 range, which is perfect for online retail.

Overall, baby gear can be an excellent niche to build your online presence around. As long as you know the laws in your country and do some research to find the products with the least competition, it can work great for you.

Baby Gear Suppliers

Here are a few baby gear suppliers to get you started!

Cameras & Photo

While the camera market is difficult for multiple reasons, camera accessories can be a huge hit if you find the right niche. The camera & photo market claims somewhere around $2 billion in annual sales. There is plenty of money to be made!


Pros of Dropshipping Camera & Photo Equipment

  • There are hundreds of camera accessories. While you'll likely struggle to make a profit selling camera bodies, accessories can be a great addition to an online store.
  • Camera hobbyists are incredibly passionate. Photographers who are willing to spend several hundred or even several thousand dollars on a camera clearly love what they do, and are also willing to spend hundreds of dollars on your highly profitable accessories if it will help them hone their craft.
  • You can establish yourself as a camera accessory resource. Since blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to a store, you could talk about camera accessories and get people to buy your products by providing valuable information, such as how different lenses compare and how they perform overall.

Cons of Dropshipping Camera & Photo Equipment

  • Cameras themselves are high-risk, as they can easily break and don’t provide a huge profit margin.
  • Camera bodies and lenses can be expensive (higher than the $200 price point).
  • A lot of competition.

Shipping: Accessories are super light and easy to ship. However, the actual cameras are fragile, which is a major sign that new eCommerce businesses should stay away until they have more experience. Additionally, be aware that shipping batteries is subject to strict regulation.

Pricing Range: While the cameras themselves are out of the ideal price range (often costing several hundred, if not thousands of dollars), accessories fall into it for them most part. Bags are usually around the $15-50 range, lens attachments typically go for $300+ (with some going up to several thousand), and tripods typically fall in the $10-30 range for entry-level, with hobbyists and professionals spending $100 or more.

Camera and photo products can be a good market to get into, especially if it's one that you already know a bit about. Just because you may have a hard time selling cameras, doesn’t mean you can’t sell bags, attachments, cases, and other accessories! That said, this is definitely a market for those with a little more experience under their belt, because of the high price points on some items.

Camera & Photo Suppliers

Here are a few camera & photo product suppliers to get you started!

Cell Phones

These days it seems like everyone in the world has a phone of some kind. It seems that way because it’s true: Nearly everyone in the world owns a cell phone, even in developing countries. That number sounds incredible, and it is. That means almost every single person is a potential customer if you’re selling cell phones or phone accessories.


Pros of Dropshipping Cell Phones & Cellular Accessories

  • Nearly everyone owns a phone. That means more potential customers, and more potential chances to upsell accessories.
  • Many people own more than one phone case. Phone cases (and other accessories) aren’t just for protecting your phone — they’re a fashion statement! People tend to buy multiple accessories, which means those people you sell to once will often come back again.
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to start. You can use a company like Teelaunch to easily create a unique design and start selling it on a phone case! The startup costs are almost negligible, and even $0 in some cases.

Cons of Dropshipping Cell Phones & Cellular Accessories

  • Similar to cameras, cell phones are expensive and there is a lot of competition (stick to accessories).
  • Shipping a cell phone (or even certain accessories) runs the risk of the item breaking in the mail.

Shipping: Keep an eye out for the regulations regarding shipping batteries. It’s not only the phones; some accessories have batteries as well. Besides that, shipping should be easy and inexpensive for most things.

Pricing Range: While cell phones usually go for several hundred dollars, the accessories fall into a much nicer price range. Phone cases are the most popular, and typically run anywhere from $10-30, with the stronger ones (such as Lifeproof cases) going for up to $100 or more. Chargers also run in the $20-40 range, and Bluetooth speakers go for $40-200. Plenty of items fall in the target price point in this category.

While selling cell phones may not be a good idea, selling cellular accessories certainly is. The prices are definitely right, the items are typically easy and inexpensive to ship, and it doesn’t cost much to get started selling. Perfect for the beginning online retailer!

Cell Phone & Accessory Suppliers

Here are a few cell phone suppliers to get you started:

Clothing & Fashion

Clothes aren't just a necessity — they're an expression of personal style and individuality, a way to show everyone your unique aesthetic. Clothing manufacturers know it, too. The clothing and fashion industry makes a jaw-dropping $12 billion per year. Needless to say, there’s a lot of money to be made if you can tap into this market.


Pros of Dropshipping Clothing & Fashion

  • It’s easy to find a niche. You can sell to parents, pregnant women, trendy teens, the elderly, guys with motorcycles, women with cats… It’s easy to find a specialty.
  • Shipping is cheap. Most clothes can fit into padded envelopes or small boxes, which makes for easy, affordable shipping.
  • You can expand into other markets. Once you build your brand in a certain market (say, cat moms), you can easily expand into other options besides clothing (such as jewelry, hair accessories or shoes).

Cons of Dropshipping Clothing & Fashion

  • Tons of competition in all the major markets, which means you’ll need a unique spin.
  • People will want to return products if they order the wrong size, or may order multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.
  • It can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Shipping: It’s cheap and easy. However, expect to deal with frequent returns.

Pricing Range: You can sell cheap jewelry (less than $1/piece) from overseas with a huge markup (up to $20) to make a nice profit. You can also order shirts which can sell anywhere from $10 to $50, fancy jewelry from $50 to $200 (or more), and shoes ranging from $20 to $150. These are perfect price points for the new eCommerce store owner.

Overall, the fashion industry can be a great market to break into as long as you’re willing to dig deep to find a good niche. Just make sure you have excellent sizing charts to help people pick their ideal size, and a great returns policy to keep them coming back.

Clothing & Fashion Suppliers

Here are a few wholesale clothing suppliers to get you started:

Computers & Software

In the U.S. alone, approximately 233 million people own a desktop or laptop. The U.S. also boasts about 144 million tablet owners. Bill Gates became a billionaire through computers — who’s to say you can’t make some money of your own in this industry?


Pros of Dropshipping Computer & Software Goods

  • Incredible variety of products. No matter where you are or what you’re into, you should be able to find a branch of computer products to sell. It could be anything from accessories such as mice, earbuds, and keyboards to bags, cases, computer parts, and more.
  • High demand. Technology is more popular and more visible than ever, mostly because of rapid advances. Nearly everyone owns a television, computer, smartphone, and plenty of other tech gadgets these days.
  • Lots of room for growth. Because technology is advancing so quickly, if you get into the industry now you’ll be setting yourself up to be an early adopter of future technologies (think virtual reality or 3D printing).

Cons of Dropshipping Computer & Software Goods

  • Like cell phones and cameras, selling products with a battery comes with shipping complications.
  • Selling computers and laptops themselves may be too expensive and yield too little profit for the risk of breaking in the mail or dealing with returns and warranties.
  • Due to the rapid growth, this industry also has a lot of competition.

Shipping: Shipping computers can be complicated. Between the delicate moving parts and the tight regulations on batteries, it’s no walk in the park. However, shipping computer accessories like bags or charging cables is simple and inexpensive.

Pricing Range: Computers can range from a cheap $150 Chromebook to a high-end $2,000 gaming setup. However, most of the accessories lie nicely within the $10-$200 range that’s perfect for dropshipping.

Computers and software products can be perfect for a beginner eCommerce store owner as long as you stick to low-cost accessory items. If you're feeling lucky, you can consider stocking some low-end laptops and tablets.

Computer Products Suppliers

Here are a few computer product suppliers to get you started:

Consumer Electronics

Just 30 years ago, homes without TVs, cell phones, or computers were commonplace. Today, it’s hard to imagine a home without a TV (probably several), at least one computer, and some smartphones. The average adult spends roughly $2,300 per year on consumer electronics. Times that by the 214 million adults in just the US, and you get a big number. That leaves plenty of dough to be had if you’re ready to enter the consumer electronics arena.


Pros of Dropshipping Consumer Electronics

  • It’s one of the most wide-ranging categories. iPods, cameras, car electronics, home appliances, home theaters, and gadgets all fall under this category. There’s a lot to choose from, and something to appeal to everyone
  • There are plenty of suppliers to choose from. We have over 500 consumer electronics suppliers in the SaleHoo directory alone.
  • It’s a growing industry. New technology is being released every single day. It’s easy to jump on a new product as soon as it comes out if you’re already in the niche.

Cons of Dropshipping Consumer Electronics

  • Tons of competition if you’re selling the generic stuff.
  • Easily broken in the mail if not packaged properly.
  • So many brands that it can be hard to choose the best one for you.

Shipping: Again with those batteries! Be aware of the regulations and restrictions. In addition, some consumer electronics (like TVs and appliances) can be a pain to ship, and expensive to boot. There are plenty of smaller, easily shipped objects (like vaporizers or wearable tech), however.

Pricing Range: As tempting as it may be, I recommend you stay away from all the high-end tech over $200. In the $10-200 range lies iPods, Bluetooth speakers, car computer decoders, and much more. You won't lack for options.

Consumer electronics is one of the more difficult industries to start out with if you’re new to eCommerce. However, that doesn’t mean it should be crossed off the list right away. There are lots of cool, easily shipped gadgets that aren’t too expensive, such as TV mounting kits, virtual reality viewers, or remote-controlled helicopters, to name a few.

Consumer Electronics Suppliers

Here are a few consumer electronics suppliers to get you started:

CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays

How many movies do you own? My girlfriend owns somewhere between one hundred and two hundred. My grandma owns slightly less than that. My aunt owns more. My mom owns a few dozen herself. DVDs and Blu-rays aren’t dead, despite what the techies say — people still love buying physical movies (especially as Christmas gifts). Maybe it’s a psychological collection thing, but whatever it is, movies are still a 13 billion-dollar-per-year industry in the US alone. Also included in this niche are music CDs and audio CDs.


Pros of Dropshipping CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays

  • Easy shipping. They can fit in padded envelopes.
  • Good money-making potential. Lots of people search for DVDs and Blu-rays on Amazon and eBay.

Cons of Dropshipping CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays

  • A lot of competition.
  • Laws and regulations surrounding their sales.
  • Albeit not dead, the DVD industry did decline by 6% in 2015, so it may not be a good long-term strategy. That said, it’s still hugely popular, with that $13 billion in overall sales making it a worthwhile endeavor.

Shipping: Shipping is super easy and inexpensive with DVDs. Just slip them in a padded envelope and send away!

Pricing Range: Most DVDs go from $5-20, with some variation. Collector's editions, series, and other specialty purchases can go for $100 or more.

The DVD and movie industry is not for the beginner eCommerce store owner. While there is money to be made, the gradual decline of the industry and high competition makes for difficult entry. Additionally, the restrictions surrounding sales of high-status movies such as Disney titles make for extra complications.

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Suppliers

Here are a few movie & DVD suppliers to get you started:

Health & Beauty

What’s a universal truth about what people really desire? We all want to be healthy and attractive. Businesses know this, which is why the health and beauty industry is huge. Cosmetics alone are a $56 billion industry in the US! Get this: $5 billion in soap was sold in the US this year. These two categories are only scratching the surface of the health and beauty market, too. There’s also the huge, closely related fitness and nutrition market, which is only growing as time goes on.


Pros of Dropshipping Health & Beauty Products

  • Virtually unlimited selection of products. It seems like there are thousands, if not millions, of different brands of health and beauty products. You’ll have plenty to choose from.
  • Huge profit potential. If you manage to stick out from the crowd and become a leader in a niche in this industry, there is a lot of money to be made.
  • Easily upsell or cross-sell your customers. If they bought a skin-care product, why not try to sell them a sensitive skin soap? Or a facial cleanser? Or one of a million other health and beauty products? As long as you keep your customers' best interests in mind, there’s a good chance they’ll buy more.
  • Easy to ship. Most products are so small, you can fit them in a padded envelope.

Cons of Dropshipping Health & Beauty Products

  • Tons, and I mean tons, of competition. It’s possible to succeed in this industry, but it’s going to take persistence and a commitment to great customer service.
  • You have to be careful your products don’t harm people. A bad skin rash or other unexpected side effect could lead to a very unhappy customer and a possible PR nightmare if a product starts causing consistent problems.
  • You have to be even more careful of your suppliers, especially those from overseas. They might not make products that meet your country’s laws and regulations.

Shipping: Like I said, shipping is super easy and inexpensive for most health and beauty products. The majority are kept in small bottles and containers.

Pricing Range: While price can vary widely, the majority of products you’ll come across are likely in the $10-50 range. However, there are plenty of high-end beauty supplies that can reach $50-200 or more. Also, many of those high-end brands have very tight pricing guidelines and won’t allow you to go outside the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP).

Overall, the health and beauty industry is a high-work, high-reward-potential industry. You have to find your niche and deliver amazing quality and customer service to be able to stand out from the overly saturated crowd. You also have to be careful of the laws and regulations surrounding your products and make sure you don’t accidentally choose a product with unexpected side effects. The work is definitely worth the outcome if you can get some traction, though. People love their health and beauty products.

Health & Beauty Suppliers

Here are a few health and beauty suppliers to get you started:

Jewelry & Watches

Similar to fashion and clothing, jewelry and watches are very popular. People just love to buy things that show off their sense of style and individuality. In 2014, Americans spent $78 billion on fine jewelry and watches alone. This market is the biggest one we’ve mentioned yet!


Pros of Dropshipping Jewelry & Watches

  • Easy, inexpensive shipping. Unless you get into high-end watches or high-end gemstone jewelry, shipping is easy and nearly risk-free.
  • Huge variety of niches. You can do anything from dog lovers' jewelry to wooden watches or jewelry for people with metal allergies and skin sensitivities. It’s a great niche market.
  • High profit potential. You can buy wholesale jewelry very cheap and sell it at a fairly high markup, sometimes as much as 200% to 300%.

Cons of Dropshipping Jewelry & Watches

  • You have to watch out for batteries in some kinds of watches.
  • All the tiny moving parts of a watch means inherent risk of something breaking in the mail, and with high-cost items comes a need for insurance and tracking.
  • Highly saturated market. You need to find a niche to succeed.

Shipping: Shipping is inexpensive and easy. Small, inexpensive pieces make for little risk. Just be wary of the moving parts and batteries in watches. Offering tracking and insurance for higher-priced items will definitely go a long way toward reassuring potential customers.

Pricing Range: You can find jewelry and watches at virtually any price point, from $0.10 to $10,000 or more. It’s not hard to find the price range you’re looking for.

The jewelry and watch industry is the industry I began my own personal eCommerce journey with. Because of the low wholesale prices from overseas, it’s virtually no-risk to start a business.If you happen to fail, you can just pack it up and move on to the next thing without losing any money. I definitely recommend it for a beginner, especially because there are so many possible niches within this industry.

Jewelry & Watch Suppliers

Here are some jewelry and watch suppliers to get you started:


Are you noticing a trend yet? People really like to spend money on fashion. Time magazine estimates the average woman spends $16,000 on shoes over the course of her lifetime (around 67 years). That’s a lot of shoes, and a lot of money for you to make if you get in this market.


Pros of Dropshipping Shoes

  • Huge market. Everyone from babies to seniors wear shoes. Most people have multiple pairs.
  • Easy shipping, yet again. Just box the box, and you’re good to go.
  • Wide variety of niches. You can specialize in baby and kids' shoes, sports shoes, women's heels — you name it.

Cons of Dropshipping Shoes

  • Sorry to keep repeating myself, but there is a lot of competition.
  • People can often order the wrong size, so expect frequent returns.
  • Selling designer items can be difficult because of the low profit margins and tight restrictions.

Shipping: Shipping is easy, and not too expensive. While it’s not as cheap as jewelry, you’re still not dealing with large or heavy packages.

Pricing Range: Most shoes run from $10-50, with some high-end pairs going for $50-150 or more.

Shoes, like other fashion categories, have a lot of potential as a primary item for your online store. You can build a brand around them, and there are plenty of niches to choose from. Again, while competition is high, all it takes is a commitment to excellent customer service and high-quality products to really stand out.

Shoe Suppliers

Here are a few dropshippers of shoes to get you started:

Sporting Goods & Entertainment

In America alone, consumers are spending some $70 billion dollars on sports equipment annually. Almost every school, from middle school to college, has a sports team that needs sports equipment. There are also plenty of adults who just play for fun. No shortage of customers here.


Pros of Dropshipping Sporting Goods & Entertainment Products

  • Huge market. Not only are there a lot of people, those people are willing to spend big bucks. Parents need to buy equipment for their kids in sports, and they want the best. Not only that, but they want the best for themselves, too.
  • Plenty of niche opportunities. There are more sports than you can count on your fingers and toes. Pick your favorite one, and you can probably make it work.
  • Potential for B2B (Business-to-Business) opportunities. Schools and sporting arenas also need sports equipment. While it may be more difficult to break into this high-competition arena, it’s certainly got potential for someone with the right connections and business savvy.

Cons of Dropshipping Sporting Goods & Entertainment Products

  • The major sports have a lot of competition already.
  • Some equipment can be bulky and awkward to ship.
  • There are some regulations surrounding the safety of equipment.

Shipping: While there are plenty of items that are easy to send out (like athletic clothes, deflated sports balls, or small equipment), some supplies can be awkward to ship, including big gym equipment and padded uniforms.

Pricing Range: This category is all over the board. You can sell single pieces of clothing for under $20 (like shirts, gloves, etc.) or you can sell bulk orders for $200 or more. Some equipment you can sell for less than $100, but higher-end or larger items can easily go for $200 or more. You’ll have no problem finding items in your ideal price range.

Overall, I would categorize sporting goods and entertainment as medium difficulty. While you can certainly find a niche and be very successful in it, there is a lot of competition, especially around the major sports. Also, breaking into the B2B market can be difficult for a beginner, but selling athletic apparel and smaller items to consumers won’t be quite as tough.

Sporting Goods & Entertainment Suppliers

Here are a few sporting goods and entertainment suppliers to get you started:

Toys & Games

Who doesn’t love toys and games? In the UK, the average amount spent on toys per child per year was $438 in 2013. Multiply that by the roughly 11 million kids in the UK and you get $4.8 billion spent on just toys per year. In the U.S., spending is $371 per child. Multiplied by the 48.6 million kids under the age of 11 in the US (as of 2015), and you get an additional $18 billion! Add in all the other countries and you’ve got a nice healthy market here.


Pros of Dropshipping Toys & Games

  • You’re mostly selling to kids. The parents are the ones buying, but it’s the kids who want the stuff! It's not uncommon for them to splurge for the kids. Not to mention the grandparents and aunts and uncles…
  • There are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential niches. There are so many toys and games out there it’s nearly impossible to count. You’d be hard-pressed not to find a niche you like.
  • Plenty of opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. Buying this fun game for Johnny? Why not get this other game for Susie! That's not to mention all the accessories you can get for various toys. One small purchase can easily turn into a larger one.

Cons of Dropshipping Toys & Games

  • The major categories all have a lot of big competitors.
  • You may see high return rates around the holidays.
  • There are some laws surrounding selling games to kids, and restrictions on selling name-brand games, which are hugely popular and well known.

Shipping: Toys and games typically are easy to ship. However, you may occasionally see something big, such as a dollhouse or something else with odd edges and points.

Pricing Range: Again, price is all over the board. You can easily find small toys and board games going for $10-50. Bigger, better toys and games could cost $50-200, and even into the thousands of dollars for some of the highest-end toys and games.

The toys and games industry is only going to keep growing as long as the population grows. That fact makes this industry a good one to get into. Plus, with the huge range of items you can sell, it’s a good one for beginners; if you do enough research and digging, you can find a good niche to settle into and expand from there.

Toys & Games Suppliers

Here are a few toys and games suppliers to get you started:

Travel & Outdoors

Ahh, travel and the great outdoors — my personal favorite industry. My girlfriend and I live in an RV, so we spend a good chunk of change on this stuff. Oh, and did I mention this is a $646 billion per year industry? Yes, you heard right: $646 billion! It’s the largest industry on this list by FAR!


Pros of Dropshipping Travel & Outdoor Gear

  • The industry is MASSIVE. It’s the third-largest industry in the world next to financial services/insurance and health care.
  • More niches than any other industry. Between hiking, biking, boating, traveling, and all the other countless outdoor activities, you would be hard-pressed not to find a good niche.
  • Easy to get started with. Because there are so many products to choose from, it’s fairly easy to find a supplier and get started as a newbie.

Cons of Dropshipping Travel & Outdoor Gear

  • Yes, there is a lot of competition. However, because of the high number of niche markets, you should be able to find something less competitive.
  • Some items are hard to ship (such as bicycles).
  • Certain markets, like rock climbers, require top-quality products or you could risk people’s lives.

Shipping: Because of the massive number of products in this industry, it’s hard to say whether shipping will be easy or not. There are just as many small, easily shipped items as there are large, awkward ones. But remember that you have a choice in what you sell!

Pricing Range: The sky's really the limit. You could sell everything from $0.50 fire starters to $2,000 tents and big equipment. You will definitely not have trouble finding items in that golden $10-200 price range.

The travel and outdoor industry is a great one to get started with because of the virtually unlimited products. In addition, it’s growing, and I don’t foresee a decline anytime soon. The sooner you hop on, the sooner you’ll be able to ride the growth wave. Just remember to stay away from huge competitors.

Outdoor & Travel Suppliers

Here are a few outdoor and travel suppliers to get you started:

Video Gaming

Video games have a special place in my heart. I’ve been an avid gamer since the young age of two. I’m certainly not the only one: Americans alone spend about $23.5 billion on video games each year. The great part about video games is the passion and excitement surrounding them. Hundreds of thousands of people stay up late and sit in line well past midnight for releases of big titles like "Call of Duty."


Pros of Dropshipping Video Games

  • Lots of passion surrounding them. If you are a gamer yourself (I am!), you could benefit from the passion of selling in a niche you love.
  • It’s a growing industry. Video games aren’t going away anytime soon. Especially with the upcoming hype around virtual reality.
  • Gaming is just beginning to hit smaller countries. While big world powers in the Americas and Asia are saturated with games, there is some opportunity selling to nations on the rise.

Cons of Dropshipping Video Games

  • Competition is fierce.
  • Low per-item profit margins on name-brand items and new games.
  • Not good for beginners.
  • While you can sell to other nations, you may hit a snap with regional locking.

Shipping: Easy and inexpensive. You could even get into selling downloads instead of physical copies, which means no shipping at all.

Pricing Range: Most new titles run at a solid $60, with some collector’s editions running up to $120+. Used games can go from $1-50 depending on the age and popularity of the game, the console it's for, and the rarity of the game.

I definitely do not recommend this industry for beginners. With giants like Steam and GameStop (not to mention Amazon) dominating the market, it will be very difficult to make a name for yourself. However, there is some potential selling to foreign countries just starting to have the extra spending power for electronics and video games as long as you’re willing to deal with regional locking.

Video Game Suppliers

Here are a few video game suppliers to get you started:

Some Final Advice For Dropshipping

You now have a list of some of the best-selling product industries and the best drop shippers within those industries. Of course, it doesn’t stop there — information and ideas are nothing without action.

Here are a few final words of wisdom to get the most out of your dropshipping business:

  • Don’t compete solely on price: There will always be someone bigger than you, with more money to spend, who is willing to take a loss to undercut you.
  • Try to stick to niche products: They’re easier to sell, have far less competition, and can often be sold at a higher price.
  • Stand out with excellent customer service: Since you don’t want to compete on price, being a pleasure to shop with will give you a competitive edge.
  • Sell seasonal merchandise: Many big retailers deliberately under-buy and run out of seasonal stuff for fear of it not selling and taking up precious space; drop shippers don’t have that problem!

Need more ideas? Here are 50 more dropshipping ideas we found trending this year.

I hope you’ve found these tips and this list helpful! Feel free to ask me questions in the comments or contact SaleHoo directly.

What industries have you found success with? Are they on this list? Let me know!


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    I want other options. check this please.
    • Oscar Gross 4th of December
      I'm a newbie. What are seasonal items that retailers are afraid of running out of?
      • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 5th of December
        Hi Oscar,

        Seasonal items are specific products that only come in demand depending on the current season, like for winter - winter coats, uggs/ugg boots, beanies, scarvies and the likes or for summer - swim gear, bikinis, sun block..

        I suggest you check out our Labs tool once you're a member ( It is designed to help you research top selling products across all categories. For each product we provide a list of potential suppliers you can then check out that are likely to stock the specific (or similar) product.

  • Estella Lopez 20th of June
    Thank you for your time and information. It us very helpful. I like these emails because I learn too much. I'm a beginner and need good advice specially because I don't have too much time to find assertive information.
  • Inger Storås 18th of August
    The link: Sports clothing supplier - shows "invalide supplier"
    The link: Racquet sports supplier - show "invalide supplier"
    The link: Supplier of American sports equipment - shows the supplier ******** (China)
    The link: Water sports supplier - - shows the supplier ******** (China)

    ******** seems to be providing just about anything you ask for. I am not taking that to be a sign of quality. I also see someone has comment that you can buy things on Amazone cheeper than from ********.
    • Justin Golschneider SaleHoo Admin 23rd of August
      Hi Inger! We have completely updated the list of Sporting Goods & Entertainment Suppliers. Try them again and you'll find currently available suppliers better matched to those products.
  • Diya Nabawi 2nd of September
    Great way to start
  • Ikechukwu Henry Agbidion 17th of September

    I checked few suppliers not too impress about their prices. How do I negotiates with the Manufacturer or suppliers & also make profit?

  • Jun Xie 25th of September
    I went to the link for T-shirt. But no one showed up on this link. What happened?
    • Justin Golschneider SaleHoo Admin 25th of September
      Hi Jun Xie! I'm afraid that supplier is currently unavailable. I've asked our team to find a replacement, so if you try again next week, the link should be working then.
  • Andres Gomez 29th of November
    I have written to many suppliers using the "contact supplier" button but non of them answer.
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 5th of December
      Hello Andres,

      Please allow 3-5 business for the supplier/s to get back to you :) If you still have issues in getting a reply feel free to email our team in support so one of us can assist you in getting hold of the the supplier on your behalf.

      All the best!
  • Edgar Franco Perez 31st of January

    This article has been very helpful and informative, thank you so much for that. If you don't mind I would like to ask something. I am a camera & photo aficionado and based of what I read from your article it seems that I will have a hard time selling the cameras since I am a newbie at this but in terms of the accesories and whatnot it will be easier to sell. So my question is. Do you think it will be a good idea to open an online store that sells only the camera accesories? Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day.
  • Jennifer A Smith 15th of July
    My name is Jennifer and I am a newbie as well I am very interested in wedding decor. Is there away to sell wedding decor themes as well as accessories? Which are the best droppshippers
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 18th of July
      Hello Jennifer,

      Please contact our support team for help with locating suitable suppliers. All the best!
  • Trevor Fenner 3rd of August
    There is a lot more opportunity with high ticket drop shipping these days and many niches have low competition as well. This is using USA based suppliers and focusing on selling products over $500, getting manufacturer/brands on board as suppliers, not distributors/wholesalers, and using shopify + google shopping ads to drive targeted traffic. of course, you'll need to know how to set up a proper negative keyword funnel structure with shopping ads to get you a 2x,3x or 4x return on ad spend, but thats something people can learn when they are ready. I provide training on this, but i dont offer it for free because its very complex and unique to the marketplace. i do, however, offer a free niches list at my website funny thing is i used to sell e-bikes, which is one of the niches you list above, before i sold it last year to create my course and build my case study store for the course. we did 500k in sales in 2017 on that site alone. its very competitive now, so its tough for new stores to compete, thats one of the reasons why we got out. but still is a good place to start to learn how drop shipping works. the big difference is we only use usa baserd suppliers, and your link goes to a chinese manufacturer. i dont recommend anybody uses chinese manufacturers unless they plan to private label and import. thats definitely not a product category i would recommend for that business model either because of product complications. thanks for the great read guys and keep up the good work!
  • Joseph Juhant 14th of August
    I just built me a pet store now I'm looking for drop shippers and not having any luck
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 5th of September
      Hello Joseph,

      You can check out products/brands vs the suppliers we have using this demo if you wish: (you need to join for full details obviously but should give you some examples of what our suppliers have).

      Once you join you can instantly access and contact all suppliers within our directory. Join here when ready: It's $67 USD for one year, unlimited use.

  • max all 3rd of May
    What is a dropship?
    Suppose you do a site where you sell some products but you do not have a capital to sell the product by purchasing the product and you do not have the right to run the whole program. You can still do this business. In order to put your own product in simple words, the customer entered your store and ordered to buy the product, now you buy this product from a supplier and send it to your customer. This system is a dropship.

    In a word, the drop shipping product from the wholesale dealer directly to the customer is called Drop Shipping. Simply put, you make a contract with the supplier / producer. Then create a store (e-commerce web site) online with information about the supplier / producer's products that you will work with.
    If you order something on your site, you will tell the order details to your supplier / producer. He will send packages using your company's logs, addresses and so on. The buyer understands that you have sent him.

    How to Start Drop Shipping Business?
    If you want to sell something, the first thing you need to do is shop / store. So also for online. You have to do a shop. Now let's take a kind of store. So also online. There is a ready shop called Shopify which you can rent in month to month. But Shopify's rent is much more. That's a good idea to make an e-commerce website yourself. Because
    You can rent a Shopify for 1 year, earning a lot of money with the E-Commerce website. Cost on own website is less.

    The main things needed for drop shipping business are:
    Domain + hosting
    A beautiful e-commerce website theme
    Aldripship Plugins
    Ali-Inspector Software
    These 4 things can be started in the business.

    How is it possible to earn through drop shipping?
    Like all other businesses, profits and success levels depend on some things - the most noticeable of the trader's fine observations for the selection of goods. But through a long-term plan, it is possible to build a drop shipping business that is about ten times the size of the hard work and the right job.
    It is possible to run a long-term, successful and profitable drop shipping business by creating your own e-commerce site. This amount depends on you. You will get the return on the amount you spend.
    Drop Shipping is not a magic formula - it is possible to achieve major success through significant work and time. But this is a durable and risky online business.

    Why do you do DashShipping?
    Do not invest millions of dollars in drop shipping.
    Instead of ordering purchase orders that are in place, you can only buy one product.
    No products are being sold for you before
    It is possible to run drop shipping business only with a laptop and internet connection.

    You have to know the things that you do to dropships.
    1. DashShipping's Basic to Advance

    2. Diversification Site Building's Basic to Advance

    3.Web Marketing

    4. Digital Marketing

    5.Social media marketing

    6.Facebook Marketing

    7. Integral Marketing

    8. Credit Marketing

    9.Pinnetest Marketing

    10.UtUB Marketing

    11. Email Marketing

    12.Paid Marketing Basic to Advance

    13.Free traffic to bring traffic

    14. Special tricks to sell in the short run

    15. Tactics to Cell Phone

    16. Credential Marketing

    17.E-Book Marketing

    Much more ........................ ..

    Do you need a payment gateway for the DashShipping business?
    You will need a payment gateway, paypal is the best solution but we do not have that golden buck, so we can use 2 checkout.
  • kathy cox 17th of May
    Thanks for this article! I'm interested in starting a online store of clean/green/organic/ skincare/beauty but can't seem to find any dropshippers - thoughts?
    • Rhea Bontol SaleHoo Admin 20th of May
      Hi Kathy! Once you become a member, you can use the Directory to find suppliers of the products that you're looking for.
  • Hello I am new to drop shiping I want to know how to sell in Amazon the steps that I have to follow please and another thing I did not see chess products I would like to know if there are suppliers that allow me to do drop shiping
  • Rhea Bontol SaleHoo Admin 7th of June
    Hi Luis! You can checkout our Seller Training Center to guide you with selling on Amazon. Once you join the full membership, you can checkout our supplier list in the Directory.
  • Jami Brandt 12th of June
    Only been doing online selling 3 months (the better part of 2 decades Digital/Affiliate Marketing/WebsiteBuilding/Some Social Media Marketing, PLR Sites, Membership sites and so on). But I wish I had started this 10 to 15 years ago. I enjoy it. My Best Sellers are Electronics (PCs, Cameras, iPods, Ink, Cell Phones, etc.) I just know a great deal about these.

    Medical Supplies is my other best seller...Diabetic Test Strips, Lancets, Nebulizers, Ear Cleaners, and such. I know a good deal about them as I am Diabetic, have Asthma, etc.

    I also like BOOKS, Movies (movie buff) and even like creating nonpro Videos. I know NOTHING about Video Games (some about old school, Atari, earlier systems.)

    I also love old Vintage, Rare Hard to Find collectibles (and it's just that) but I do love to find them. I do realize that I can't survive on that as I am not financially able to source all the great places in the world to locate them.

    I'm not in this to get RICH! Make Money, YES! But I'm Happy with just enough to not have to fret over bills or that my Grandbaby (Alexis) needs are not being met. At the end of the day, I'm the one she has, I just want to be able to provide and be comfortable and love what I do.

    So I basically want to source some products and start to drop shipping some. Just don't really know where to start on the Dropshipping. I want to learn and need some guidance, any suggestions would be helpful!

    J L Brandt

  • Blaine B Whitaker 25th of November
    I am very interested in selling Performance Automotive Parts, turbos, Pro charges, camshaft, nitrous oxide set ups, stand-alone electronic ignitions, and things of that sort, but I have not located any company that drop ships that type of product. Help
    • Phil Remoto SaleHoo Admin 12th of December
      That's a good niche you have in mind! Make sure to search through the directory to find suppliers you can work with. Also, you may try to reach out to our customer support for supplier search requests!
  • TRIEUVANBO Bo 27th of June

    I would like to find a supplier that can print on T-shirts and mugs, can you help me?
  • 6th of August
    Thanks so much for the information hope its trustworthy
  • Oem Experts should be added to this list. great product. service and relationships with awesome well recognized brands in many hot categories.