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How to get started buying wholesale clothing

Did you know that clothing and apparel is the fifth most frequently purchased item online? Here’s how to start your online business selling wholesale clothing.

Getting to know the wholesale clothing industry

A number of participants make up the wholesale clothing industry, with each one playing a specific and clearly-defined role.

1. Manufacturers produce the garments. Some of these are actually contractors or subcontractors that do jobs for larger firms.

2. Merchandisers design the clothes and then contract out to manufacturers for production.

3. Buying Agents seek out both local and foreign garments manufacturers, evaluate their capabilities, negotiate the terms for production and supply, and make sure the products comply with quality standards.

4. Retailers distribute and sell the garments directly to consumers.

In recent years, Merchandize Liquidators have emerged as another set of players in the industry. They obtain products at highly discounted prices through wholesale liquidation and closeouts, and are therefore able to offer these wholesale clothes at very attractive prices.

Choosing what to sell

Wholesale clothing come in an astounding variety of types and styles, and selecting the right garments to sell will mean success in the marketplace. You need to be familiar with what styles sell to what kind of prospective customers. Just as for any other business venture, you need to be intimate with needs of the marketplace. Identifying specific products also allows you to select the most suitable supplier, in terms of inventory and costs.

To find out what people want, give these tools a whirl:

Hot clothing in demand on eBay

Top internet searches for clothing

Finding the Best Wholesale Clothing Supplier

When you are ready to buy wholesale clothing, here are some things to consider.

• Check your supplier’s reputation and track record; find out how many years they have been in the business. If possible, speak with some of their existing clients to find out if they are reliable.

• Make sure the supplier can provide you with the popular brands, and a wide range of choices from which you can select the best options for your business.

• Inspect the quality of the products in person if possible. Deal only with suppliers that consistently give you the quality you require.

• Make sure the supplier can offer a variety of products for different price points. This will enable you to maintain a healthy blend of customers.

• Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs to your calculations. Merchandise Liquidators ( offers products from closeouts, liquidations, and overstocks from most department stores in the USA. Another source of wholesale clothing are clothing stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, which have regular “Final Sale” of their merchandise three to four times a year.

Best places to sell wholesale clothing

eBay - Clothing manages a 44% to 50% conversion rate, with profit levels depending on the kind of item being sold.

Your own niche website – Pick a niche market like costumes, gothic clothing, hip hop clothing, or plus size clothing and create your own store.

iOffer -  A ‘trading community’ rather than an auction site. Traffic is soaring.

eCrater - This must be one of the easiest ways to get an online store up and running. You could start selling within the hour!



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