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Selling Wholesale Clothing Onine: SaleHoo Seller Spotlight January 2011

We're starting 2011's round of SaleHoo Seller Spotlight with a bang by featuring two very special ladies who have formed one heck of a dynamic duo. Introducing Carolyn and Bootsie who are an absolute dream team at selling wholesale clothing and collectible items online and now have successful stores on eBay, Bonanza and Addoway.

Find out how they have overcome selling to a dry economy for the past couple of years and their advice to you on how to do the same.

Name: Virginia ‘Bootsie’ Ehrlich & Carolyn Newsom

 Forum username: carolyn660

 What items do you sell? Clothing, collectibles

 Where do you sell them? eBay, Addoway & Bonanza

 How long have you been a member of SaleHoo, and what do you like most about it?

 Three years. We absolutely LOVE SaleHoo and their fabulous guru staff!

 I cannot recall how we found SaleHoo, but it was at a fortuitous time for us! All our vendors had gone in different directions, and our customer base needed things we could no longer get and Voila! Enter SaleHoo!

 Our first impression of SaleHoo was “WOW!” We immediately found a broad array of great vendors, most of whom we are still using! Thank you, thank you, thank you, SaleHoo!

 In addition to the fantastic do-it-yourself SaleHoo directory to locate suppliers, we also love the helpful reviews and concise data summaries, as well as the fact that SaleHoo staff are there to help.

 Alice’s blog has been a lifesaver, as have the efforts of the tenacious other Angels at SaleHoo. For example, we needed christening sets ASAP, and the SaleHoo team sent us an extensive list that we are still using!

 Same thing with maxi dresses for our plus size ladies:  All our vendors had sold out, but SaleHoo once again came to the rescue, so our dear customers could party, cruise or whatever in chic, affordable style!

 What one piece of advice do you have for other sellers?

 If you have a problem or hurdle, ask someone for help! There are great resources and people who are so willing to assist, advise, and encourage you to succeed!

 Thank you to the eBay members who have written to us to ask about SaleHoo, its benefits and ‘realness’…lol. Yes, SaleHoo is very real, its benefits terrific and we are thrilled to have them on our team/supporting us 24/7! (We are long-time Girl Scouts and value the honesty in them and ourselves!)

 What was the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in selling online? 

 The economy! But diversifying is what has helped us immensely. Yes, find your niche, but have back-up niches, as some days one is hot and other days another is!

 Do not give up! Enjoy the roller coaster ride of it all!

 What’s your favorite thing about making money from selling items online?

 Hands down the people!

 We absolutely love what we do and the fascinating buyers & suppliers we get to meet from all over the world every single day!

 We grew up in a military family and had the great fortune to travel and meet people in so many exotic and unpretentious places. So this is an extension of that great adventure!

 Plus, we are able to help a brother with special needs and several charities that do great good for so many.


Check out Carolyn and Bootsie’s stores below:

eBay Store:

Bonanza Booth:



Follow these gurus on Twitter: @carolyn660

How has the econmic recession affected your business? Let us know by commenting below.


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Carolyn Newsom on 20:40 17 Jan
Thank you so very, very, very Much, Alice and Salehoo!! We are Humbled, Honored and so Delighted to be on your Blog!! We absolutely could not have had the growth and success with which we have been blessed, without YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!! {❀◕‿~}♥╫╟╖A╥╖K ╙╢O╙╜♥
Roger Roberts on 16:56 19 Jan
Great move on your behalf finding salehoo,as i find there directory very handy indeed ,although at this time i am using other vendors since just beginning my online venture and store.Yet i will begin soon using them as well to broaden my market.Keep up the hopes and good work.
Colette - TopCat2x2 Wood on 19:55 19 Jan
Great picture of Carolyn and Bootsie. You've got to admit, when life, love, and work are in harmony nothing can keep it from shining through. Many congratulations for coming back strong! Makes me happy just reading about it LOL. Colette TopCat2x2
Carolyn Newsom on 3:54 20 Jan
Thank you so much, Roger & Colette! Best Wishes to both of you, too!!Your kind comments make our hearts soar!! Thank you again!! carolyn & Bootsie
Fredrick Nijm on 5:07 20 Jan
Love that picture too. Such great people. WAY TO GO!!!! :) Awesome article Alice!!!
Christine on 0:33 21 Jan
I admire Carolyn and Bootsie for their determination which encourages me since I just had a website built for me most recently and am using but would also like to use another site for baby bedding needs. Sale Hoo seems like a good place to start!
Carolyn Newsom on 6:27 21 Jan
Thank you, Fred! We LOVE Addoway!! Hope others will try it out, too, as an ebay alternative. Fred and Staff are so quick to respond and help promote everyone! Thank you, Christine! Salehoo has some great companies for baby bedding as well as other cute nursery items for the Little Ones! Plus fabulous Maternity Wear for the Moms-to-be, too! Best Wishes on your new site and endeavors!!
darren hillier on 11:43 21 Jan
Any advice for somebody who hasn't quite got on the ladder and started...i want to,but not sure what to do!! I think i need to dropship to begin with??
Carolyn Newsom on 19:10 23 Jan
Thank you, Fredrick & Christine! Christine, there are great companies on for Baby Bedding products! Please do check them out! Best Wishes to you on your Ventures!
Alice Delore on 20:44 23 Jan
Hi Hillier-and-son,

You've definitely come to the right place!

Wholesale drop shipping is a very popular form of product sourcing because it allows you to pay only for the items that you sell.

Though, in general, the profit on drop shipped items is not as high as for items purchased in bulk, because you're not benefiting from bulk discounts, drop shipping is a simple way to start a business and in the long term, having some of your inventory drop shipped allows you to offer a broader range of items to your customers without the risk of holding stock.

You can learn more about drop shipping in our blog and free education area:

I suggest you take a look at a couple of these articles. If any questions pop up, get in touch with us on the SaleHoo forum:

Good luck!


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