Sourcing wholesale Coach handbags

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Coach is a coveted label in the US fashion accessories business. It specializes in leather-crafted goods and gift items and has sales of nearly USD 1 billion from its handbags, purses, business cases, travel luggage and accessories, wallets, outerwear, gloves, and other products.

Why Coach handbags?

Coach bags have great appeal to those who value high quality and personal style. The idea for Coach bags was inspired more than fifty years ago by the American baseball glove, whose leather softened after being used over a period of time. Coach bags are expected to become imprinted with their owners’ personal style as they are broken in and used. Coach also produces a tremendous array of products that serve many facets of their customers’ lives.

Where to get Coach handbags

My Designer Brands offer great deals on Coach handbags, and guarantees their authenticity. However, their inventories are sourced mainly from overstocks, cancelled orders, and liquidations, so stocks are limited, and the complete line of products may not be available.

Coach itself rarely lets wholesale buyers purchase directly from their manufacturers and distributors, since it has its own chain of stores and outlets. Some Chinese suppliers sell factory overruns of products made to Coach’s specifications, but whether or not these are fakes is a gray area.

How to spot fake Coach bags

There’s a very helpful post on eBay that points out the ways you can spot a fake Coach bag. According to the author, tell-tale signs include:

•    Crooked “C” patterns on the signature fabric, or displaying “G” instead of “C”
•    Sloppy stitching. Coach is rather obsessive about its stitching!
•    The bag’s design looks “off” from those in its catalogue
•    Replicas, or an unusually large number of stocks of the same bag
•    The seller uses blurry photos or stock photos taken from the Coach website
•    Missing or inaccurate details

Where to sell Coach handbags

Coach products are in great demand, so once you get the word out that you are selling these, you can expect considerable interest from prospective buyers. Setting up shop on eBay, Amazon, or Bonanzle are viable options. If you are up to the technical requirements, as well as the complexities of marketing and promotion, then you may want to consider setting up your own retail website.


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    What a great post. I'm glad you included the part about how to spot a fake Coach bag! That's the hard part, and it's easy to get robbed.