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Although sunglasses were originally designed to protect the eyes from excessive ultra-violet rays, these days they are considered part of the fashionista’s arsenal. If the eyes are windows to the soul, then fashionable designer sunglasses are no longer just nice-looking frames; they’re instruments of personal expression and style, and trophies that proclaim class and status.

Who buys designer sunglasses?

The famous and the fashionable have set the trend by looking good in designer sunglasses. And now every aspiring socialite seems to want to don stylish eyewear to complete his or her fashion ensemble. Choosing sunglasses, in fact, receives as much attention as selecting the right handbag or the appropriate tie. Experts are even saying that as the designer handbag becomes out of reach for many people during the recession, glam eyewear (still costly, but not so budget straining) will become more popular than ever!

Many big fashion icons have extended their merchandise inventories to include eyewear, and often have celebrities endorse these products. Dolce and Gabbana’s name alone, for example, stamped on a pair of sunglasses is enough to register sales. But when Britney Spears is sighted wearing them, demand just absolutely skyrockets!

Where to get wholesale designer sunglasses

Searching on the web for wholesale sunglasses suppliers yields many leads. However, you must be careful about these suppliers. Many of them indicate “replica” designer sunglasses, or “designer-inspired” sunglasses. These are not the real thing, and could get you in trouble if you pass them on as authentic goods.

One eBay reviewer is even resolute in proclaiming that wholesale suppliers for designer sunglasses do not exist. High end designers are indeed quite picky about their distributors and agents. For the most part, these design houses will only entertain you and enter into a business arrangement with you if you have a brick-and-mortar store catering to upscale markets.

Nevertheless, there are some online suppliers who are quite established, and who claim to sell authentic designer sunglasses at wholesale or discounted prices. Among these are ExBoutique and Brand Name Jeans.

Make sure you do your homework and research these suppliers carefully. Or, you can join SaleHoo and use pre-verified designer sunglass wholesalers.

Sales trends for designer sunglasses

A look at Google Trends for designer sunglasses shows that sales traditionally spike during the summer months, and particularly so when celebrities are seen wearing specific models. So you’ll want to pay attention to the stars for the stocks you’ll order.

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