How to Sell Extendable Monopods Online

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Ever-improving technology gives anyone the ability to share, well, just about anything! Social media has been used constantly as a tool for marketing, keeping in touch with friends and family, or just simply sharing whatever happened to your day. In some countries, snapping a "selfie" or "groupie" is just a normal way to start a day. We document everything from what we wear on a given day to the food we eat, not to mention our vacations, hiking expeditions, and much more. Cameras, in other words, have become integral to many people's lives. And if you want to be able to snap great photos with ease, you need an extendable monopod.

Monopods are great for taking photos when you want a stable, blur-free image and you can't trust your hands or you want to be in the photo. Extendable monopods give you a variety of heights to work with for your photos. Plus, you can place just about any handheld device on these monopods: smartphones, SLR cameras, point-and-shoots, even video cameras. They're perfect for teens who obsessively record every moment of their lives. 

SaleHoo's Market Research Lab will show you that these extendable monopods are not just a passing fad: like the lenses and other equipment in a photographer's bag are essential to creating photos, extendable monopods can be an integral part of your money-making efforts.

Quick snapshot:

Let's take a closer look at important stats you may want to look into for this product:

  • Success rate: 59%
  • Average sale price: $10.15
  • Competition rating: Low

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Success rate on eBay:

Everybody is going loco over the mono with a 59 percent success rate. It's actually a number that shows potential. Plus, my niece keeps on ranting and raving to her mom about these monopods. And believe me, if there was ever a single representative for teenagers everywhere, it's my niece.

Competition rating on eBay:

Extendable monopods are a viable candidate for a very lucrative source of income, with a massive 35,512 bids on just over 6,000 listings. That's almost 6 times the number of bids!

Product performance: How much money could you make?

You can tell that extendable monopods is a very flexible and lucrative niche. Sales peaked at a very impressive $11,583.15 on the busiest day, with more than 11,000 sales, and still raked in a solid $7,549.28 on the slowest day.

Going beyond eBay: Should you sell this in your online store?

Still having doubts on whether our chosen niche has as much potential as I've shown you? Well, then, let's turn to Traffic Travis, our very own free SEO software, to find out about the keyword searches for this niche.

The research turns several related keywords for extendable monopods, including a massive 90,500 count in global searches and a still-impressive US count of 12,100 for "monopods." Plus, other keywords still have respectable numbers as well. 

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