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This week we will be featuring another well known brand name – Ray Ban.

I originally searched for ‘Rayban’ on the SaleHoo Research Lab but when I saw the results for the keyword research I did on Traffic Travis, I figured I should try doing another search using ‘Ray Ban’ instead.

With the help of the SaleHoo Research Lab, let’s investigate further if Ray Ban is indeed worth the investment.

Sell-through Rate: Did you really find a hot niche?

Having a sell through rate of 51.65%, Ray Ban products barely make it within our target sell through rate of at least 50%. 

So do we really have a hot niche for this week?

Median End Price: Is there enough room for profit?

Ray Ban has a median price of $82.47 the amount may not seem that promising at first glance, but you have to remember that the median price is not the real selling price rather it is the average selling price.

To give you a better idea of how much Ray Ban is selling for on eBay the SaleHoo Research Lab gives us a Snapshot and based on the screen shot below you can see that the average price of a pair of Ray Bans is $117.00 while the average Buy It Now price is $154.00. Sounds better, right?

Total Listings, Total Bids and Total Sellers: How viable is your market?

As of December, there were 21,634 listings on eBay made by 9,780 sellers. Clearly the competition is a bit stiff but there is certainly room for a few more listings especially with a relatively high demand – 55,528 bids!

Data Trends: Are sellers hitting their target?

eBay sellers selling Ray Ban products are definitely hitting their target spot on! If you check the screen shot below you’ll be amazed when you see the dollar figures sellers made for the month of December. The lowest total revenue is $26,601.14, I personally find this amount far from being low. And the highest recorded total revenue is $71,980.74!  Need I say more?

Going beyond eBay: How popular is Ray Ban online?

Do you have a market for Ray Ban products beyond eBay? Let’s check using Traffic Travis, free SEO software. Download your own Traffic Travis software by visiting www.traffictravis.com

What do these numbers mean?

Based on the results of our keyword search, there are a million searches globally with 200,100 from the US.  I have included the original keyword ‘Rayban’ to show everyone just how important accuracy of product names is! Although ‘Rayban’ still has a relatively high search count, ‘Ray Ban’ is definitely being searched for a lot more!

Doing a quick keyword search often helps us to see the amount of traffic we can direct to our online store or eBay listings and in this case, I can see that as long as my website is ranking well in search engines like Google, I can expect to get a lot of traffic from buyers looking for Ray Bans.

Trusted Ray Ban Wholesale Suppliers

Ray Ban supplier #1

The ideal source for surplus liquidators, merchandise wholesalers, overstocks retailers, auctioneers, eBay sellers and flea market sellers looking for merchandise liquidations. They offer brand new, first quality closeouts sold below wholesale prices. Most orders ship within 48 hours and your satisfaction is guaranteed. They ship orders globally. Accepted payments are credit card, PayPal & wire transfers.

Note: This supplier is a liquidator so stocks may vary on a day to day basis.

 View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

Ray Ban supplier #2

They are an American wholesaler and drop shippers of consumer electronics and accessories. Based in the San Francisco bay area, they have been trading worldwide since 1986. A free freight program is also offered under certain conditions. They accept COD via cashier's check, money order and credit card payments. A signed certificate of resale and a valid business license number is required.

View their SaleHoo listing (requires SaleHoo account)

To access our list of wholesale sunglasses suppliers and take advantage of SaleHoo’s brand new Research Lab mentioned above, sign up as a SaleHoo member now. 

Inside you will get access to over 8000 suppliers, comprehensive training to help you find the best products to sell online and access to our members only forum full of tips and secrets from other members (including eBay Powersellers) to help you make money online. Join SaleHoo today

See you next Monday!


Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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  • Jeff 31st of January
    Good thing before reading this i was going for it! I knew it was worth, nice article.
    • alex 3rd of March
      yeah me too , verry interested
  • jerry jimenez 31st of January
    just geting started in e comerce,its good that you give good niches to persue! thank you!
  • Richelle Monfort 31st of January
    Hi Jeff and Jerry, Thanks for your compliments! Glad you find our Monday Market blogs helpful :) Cheers!
  • Santosh 5th of February
    I'm just going to start with e-commerce (eBay & FBA Amazon), such article gives more input & inspires me to go for it without any second thought. I am eagerly waiting to see this coming Monday's market blog...:)
  • Richelle Monfort 6th of February
    Hi Santosh, Thanks for your feedback! Great to learn that you actually look forward to our Monday Market of the Week blogs :) All best!
  • leonardo 9th of February
    I heard Salehoo has a lot of middlemen posing as wholesale supplier. How do you find out if they are legitimate wholesalers.
  • Richelle Monfort 13th of February
    Hi Leonardo, Please be assured that we thoroughly screen all our suppliers before they are added to our directory. We also take a number of steps to ensure that they meet our rigorous standards to be to offer our members he best available suppliers online. Cheers :)
  • Deependra Thapa 26th of August
    Can You please give me the information that how can i buy the ray ban sunglasses in bulk wholesale price directly from luxottica Group thank you
    • Monique 1st of April
      Their Instagram page works @luxottica
  • Irene Vallejo 27th of August
    Hi Pkushop, You need to get in touch with them directly at http://www.luxottica.com/en/about-us/contacts/contact-us Cheers!
  • Ronald Corley 2nd of May
    I tried to go to several of the recommended websites and ran into "invalid supplier" one site to me to Alibaba not a trusted site at all and one Efashionhouse just said warning cannot connect. So it is a great article but how could anyone really find the sites you have listed? Not sure
  • Talha Altinozek 15th of March
    There's no SaleHoo Research Lab to search using a product title. What's all this post about?
    There's only product type dropdown that gives you a couple of product options that's it??
    • Justin Golschneider SaleHoo Admin 15th of March
      Hi Talha! Sorry for the confusion. The Labs have been updated since this article was released, so the process for identifying products is done a bit differently now. I recommend watching the tutorial video on the Labs page: https://www.salehoo.com/labs

      Happy selling!

  • mary kard 26th of June
    Right on! In hoping this exactly what I need as far as information to help me build my ebay store
  • Zareen 14th of August
    So banefit article.