What is an Auction?

An auction is a method of selling new or used goods by asking buyers to offer bids. The highest bidder wins the item. Online auctions are a highly popular way to buy and sell items online. Online auctions such as eBay, eBid, and uBid provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and post and bid on auctions.

With online auction, one is required to register on the site for easy tracking of sellers and bidders. Seasoned auction bidders set-up separate email account/s to monitor the bidding progress, while preventing spam mails on their main Inbox. When the auctioned item closes on scheduled time, the bidding winner is expected to pay for the item. Communication between the seller and buyer is then established to arrange payment and delivery.

The boom of online auctions began when eBay gained popularity in the late 1990's. eBay remains the world's most popular marketplace and auction platform. You can even checkout this guide to utilize online auctions in other ways.

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