Video Blog: Boost sales by combining shipping and marketing

Jan 13, 2012
3 min. read
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If you want to increase your sales or increase the profits you earn on each sale, you will love our new series of quick video blog posts. Each video blog is packed full of tips to help you boost your business.

So take a break from all the heavy reading that is normally required of online sellers and sit back and enjoy today's post!

Remember to keep an eye out on the blog next week for the tenth and final video in our series. 

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Review today's video blog with the full written transcript below: 

"Hi everyone,

I’m back with another quick video on how to increase your sales using easy but effective selling tactics.

I’m really excited about today’s video because I am going to reveal a really effective selling tip with you because I know how effective it is and I also know that not many sellers do it, so there is a potential for you to reach out to buyers and make more sales right now.

This tactic involves direct marketing to some of the most targeted customers possible – people who have already bought from you.

And no, this doesn’t involve any difficult or complicated marketing techniques, all you have to do is slip a flyer into each package you ship out to your buyers.

The majority of online retailers fail to see the opportunity to make additional sales from existing customers when they ship items to buyers.

So to dramatically increase the chances of your customers making another purchase from you, add a promotional flyer (which you can make and print yourself) into each package and promote a specific product or offer them a discount on their next purchase.

If you own an eBay Store, there is a flyer creation tool under your marketing tools that you can use to easily create flyers.

If you don’t own a Store, all you need to do is mock up a flyer on your computer using a graphics program like or Picasa which are free editing tools owned by Google.

Make sure you include the following in your flyer:

  • A thank you to the buyer for their purchase
  • A plug for a product you think they would like, based on their initial purchase, or you could have more generic flyers with a few different products, rather than just one
  • A discount offer if they purchase in the next 7 days – add a time constraint to create urgency
  • A URL to your store or listings and a discount or coupon code, if necessary

Try this tactic for your next 10-20 purchases and see what kind of results you get. And if you have used this selling tactic before, leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you.

If you want more in-depth selling strategies that will supercharge your business, remember to check out my video training course Online Selling Tactics, where I reveal in-depth and proven selling strategies that you can follow, using my step by step instructions, to build the profitable at-home business that you have always dreamed of.

Thanks for watching."

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  • Dallas Alexander 12th of April
    As an expert internet marketer and virtual business developer. I know for a fact that this generates new customers and keeps old customers coming back. This method if done correctly brings positive roi and is something I encourage everyone to do!
  • Karen q Temple 12th of April
    I REALLY like your vids Alice - bite sized & easy to digest - easy to implement and usually obvious but frequently overlooked tactics. Karen q Temple from
  • David 12th of April
    An excellent blog. My orders come by direct email and I reply to each personally with a thank you and a specific offer of at least one additional product that I believe would suit them, offer is only if they get it sent with existing order. On average I sell at least one more product and double my sales. I attach photos of the offered product and reasons it would be of benefit to them. More work than a generic flyer but well worth it. The generic flyers go out to my mailing list (built from past buyers) a simple mailing program can personalize them.
  • RON 14th of April
    You are always a great help. Please keep the information coming. Thank you.
  • Alice Delore 15th of April
    Thanks for your comments, everyone. Great to hear that some of your are already using this tactic in your business :)
  • Joyce Knake 19th of April
    Thanks for your little but healthy tips. I get so caught up in everything that it is hard to focus on the important things. As I was once told. " do one thing, do it well and then move on."
  • Alice Delore 19th of April
    Hi Joyce, that is wonderful advice, thanks for sharing. The concept aligns really well with how I have created these videos by providing a short snippet of actionable advice.

    You can check out the other video blogs by trawling through here: