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We have an exciting new mini-series of video blogs that we have crafted to give you a break from all the reading you do, and most importantly, give you some hot selling tips that will help to supercharge your business.

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Get the written transcript of this video blog below: 

"Hi  guys,

I'm Alice and I’m back with another video blog and if you haven’t stumbled across these video blogs before, they are just quick, 2 or 3 minute videos where I go through selling strategies that will help you boost your online sales. 

In today’s blog, I want to talk about a really useful marketing tip that you can use to encourage buyers to purchase from you by identifying and appealing to their pains and problems, and providing them with a solution.  And the solution, of course, is buying your products!

Appealing to your buyers pains is a really important part of selling anything. 

So for example, if I was selling dog grooming products, in my product description, I would talk about the pain associated with having a dog that sheds hair. I could talk about how difficult and time-consuming it is to clean pet hair from my carpet and furniture and I would talk about unhygienic it is. 

 Just to give you another example to show you exactly what I mean, I have an eBay listing here from someone selling a baby or pet safety gate. Overall, the listing is pretty good, and here in the description, it briefly mentions the problem it will solve, but it doesn't really talk about the pain associated with this problem when it goes unsolved. 

This description could really improve if the seller said something like “Do you worry about your baby or toddler injuring themselves on your stairwell?” Or “Are you sick of feeling embarrassed when guests come over and see pet hair all over your living area?”

And then outline the benefits of using the baby or pet gate and how it can solve these problems. 

 And if you want some tips on this, I suggest watching infomercials. I know that sounds crazy but infomercials are really good at appealing to people’s pains. If you have ever seen an infomercial for ProActive, an anti-acne treatment, you will have seen how they talk about the pain associated with living with acne and how it stops some people from living the life they want to live. 

So that’s your homework for this week! Watch some infomercials and see how they appeal to people’s pains and frame their product as a solution to this pain, then come up with some ideas on how you can tweak your own product descriptions to do the same thing. 

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Thanks for watching and I will see you next time."


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  • Joyce Knake 10th of February
    Those are good points that we don't connect to our selling. In all things there is a desire to do something to make things better. Like lose weight, get healthier , be more successful etc. All of these things have an emotional feeling behind them. Ex. I'll feel better about myself if I lose some weight . I'll feel better if I exercise more, have more energy and feel better about myself. Thanks for sharing and I will be using those tactics in my selling!
  • Sonia 10th of February
    Interesting! I've watched infomercials but never really thought of them as appealing to people's pains--sometimes the infomercials themselves were a pain! But you're right: they do a good job of convincing a person that their product is the answer to life's problems. Thanks for the tip and reminder to pay attention to what people need!
  • jerry jimenez 11th of February
    oh my gosh! I never thought about it that way! like the gloves to turn meat over on the grill, so you dont burn your hands,lol thanks for the advice,it gave me a new way of looking at things. thanks for the tip!
  • Alice Delore 12th of February
    Thanks guys, glad to hear it! Keep watching those infomercials!
  • Pedro 13th of February
    Very Interesting and thanks for the tip
  • Alice Delore 14th of February
    You're welcome Pedro!