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Best import from China resources


Our pick of the best resources on the web for would-be importers!

General Import Guides

Smart China Sourcing 

This site is run by Global Sources, a leading business-to-business media company. China Smart Sourcing provides sourcing information to volume buyers, and marketing services to sellers. It has a community of over 657,000 active buyers, which it helps by providing the tools and information to find the best sources from China, including hosting trade fairs and trading seminars. The site offers articles, product reports, provider directories, and other tools to facilitate trade to and from China.

China Today

China Today is a general information site on China, and its section on trade provides useful resources for people seeking to engage in trading. It offers links to Chinese trade organizations, trading partners, and trade show schedules.


ProcurAsia helps customers find industrial equipment and high tech products in China. The website offers many feature stories related to sourcing out products, as well as basic guides, procedures, and news.

Importing Blogs

Diligence China

Diligence China is an excellent source of general information on doing business in China. It is exceptionally good at helping foreign managers understand the nuances of dealing with the Chinese, and helps analyze meanings and the bigger picture of business activities involving China.

Importing Videos

Easy Imex

Easy Imex specializes in assisting companies find and establish business with suppliers in China. They offer a bunch of informative videos on their website, as well as on YouTube.

Easy Auction Business 

Easy Auction Business is run by Andrew Minalto, an eBay powerseller who shares his secrets through these informative videos. Minalto also runs a channel on YouTube, offering various informative videos, including a series on how to profitably import products from China.

Importing Books


This site features a free PDF ebook by Klaus Dieter-Hanke, a German businessman with years of experience importing products from Asian suppliers. The eBook costs USD 49, and comprehensively covers all the basics of successfully importing from China.

The Maui CEO: Import from China, Sell on eBay, and Live Wherever You Want by John Tennant

This book teaches newbies how to set up a business, find a profitable product to import, find suppliers in China and successfully carry out their import. The idea is to create a business that will ultimately run itself – while you kick back and relax in Maui.

Trade Shows and Product Directories


Made-In-China is operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd., an electronics manufacturer in China. Capitalizing on the growth of the Chinese manufacturing sector, Focus Technology developed this site to facilitate global trade between Chinese suppliers and foreign buyers. The site features extensive supplier and product directories, useful guides, and events listings.

Events Eye  

Events Eye is a database of more than eight thousand trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences all over the world scheduled up until July 2010, with more events added each month, including trade shows and exhibits of Chinese products. Access is free, the interface is very easy to use, and the listings are straightforward. Event and contact details are available by clicking on the links in the event listings.

Importing Forums

All Experts

Licensed Customs broker Robert Dugger is just one of the experts available to answer all manner of questions relating to importing and using international suppliers.

The Wholesale Forums

Informative UK forum with a lively importing category

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