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Six Tips for Safe Importing from China to the United States

Guess what? China is now the third largest trade partner of the USA. Importing from China is only going to become more and more common as China opens its arms to international trade.

Here are some tips to make sure you get off to a good start!

Tip #1: Before you do anything else, check up on import restrictions for the product you want to import.

Tip #2: Carry out a bit of quick research on the wholesaler supplier.

Tip #3: Ask the supplier whether they attend trade shows. If yes, it’s usually a good indication that they are legitimate. Trade shows require a monetary investment – making it unlikely that bogus operations will be present! However, if they say that they don’t attend trade shows, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a fraud.

Tip #4: Make sure you put all important details are in writing. It's critical that a breakdown in dialogue is prevented. And if it should occur, having everything documented will help trace the point of breakdown.

Tip #5: If you are moving into large-scale importing, invest time and money on a few trips to China to see the suppliers/manufacturers/agents that you feel you want to work with.

Tip #6: Be prepared to deal with people who have a completely different attitude towards business than you. They will have their own customs and local particularities – don’t get annoyed if they do things differently to your local suppliers.

Read up on Chinese culture and learn a few Chinese words! This is a good way of showing you respect their culture and that you are genuinely interested in building a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Good luck!


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If the prices are too good to be true then they probably are! I have dealt with over 25 Chinese manufacturers of MP3 players and have had problems with every single one of them. Remember, if they are in China and you are in the US, what are you going to do if they dont feel like honoring a warranty or fixing and order they shorted you on or sent to you incorrect? Nothing! They dont have to honor their warranties and there is nothing you can do about it. So short of flying to China, and this does not even mean results, remember your in their country, you are screwed. If you shop around a little, you can find almost the same prices here in the US from people who import large quantities from China. And then you have local representation where people are actually accountable for their business practices in the US! I highly recommend against buying direct from China and buying from US Importers only. Reply
Hi I have some expierence in buying from China.But still I didn't find any honest supplier. Avoid paying by Western Union.But if you have to DO NOT PAY to somebody's name,ONLY to company name. Reply
I've reviewed ChinaVasion's products and services. The two biggest challenges selling consumer electronics products in the U.S. made in China is lack recognized branded products and the shipping charges. Drop shipping is too expensive, since ChinaVasion charges a minimum of $70 to ship virtually anything. ChinaVasion gives discounts as your total sales volume increases, but you need to purchase at to make it profitable. Since U.S. buyers--on eBay or off-eBay--are "shipping price sensitive," the only solution is increasing item prices and lowering shipping charges. ChinaVasion has yet to respond to my emails with a good solution to the branding and shipping challenges other than buying in larger quantities. Reply
The best thing to do i have found is taking the time to building good relationships with a few wholesalers. I have forged fantastic business relationships with a few (they are quite hard to find!)But diligence pays! When you do have great relationships formed, many will even source other products for you, quite different from the items they might sell. I know have my very own QC consultant/product sourcer helping me in China. There are lots of sharks out there! but also many genuine people. Building solid trusting relationships is paramount to any successful business.. Reply
China products almost copies. They not honor and safety for buyers questions. All they want money from western union. The price + shipping (of copies products) = usa original product price . They said it is legal to sale in usa???!!!Who know ???? Oh ! My God. I don't know,if the copies as cheap as I see in flee market just a couple cents. Do you think the diamond ( they said it is real )just 10 usd. I recommend buy for enjoy is ok as everything one dollas shopping . But for resale, becareful nobody guarantee for your future to see number lucky 8. General speaking , what a shame for stealing people name! Reply
Hello, have bought in chinavasion, the quality is not like in the photos but it is not really bad.Main problem is that prices are very expensive and the transport raises furthermore, ultimately the same prices are in europa and it is very very difficult to buy to resell. Reply
Free Member
Hello, I am just new member on Salehoo and I am interesting to invest any stuff in Chinavasion but after I read almost their comments it seems I have to think about buying their products again. Since I explored in Chinavasion's website, it almost shown such not low price to sell or even compete in pricing on ebay so if anyone has an idea please advise, thanks. Reply
Site Admin
@chaiwaqtx: Welcome to SaleHoo :) Its ironic how many people complain about Chinavasion, yet so many continue to buy from them. But I'd like to point out to you that electronics whether branded or not are oftentimes not very profitable especially for beginners - the competition is one of the stiffest and oftentimes you will just end up loosing money than making any. Are there any other products you might be interested in? We can help you search for suitable suppliers. Drop us an email at http://www.salehoo.com/support :) Cheers! Reply
It may seem obvious, but why not ask the supplier for a reference and contact details of a satisfied customer in your country? Reply
Full Member
Electronics = expensive and high risk = low margin if any Reply
Full Member
I have not done any business with China and am very reluctant to do so in the future. We are sending enough money to China and I am afraid they are not very trustworthy. Reply
Site Admin
I know exactly how you feel, Ted. This is a fairly common feeling of anxiety and uncertainty especially if it's your first time buying overseas or from a Chinese supplier. This is exactly why we always encourage our members do to their due diligence before committing to a supplier. You might find this guide - http://www.salehoo.com/education/scam-prevention/problems-dealing-with-chinese-suppliers helpful in locating trustworthy Chinese suppliers. If you need help locating suppliers please feel free to let us know at support@salehoo.com Cheers :) Reply
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