Making sure you are ready for Cyber Monday

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As part of SaleHoo's partnership with, business mogul and Co Founder of Addoway, Fredrick Nijm has agreed to shared some of his entrepreneurial wisdom with you, our faithful blog readers. 

Cyber Monday is just days away and if you haven’t been preparing, then it’s going to be a very busy week for you. The majority of sellers rely heavily on their marketplaces to drive traffic coupled with Bing and Google sending everyone their way. If you have Google analytics set up or any other analytics for that matter, I am sure you are noticing higher traffic this month then last. This is because shoppers are comparison shopping and they will continue to do that for the next several weeks even long after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. It might not seem like you have much control over getting buyers to your stores, but you actually do.

Educate and Inform - If you have a Facebook Fan Page and you spend time on forums and other social sites like Twitter spend the time educating on your product line and on the specials you have or will be launching soon. Write a blog post about what you are giving away and what shoppers can expect from you this time of the year. Ask questions everywhere you can to generate engagement from others. The more content the better this time of the year!

Offer Free Shipping - If you are offering free shipping this year, then you should sign up for Free Shipping Day at and you should send out emails to your old buyers letting them know you are offering it for the holidays. They already know what it is like to buy from you, so give them that extra incentive to buy again and you are sure to get some easy orders this time of the year.

Combine Deals with Friends - Make friends with a fellow seller and set up a combined deal between your stores this holiday. Promote one another and help drive business as a team. It might seem like you are in this business alone, but there is no reason to feel like that during the holiday season. I know some sellers actually get together and do group specials with three different stores. Think about it, you are getting two other sellers promoting your store as you do the same for each of them. It’s a win-win this time of year!

Make a Holiday Video and post it YouTube and then share - On Addoway you have the ability to post this video in your stores, so when shoppers visit for the first time, they can actually get a real good idea of who you are before they buy. Eliminate angst in the buying cycle and you will see orders flying through. The video can be about you wishing everyone a happy holiday or it can be about how sales have been or even make it about introducing yourself and your product line and thanking everyone for stopping by.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you spend the time preparing. It is also easy to get all caught up in the busy work, but don’t forget holidays are for spending time with our families, so always remember what we are all in this for in the end. Good luck and happy selling!


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  • Alice Delore 24th of November
    Great post Fred! Happy holidays to you and the Addoway team :)
  • Lace 25th of November
    Making a holiday video should be fun and not to mention, it's very engaging for the shoppers to watch. A welcome break from reading through product descriptions! :) Happy holidays to everyone!